Fjallraven – Ovik Trousers

There’s an elephant in the room, and he’s wearing these trousers, so let’s address him right away. Ninety pounds for a pair of what look like lightweight khaki jeans. That’s a lot of money for something that won’t make you breakfast or attract unicorns.


So, because of that fact, this has been a long-term review. A very long term review in fact, because I’ve had the darn things since last summer in order to give them a good beasting and see if they’re worth that £90.

To cut a long story short, they are. And I’d even part with my own money to get another pair.

The Wife always says that I wear clothes hard. That’s her affectionate way of saying that I’m a clumsy arse, and I’m rarely dressed correctly for the activity despite having several grand’s worth of outdoor kit on test. And I’ve been especially hard on clothes this last year because we’re renovating an old house, and everything I own is dusty, worn and knackered. The Ovik Trousers, however, have been an accompaniment throughout and have survived really remarkably well where other trousers have been holed, ripped, glued and covered in paint.

photo (3)

They’re made from Fjallraven’s G1000 fabric which is a very dense weave of polyester with 35% cotton thrown in. The result is a textile which feels lighter than a denim but which is windproof, UV-resistant and very abrasion resistant. In fact, the weave is so dense that they’re actually drizzle-proof. You’ll get damp eventually, but the low cotton content means that they’ll dry much, much quicker than jeans or other work trousers.


And if you’re harder-core outdoorsy, then the G1000 fabric can be completely waterproofed by rubbing and ironing wax in to them.

They look a bit shiny in the PR photo. They’re not. They’re perfectly sociably-acceptable in a matt finish with no rustling noise as you walk.

The Ovik comes with a leg pocket that is big enough for a wallet, phone and bag of wotsits. And a second leg pocket which looks like it was designed for a mobile phone, but alas I have a Galaxy Note, which is too big to fit. An iPhone would slot in nicely, I reckon.


They also have comfy hand-pockets, and a set of poppered bum-pockets that I only ever use for train tickets.

One curious thing about some of Fjallraven’s trousers is that, regardless of the waist size, the leg length is supplied to fit even the tallest person. You need to trim them down and sew them to your perfect length, which is wonderfully Scandinavian.

To sum up, the Ovik trousers are a wolf in Arctic Fox’s clothing. They are as comfy being a knock-around pair of trousers as they are being thrown up hills and across drystone walls. They are simply superb.