The Best Running and Jogging Strollers

Future parents might come to a problem when it comes to choosing the jogging stroller for their first child. The first source we all go to is our friend circle, after that internet and only then, tour around stores. However, researching a product take time, which is something busy parents never have enough of. For this reason, we have reviewed and rated the best running and jogging strollers. The budget needed for such a product is not to be underestimated which is why it is very important to choose the right one which will satisfy all your criteria.

However, not everyone is blessed with a runner sister with few kids and without one; it is hard to come across good information. For those of you who are part of this group, read on after our top picks for more about the features you should consider when looking for a jogging stroller.

Last Updated: July 26, 2018
By Mackenzie Jervis:

This buying guide has been updated, offering the most current top picks from each brands' most current product lines.

Baby Jogger Summit X3
  • Baby Jogger Summit X3
  • 5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Quick-Fold technology
  • Price: See Here
BOB Ironman
  • BOB Ironman
  • 4.8 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Adjustable suspension
  • Price: See Here
Joovy Zoom 360
  • Joovy Zoom 360
  • 4.7 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Extra wide seating
  • Price: See Here

10 Best Running & Jogging Strollers

Baby Jogger Summit X3

The Summit X3 Single Jogging stroller is the perfect choice for you if you are looking for a stroller you could use for walking as well as for jogging. Although it is considered as more of a jogging stroller, there is a conversion option that is pretty easy to make. However, if you are looking for a stroller that you are going to use for mostly walking, look further. The dimensions of this jogger are a bit large for a walking stroller.
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Wheel Features: The jogger has one stroller handle that is suitable for one hand usage. There is also a handle brake that works perfectly on uneven and hilly terrains. In order for the brake to work more efficiently and for a safer use, there are two brakes, one for each rear wheel. Like every other decent jogging stroller, this one has a swivel lock. The conversion from a stroller to a jogger is allowed by a lock which is placed on the front wheel. However, it does have the advantage of locking it up two ways. The second way of locking the swivel is located on the handle which makes the conversion even smoother. The wheels are air filled which is a bit difficult for rocky terrains. It is okay to use the jogger for a regular trail. However, if you intend on using it on an off-road trail, you might want to look for another jogger with more suitable wheels.

The Seat: The seat of the jogging stroller is also very important since it will be his cradle during your practice. Even though all strollers’ seats are safe, parents usually feel more comfortable when the seat has a deep recline. That way, the baby is more protected and the deep recline also gives him a nice side support which is preventing the side jostling. Also, your baby is more likely to fall asleep if the seat is more reclined. However, some babies are a bit more curious and they want to seat straight up. If your little one is part of this group, look among our other jogger suggestions.

Additional features: The jogger is also foldable and the folding technology might be its biggest advantage. It can be easily folded with one hand only, which is quite convenient if there is no one other around to help you with the baby.

There is also a large sun canopy and pick-a-boo windows which your baby will adore. The sun canopy is extracting nice and smooth and it doesn’t get stuck like in some other strollers. The side vents are allowing your baby to breathe, but still be protected in case of wind. It also allows him to look at the surroundings with an expanded vision field.

Value: This stroller falls in the average price range, which is excellent for its abundance of features. It certainly makes a great value for the price of the investment.
  • Lightweight
  • Smooth conversion to a jogger
  • Easily foldable
  • Too big for a walking stroller
  • The recline of the seat might be too deep for some

BOB Ironman

The main competition for the Summit jogging stroller is this BOB Ironmen stroller which is a leading running stroller on the market. This is a stroller specifically designed for running or jogging.
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Wheel characteristics: This jogging stroller has state of the art technology and it is a running stroller whose construction is very similar to a bike. It is designed for speed training or running and you are able to move really fast with it. It is important to mention that this stroller is not intended for walking purposes; it is a running stroller. The main reason for this is because the front wheel is fixed and a conversion to a walking stroller is impossible. You could choose to use it as one, but it will be extremely difficult to change directions. However, it is convenient for an uphill or downhill running training since it has a front wheel brake that will prevent the stroller from moving. The locking down is controlled by a caliper brake which is hand activated. There are also rear wheel brakes for added safety when running or jogging downhill. The rear drum brakes are also hand activated. The wheels are air filled which is logical given the intended purpose of this running stroller.

