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Many anglers experience more trouble when it comes to finding fish than actually catching them. If you’re an angler who happens to fall into this category, you should think about purchasing a fish finder unit to take along with you on your fishing trips. One unit in particular that you should consider is the Humminbird 587ci HD DI Combo GPS-Sonar DualBeam Plus.


The display of this Humminbird fish finder unit measures at 4.5 inches when measured diagonally. The size of this display is relatively decent and should prove to be adequate for your needs, especially if this is your very first fish finder unit. The resolution of the display is 640 x 480, which is no short of absolutely incredible when you consider the size of the display.

The display of the Humminbird 587ci HD supports 256-color, which is perfect for interpreting small details on the screen. One thing that’s unique about this display is that it is a thin-film transistor. TFT displays are known for their reduced energy consumption and improved visual sharpness. All things considered, this Humminbird unit’s display is truly optimized for easy viewing.

DualBeam Plus Sonar

The Humminbird 587ci HD features the SwitchFire sonar, which boosts two modes: clear mode and max mode. These two modes differ in terms of amount of detail, accountability for turbulence, temperature, and water depth, and more.

The clear mode is ideal if you’re fishing in rough yet shallow waters. This mode works by filtering out all the noise, so that you can focus on what’s important–the fish. With the clear mode enabled, the display only shows you what you want to see. There’s no need to deal with any clutter in your water column, like interference caused by particles suspended in the water.

The max mode is pretty much the opposite of the clear mode. This mode is ideal if you want to see incredible detail. With the max mode enabled, you’ll be able to see fish, cover, structure, water currents, and even thermoclines. This mode allows for some easy lure monitoring as well. You’ll be able to monitor your jiggling action and bait closely so you can achieve good lure presentation.


One advantage of the Humminbird 587ci HD fish finder unit is its sonar recording capability. This feature allows you to save digital sonar info, and then replay it on the display later on.

Besides the tricked out display and the amazing sonar, another huge advantage of the Humminbird 587ci HD DI Combo GPS-Sonar DualBeam Plus fish finder is the 50-channel GPS.

Due to the GPS’s large amount of channels, you are guaranteed great accuracy and faster performance. Also, the GPS features chart plotting, and it also gives users the ability to add maps like LakeMaster and Navionics. Finally, the unit has a built-in UniMap cartography that you can use in conjunction with the GPS. The cartography covers the inland lakes, rivers, and coastlines of the continental US.


While the many features of the Humminbird 587ci HD DI are a definite advantage, it could also prove to be a disadvantage for some anglers. For many fishermen, there is a learning curve when it comes to figuring out how to use this fish finder unit. In fact, a few customers found the unit not user-friendly and difficult to understand. Therefore, this fish finder unit may not be the best choice for beginners.

Video Demo

Check this video demonstrattion on how to use a Humminbird sonar as a GPS for fishing.

The Humminbird brand produces many quality fish finder units, and the 587ci HD DI unit is just one of them. As you can see, this fish finder unit boosts many advantages and has very few disadvantages.