Houdini – Twill Action Pants

I enjoy a good lunge as much as the next man. Thrusting a leg upwards and outwards, throwing shapes and leaping off benches are amongst the finest things a chap could want to do. And never before have I felt so able to lunge, thrust and leap as when I’ve been wearing the Twill Action Pants from Houdini.


It probably reads like I’m taking the Mickey, but the Action Pants really are built to aid dynamic lifestyles like urban climbing, skateboarding and parkour. Unfortunately, I’m way too old and stiff to do any of those for a review, so I’ve stuck to climbing trees, hiking and general wear about town.

And it must be said, that for all of those things, the Houdini Action  Pants (I love that name – they should team these up with a cape) have been awesome.

They’re cut quite long, so unless you want them dragging on the floor you’ll need a chunky-soled shoe or boot. They do come with a button that can cinch the ankles and stop this, but I trod on that button on the very first day of wearing them and shattered it, so I’ve been without ever since. Perhaps a popper would have been a better idea there.

The material of the action pants is a soft stretchy twill which bends over your knees easily and makes your bum look heroic. The design of the pants includes a crotch panel so that even if you accidentally do the splits, your gusset won’t burst and unleash your innermost intimates.

But there’s one, teeny tiny issue I have with these trousers. They’re a bit… penisy.


I don’t think I’ve ever described anything as being a bit penisy before, but thanks to quite a stiff zipper and a generously lengthy crotch, the Action Pants certainly do make you look like you’re ready for action. Flying the flag. Waving Houdini’s magic wand. A little bit too excited about life.

So, although the Action Pants are a good-looking mix between casual and smart trousers which would be acceptable in most circumstances, you can’t help but be a little self-conscious if sitting in polite company. Or passing a playground. Or standing in a crowded elevator. On on a train. In fact, it’s probably best to either accept your new-found, er, proudness, or just keep moving in an Action kind of way so nobody homes in on your frontal region.

However, aside from the stiff zip, the Action Pants are really nice. The pockets are deep, and the zippered coin-pocket helps you be assured that you’re not going to lose your lunch money. And you can avoid some of the aforementioned Penisyness by wearing them low on your hips. In your mid-30s this is a dangerous game, but I’ve not felt like a wannabe slackliner so far.

On the pricey side of the trouser range, at 150EUR, the Action Pants will send some people running. But they have performed well where other trousers would have felt tight or constrictive, and in that respect they’ve been really good outdoor wear.

4-hammers Price: 150EUR
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