The Outwell Comfort Self Inflating Mat Reviewed

  • The Outwell Comfort Self Inflating Mat Reviewed
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Bigger than a dog, but just as comfy

You might well be a lover of camping and leap under canvas at the first chance, but come on, admit it… camping mattresses don’t result in the best night’s sleep, do they?

I mean, if it’s not your shoulder going numb, or your hip aching, then its the ear-pricking squeaks every time you roll over which make it impossible to get a good kip.

And the problem is 10-fold worse when you’re sharing an airbed with someone. You end up undulating when they move and paralysed when you need a wee because you know you’ll have to wake them up as you shuffle into your shoes on the edge of your bouncy-castle bed.

This is the most boring photo ever published, sorry

But, I’m ecstatic to say that my couple-camping life has changed recently with the addition of Outwell’s magnificent 5cm thick double-sized Comfort Mat. It has resulted, and I don’t say these words lightly, in the most comfortable night’s sleep I’ve ever had in a tent.

At 188cm long (6ft2), and 130cm wide (4ft3) it’s plenty big enough for two sleeping bags or even a double sheet and duvet – we’ve used both.

And it’s self-inflating, which means that all you need to do is unroll it, leave it for a few minutes (I always leave it a few hours) and then do up the two valves at the head-end. Et voila… that’s it. No noisy pump. No back-breaking inflation ritual with the sounds of humping donkeys. It’s easy-peasy.

I’m seeing spots

The underside of the mat is covered in non-slip dots which ensure that the mat doesn’t shoot off down your tent when you get up off it (mind you, you’d need a huge tent for a 6ft2 mattress to shoot off anywhere). And the topside is covered in a nice and quiet material so your sleeping bag doesn’t go “shhhhhh” every time you move.

This is definitely a car-camping product. Even packed down in the bag it comes with, it’s pretty enormous. It also weighs around 4Kg, so it’s not the kind of thing you could backpack with. Oh, and it’s not the easiest thing to compress. I just keep ours in the Velcro tie-wrap (supplied), and we’ve used it in the house when we’ve had unexpected guests – it’s certainly comfy enough for that.

SUMMARY: If you’re after a good night’s sleep on a double bed in a field somewhere, but can’t lug the Divan from home then this mat is a superb alternative. It truly is very, very comfortable. Downsides could be the packing size and weight, but I can see past that and appreciate that this is for those luxurious home-from-home camping breaks.

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