Seat features: The suspension system also uses top of the notch technology with adjustable features. It offers 3 travel inches, but also 2 weight support positions. This means that you will be able to use it for a long time until your baby overcomes the suggested weight. It ensures the comfort of your baby such as yours! The frame of the stroller is pretty lightweight but rigid which makes it easy for pushing and transport. It is important to keep in mind that although the seat looks quite comfortable, it is not suitable for small babies who can’t keep their head since it doesn’t have any head support. That said, the cushioning is very nice and built with durable materials that will last you a long time.

Additional features: Although this stroller is not adjustable to a walking one, it is adjustable for runners of all heights. It is convenient to be used by both parents even if one is significantly taller from the other. Even a child could use this stroller since it has 9 height positions of the handlebar. The handlebar is padded which adds to the comfortableness of the stroller.

Value: This stroller falls in the average price range, making it a good value for what you get. All in all, this is the perfect choice for the active parent that plans on buying only one running stroller. This is a stroller made to last for a long time and it looks able to endure several owners or babies.
  • Suitable for speed training
  • Durable
  • Comfortable
  • Does not convert to walking stroller

Joovy Zoom 360 Ultralight

The Joovy running stroller is the perfect solution if you are looking to purchase a jogger with a good quality and affordable price. The Joovy Zoom is in the middle price range and with its features; it is competing with the top products on the market. It is also currently on a promotion which will save you around 24% of the original price.
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Wheel features: Like every other running stroller, it is made of three wheels system for greater stability while running. The front wheel has a locking system which means it is convertible to a walking stroller. However, the most impressive feature this model has is its weight which is much more lightweight than the previous version. This is because of its aluminum frame which is increasing the quality of the frame and it is decreasing the weight of the stroller. The aluminum which is being used in the manufacturing process is aircraft grade aluminum which proves that your little one is in safe “hands” with this one. This makes it even more convenient for transport. The folding and unfolding are also very easy.

Seat features: The manufacturing approach of the Joovy Zoom jogger is a bit different than other models on the market. While others focus on keeping your baby in a more horizontal position, this stroller focuses on an extra wide seat, which is placed high in order to provide your child greater visibility field. However, this also means that it is not suitable for small babies under 10 months old. However, everything depends on the baby development, so this is not to be taken as a fact. The seat is deep enough so that if you are riding a child he wouldn’t be able to “escape”. It measures 10 inches. The seat also offers several recline options which are very suitable because you allow your child the comfort that he needs when he needs it!

Additional features: In additional features, the Joovy includes a running leash and a tire pump which could be found very useful on the trail if some of the tires’ pressure is lower and you find that the stroller is imbalanced. This jogger also has a storage organizer for parents which is not very large, but it is extremely convenient.

Value: This stroller is extremely affordable considering all of the features and benefits it will bring you. All in all, this running stroller offers great features and a pretty smooth ride. Your passenger will be very comfortable and he will love your morning runs even more than you do!
  • Reasonable price
  • Aluminum frame construction
  • Easily convertible
  • Lightweight
  • Not suitable for small babies
  • Bigger than expected

Thule Urban Glide

Thule Urban Glide
The Thule Urban Glide stroller allows active parents to stay active regardless of the activity they are planning. You could use this stroller for walking, running or jogging.
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Wheel characteristics: As mentioned before, the Thule stroller is suitable for every activity. The front wheel swivel has the ability to be locked into place in order to avoid turning. When unlocked, the front wheel has a great maneuverability. There is also a rear suspension which provides your baby with a smooth ride.

Seat features: The seat looks pretty comfortable because it is well padded and well ventilated. There also have sunshades that could be used as a protection from the sun as well as the wind. They are adjustable, so you could control the vision field of your baby. There is also an optional pick a boo window which you could use if your baby is a fan of this game or you could cover it. The seat is also adjustable to two positions. You could choose to place your baby to sleep in a position which is almost horizontal or place him to look at the surroundings.

Additional features: The weight of this running stroller is pretty lightweight because of its dimensions. Compared to some other competitive models, this running stroller is a bit narrower than others and it doesn’t look so bulky. So if you are looking for a “hybrid” walking-running stroller with fits through narrow spaces easier, this is the right choice for you! The folding can also be done very easy, although the first few times it might be a bit more difficult. However, once you get used to it, it shouldn’t take more than a few minutes.

The storage compartment is something we are all interested in a stroller. The Thule stroller has a lot of space for your “extra” stuff and they are easily reachable. This is very important since most of the stuff in the storage are frequently used and you wouldn’t want to bother trying to reach them or find them. The storage is also very organized. You have 2 child pockets where you can put the small items you are currently using.

On the back of the stroller, there is one large pocket where you can put some of your stuff. And of course, the low cargo storage which is suitable for everything else that you are not constantly using such as clothes, umbrella, and similar items. The weight restriction of the cargo storage is 10 lbs which is pretty decent for a jogger. It could also be closed with a zipper which is a feature that most running strollers don’t possess. However, it is a downside that it doesn’t have suitable compartments to storage bottle for the baby as well as for your own hydration while running. However, they are available to buy as an additional purchase.

Value: While you may need to purchase additional items on this stroller, you’ll still get a good value with your price. This stroller is very affordable in its price range.
  • Organized storage area
  • Lightweight design
  • Convertible to walking stroller
  • Price
  • Lack of bottle compartment

BOB Revolution Flex

BOB Revolution Flex
The BOB Revolution Flex stroller has a lot to offer you in a running stroller that’s easy to use and maneuver. You’ll feel the smoothness and love both the value and durability that you get from this stroller.
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Wheel Characteristics: Made with swivel-locking front wheels, this stroller has wheels that make it easy to maneuver on all types of terrain. You’ll get the extra stability you need from these wheels.

Seat Features: If you buy a matching infant seat for this stroller from the same brand, you’ll be able to easily get your child in and out of this stroller. The seat is adjustable and easy-to-use.

Additional Features: Offering an adjustable padded handlebar, this stroller is easy to adjust to all heights. It’s also travel-ready and comes with a high-quality suspension system.

Value: This stroller runs in the average price range, which makes it a good value for the benefits and features you will get. Plus, because of its durability, you’ll love how long it lasts.
  • High-quality

  • Great turns

  • Comfortable

  • Can be hard to lift and carry

  • Can be hard to fold.

BOB Sport Utility

BOB Sport Utility
The BOB Sport Utility Stroller gives you an average all-around performance that’s lightweight and easy to fold. You’ll get a lot of quality and durability with this stroller.
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Wheel Characteristics: The fixed 16-inch wheels are knobby, and this stroller isn’t as great in the maneuverability category as some other competitive brands on the list. The wheels work well for off-roading, but not so well on a regular sidewalk.

Seat Features: The seat on this stroller can be adjusted in a few ways. You’ll be able to easily recline it when you need it, or adjust it upright as needed.

Additional Features: This stroller features a hand-activated caliber break at the front of the handlebar, and the handlebars on this stroller are also easy to adjust. The suspension system on this stroller is also easy to adjust, giving you some space and room to move.

Value: This stroller offers an affordable price and a lot of comfort and durability. While it has some room for improvement, for the price, it’s still a solid investment.
  • Good weather protection

  • Runs straight

  • Comfortable

  • Difficult to fold

  • Wheels could be better

Mountain Buggy Terrain

Mountain Buggy Terrain
The Mountain Buggy Terrain stroller is a good all-around stroller that’s average with most of its performance. It also offers you a lot of quality manufacturing and a stroller that’s also got a fashionable appearance.
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Wheel Characteristics: There are three options in locking with the swivel lock front wheel on this stroller. This allows you to adjust the way you want to push the stroller depending on the types of terrain you encounter.

Seat Features: The Mountain Buggy Terrain Stroller offers a fully adjustable seat to keep your child comfortable. You can also purchase optional baby car seats that can clip into this stroller easily.

Additional Features: While this stroller isn’t difficult to push or turn and is good for simple, short-term walks, you may not like it if you are on hard terrain. The adjustable tracking on this stroller doesn’t work as well as some other options on our list when you hit harder terrain.

Value: This stroller is on the more expensive side of things. However, it still does offer enough durability and excellent features to make it a worthwhile investment.
  • Lots of storage

  • Nice hand break

  • Good for child napping

  • Adjustable tracking could be better

  • Expensive

Burley Solstice

Burley Solstice
If you want a good all-around stroller that’s easy-to-use, then you might want to consider the Burley Solstice stroller. You get a very functional and adjustable design that’s relatively easy to fold down.
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Wheel Characteristics: You can easily lock the front twelve-inch swivel wheel, or let the wheel swivel if you need more maneuverability. The lock system on the wheels allows for added stability on super tough terrain.

Seat Features: This stroller features Burley’s patented technology, known as S.I.T., which helps keep the straps on the stroller from getting tangled. Also, the padded seat can be adjusted easily with one hand.

Additional Features: The Burley Solstice Stroller easily folds down so it’s no problem to make it compact when you throw it in the car. It’s also a self-standing stroller, which is another feature that adds to its simplicity.

Value: This stroller is a good value for the amount of features and benefits you get. It’s got an affordable price tag, and you’re sure to get a lot of use out of it.
  • Easy to use

  • Easy to fold down

  • Stands upright

  • Comfortable

  • Heavy weight

  • Difficult to lift

Baby Trend Expedition

Baby Trend Expedition
The Baby Trend Expedition Stroller is one of the most affordable strollers on our list, and does an excellent job, considering the price, of delivering great performance. You’ll love how easy it is to fold down and use each time you run with it.
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Wheel Characteristics: Made with large bicycle tires to help you get around, you’ll be able to use this stroller for more lightweight terrain options. Also, you get a front swivel wheel with this stroller.

Seat Features: The seat on this stroller is comfortable and also reclines. You also get a five-point harness system designed into the seat.

Additional Features: This stroller is lightweight and also folds down well. However, it doesn’t have a suspension system or adjustable tracking, which can make it difficult to use on dirt trails.

Value: Considering how budget friendly this stroller is, it’s certainly a worthwhile investment. You’ll get a lot of durability and use out of it.
  • Affordable

  • High-quality

  • Durable

  • No suspension system

  • Can’t adjust tracking

Chicco TRE

Chicco TRE
The Chicco TRE stroller provides you with a decent all-around performance, although you won’t be able to take it for too many hard runs. You’ll get an affordable, decently performing stroller if you decide to make this purchase.
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Wheel Characteristics: This stroller has pneumatic tires, with 12-inch front wheels and 16-inch back wheels. Plus, you also get a hand-activated parking brake to stop the stroller when you need to.

Seat Features: The Chicco TRE stroller works with removable car seats to make it easy for you to carry your child. You’ll also get an adjustable seat for extra comfort with this stroller.

Additional Features: This stroller comes with a push handle that allows you to make adjustments for height. You also get some features that let you handle speed control.

Value: This stroller is a decent value, and falls in the average price range. You’ll get a lot of durability from this stroller.
  • Affordable

  • Removable seat

  • Push handle break

  • Can’t handle all types of terrain

  • Could have better suspension

Here’s How We Researched Running And Jogging Strollers

In order to find the right choice to meet your needs and level of desired training, there are several factors which you might want to consider before making your decision. Here are many of those things, which are sometimes overlooked before making a purchase

Wheel Characteristics

Running with a stroller that is specifically designed for running is not a desire of the parent. It is a necessity and avoiding of a great danger of getting one for you. Having this in mind, the most important feature in a running stroller is the front wheel. The front wheel is responsible for the stability of the stroller. A running stroller is not supposed to swivel. If you run with a stroller in a swivel mode even a small rock could make the stroller go in another direction and cause a dangerous situation.

There are strollers who have a swivel option that can be locked. This is your best option if you are planning on getting only one stroller that you are going to use for running as well as walking. If you are living in a big city, this might be the most logical option for you since in order to get to your favorite trail you would have to go through sidewalks and many other limitations.

Even though more narrow width wheels have more advantages than wider ones, passionate runners are usually deciding for the second alternative. Wheels that are narrower are easier to maneuver through small spaces and they are especially beneficial if you are living in a small building or a small apartment. They also take much less space for storing for when you are not using them.

Also, when you are walking on the sidewalk, it would be easier for you to get through the crowd since these kinds of strollers also take much less space. However, strollers with wider wheels are perfect for the running parents. They have only one benefit which surpasses all the negativities – they are a lot more stable. When running with a stroller with wide wheels, you feel safer and you feel that the stroller is safer when it hits small rocks or uneven terrains.

Seat Features

Should the baby face the parent or should it look into the environment? Regarding this subject, a research has been made, with the “Talk to your baby” campaign. The results from the research clearly state that parents tend to talk to their babies more often when they are facing them. Contrary to this, babies that are facing the surrounding are in less envious position according to this research. There are some experts who believe that babies up to 5 months old must be faced towards you.

This is because of the fact that you, as a parent, are the whole world to this little person. He doesn’t need to see further from you, you are providing all the support and safety that he needs. You should talk to him, laugh with him, cuddle him, sing to him and simply interact with your baby. Now, once he starts evolving, he is ready to meet the world around him. Although all doctors agree that this is an individual time, it doesn’t have to start at 5 months. For some babies, it starts earlier and for some later.

If you believe both sides have good arguments, you should get a jogging stroller which can be turned both sides during the ride. A stroller such as this has a higher price, but it is worth every penny.

Additional Features

When it comes to jogging or runner stroller, the stability is the number one feature you should consider. After all, you are about to purchase a vehicle for the most precious possession you have. Having this in mind, you should first consider if you are going to use this stroller for running or jogging only or you would like to walk with it as well. Once you have that figured out, you should be able to choose the most suitable option for you and your baby. It is surprising to know that stability of a running stroller and the balance of one don’t go together.

In fact, the better balanced a stroller is, the less suitable it is for running. The distribution of the weight while you are running will not be even among the 3 wheels. This is due to the fact that running with a stroller doesn’t require balance. In fact, you are going to run through some uneven terrains and you would like to know that your stroller is stable even though it has hit a rock. For this reason, it is safe to conclude that strollers with 3 wheels are the safest kind or jogging strollers currently offered on the market

Consider the surface you are going to run on

Runners usually have their own trail that they got used to. Even though when the baby comes, everything changes, thanks to the development of the technology, your trail doesn’t have to. Even if you have been running on an off-road trail, there is a stroller on the market for you. However, when you are looking for a running stroller you should consider your favorite trail and choose accordingly. Is your trail concrete covered or not? Does it have holes or small rocks on the trail or not. All of this should be taken into consideration.

Generally speaking, if your trail has small rocks or an uneven surface, big wheels are recommended. They are more stable for these kinds of terrains and they are not having difficulties getting through the rough terrains. The strollers that are intended for an off road running trail, have larger wheels and they also have good amortization so that your baby could feel like he is on a swing. Whichever choice you make, it is important to know that there are all kinds of choices out there, one for every need you might have.


If you are looking for a running stroller for your first born and you are planning on having more children, investing in a high-quality product that will last longer is always a good idea. Having this in mind, you should pay attention to which features you are playing for. Are you paying for the design of the product or the quality of the stroller? Nowadays, there are many manufacturers who have a well-established presence on the market; therefore, the price of their products is significantly higher.

The level of the quality of these items is often close to the quality of some cheaper products whose name you haven’t heard before. On the other side, if your budget is large enough, go ahead and invest in a branded and well-designed product, since there are some jogging strollers out there with the cutest designs. However, even though the design creates an emotional satisfaction, the utility of the product is a lot more important.


Other Important Factors To Consider

Ease of transport

To measure ease of transport, you need to take it outside the building through the sidewalk to your car. And if your sidewalk is higher than your parking space, you will test the amortization properties of the stroller right there. After this, there is folding and unfolding the stroller so that it gets in the car and while doing so, you must look after your little bundle of joy who is not very patient, like every other baby. As you can notice, in order for a parent to go jogging or running, there are a lot of limitations on the way which will make you reconsider the whole idea of running.

However, manufacturers of running and jogging strollers have thought of everything and there is a specific feature for improving each of these situations. However, in order to get easier, you must first predict your every difficulty and find the right solutions for each one. We are positive that you will find the most suitable option for you and your baby, regardless of your living situation and the type of your running trail

Overall Safety

The safety of the stroller is the number one reason why we pay such high prices for well-known brands. It is because of the simple reason that they have satisfied customers and no one is willing to take risks with their own baby. The safety of the running stroller does not consist only of the features it possesses, but also of the materials being used for the production of the stroller. The frame of the stroller is of great importance and it must be built with a high-quality material and a solid structure in order to endure every bump and every terrain difficulties.

That said, you should treat buying a running stroller like you are buying a car. You should be aware that if any of the stroller’s parts don’t function properly, your baby is put in a dangerous situation. For this reason, every feature that the stroller has must be supported by a high-quality material and has to function properly.



For the sake of helping to make your search a little easier, we have done a little research to find out what kind of questions and concerns other costumers had when shopping around for the best one to meet their needs. Here are a few questions we came up with, which will hopefully answer any you may have and make your search a little less of a hassle.

Q: Will a jogging stroller work on the beach?

A: As most of them are really intended for use on the road, or other reasonably even surfaces, there are some brands out there who make models which can go off-road. One model, which seems to do really well for people who have purchased it is the Sport Utility Stroller from BOB. As for beach trails, this model also gets good marks from its users. Extremely sandy beaches may tend to be a challenge for any stroller, so finding the perfect model that will run just like it does on hard top might be a long shot.

Q: Are jogging strollers available in double models?

A: Of course. Most brands have figured out a way to cater to a majority of their prospective customer base. In fact, there are even some companies out there who manufacture triple jogging stroller. However, the bigger the stroller has to be, in order to carry more little passengers, the more bulk it must contain in its build to safely support the weight.

Q: What is the typical weight limit for a jogging stroller?

A: Typically the max weight capacity for most models is around 50 lbs for a single model and 100 lbs for double models. However, there are some models hat do have higher capacities of up to 60+ lbs. For example the Joovy Zoom 360has a capacity up to 75 lbs. Really, before you make your decision, you’ll need to review the full specs of the model you are thinking about purchasing. Different brands might have differences in their weight limits and storage load amounts.

Q: Learning to run with a jogging stroller?

A: If you are used to solo running, there will most likely be an adjustment period for becoming used to pushing a stroller during your run. Some factors that affect the difference include your child’s weight, any baby gear you stow in the stroller for the trip, and of course the surface and environment your are running in and on.

For most it becomes natural after a while, although you probably won’t be keeping up with the same speeds you were keeping when you were going solo. One thing to think about is the fact that it can become a way to also increase your strength. After you get used to pushing a stroller, eventually picking up your speed, once you go on a solo run, you may find that you feel much lighter and are able to go a bit longer and faster.

Q: What do I need to know about my stroller’s ease of transport?

A: The ideal would be you living in a house and your running trail on a walking distance to the house. However, this is not the case for most running parents. In fact, many of them have to drag their running stroller through from the apartment through the tight hallways to the elevators. If your elevator is large enough for any type of stroller, consider yourself lucky. However, for those of you with small elevators, make sure you double check the dimensions of the stroller which you intend on purchasing.

Q: Does the size matter?

A: Of course it matters! It will greatly depend on the size of your car, elevator, door, hallway or every other space you need to go through to get to your running trail. Since we are on the subject, the size of the storage compartment of your jogging stroller also matters. Even though you are not going to need anything else than a bottle of water to get you through your training, your baby would be a bit more demanding. So, you will need a storage space where you can keep all of his stuff so that he feels nice and comfortable while his mummy or daddy is keeping their body shape.

Running strollers have changed a lot over the past. Once, mums and dads were trying hard to adapt the 4 wheel strollers for running. This wasn’t a pleasant ride for the parents, neither for the baby. They lacked stability and they were able to run to smooth surfaces only. However, nowadays, running strollers have evolved in 3 wheel strollers with the possibility for large wheels and more stability. The main purpose of this buying guide is for new parents to be able to understand and choose the features they need the most. Instead of being lost in a sea of information and paying for features you are not even going to use.

If we can help you some more with a doubt of yours regarding running and jogging strollers, leave us a comment in the comment section below!


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