Our Fresh ‘Spin’ on Spincast Reels – Finding the Best Spincast Reels

Spincast reels are best explained as being a combination between a spinning reel and a baitcasting reel. Spincasts are perfect for you if you’re that angler who’s just started trying to fish and is learning how to get those feet wet. If you’re the angler or you have someone in mind who is just starting out, consider a spincast real one of the best gifts you can give and they can get. The challenge as always is understanding what makes some of these reels better than others on the market, not only will the following paragraphs point out what you should look for in a great product, but below please find our top ten ranked models which are some of the best examples of spincast reels on the market.

Zebco ZO2PRO
  • Zebco ZO2PRO
  • 5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Lightweight
  • Price: See Here
  • Daiwa
  • 4.6 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Speed
  • Price: See Here
  • Zebco
  • 4.3 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Control
  • Price: See Here

The material of your reel is key; most models that are purchased today come ready made from a mixture of metallic parts and plastics. Where the metal stands the test of ages, many anglers are none to happy about the weaker plastic components which age rapidly and break over a shorter period. When you look for a model or a manufacturer, its often better to purchase reels which are entirely metal: based out of aluminum, carbon, or stainless steel.

A reel’s gear ratio is the next item you’ll want to keep track of from your mental list. This refers to how many times the bail will rotate around your spool (wrapping the line) in one single turn; your gear ratio is essential for its speed in drawing in different species of fish from the water. A medium speed ratio would be 5:1, where the bail wraps the line around your spool five times for a single turn of the handle. Anything higher (6:1) would provide a higher retrieval ratio.

Finally, any decent reel should have a great drag system, where the pressure of your reel (how much line it pulls in and lets out while struggling to reel a fish) is smooth and non-constrictive while you reel. Having a poor drag system means more line breakage and more fish being lost. In order to test this, pay attention to products which line can be pulled from without hesitation.

If these are parameters you keep in mind while purchasing, or even while looking through out list of top ten, you’ll easily be able to pick out the best reel for you or for somebody else. Fishing is fun and competitive, don’t let finding the products you need get you down!

10 Best Spincast Reels


1. Zebco Fishing ZO2PRO

1. Zebco Fishing ZO2PRO
By far one of the best models on the market, this high-end reel uses its premium materials and includes all kinds of perks, but still comes at a better price than many other highly rated brands. Fishing shouldn’t be an expensive hobby, but more of a sporting, relaxing, or competitive hobby which makes for fun and repeat trips out on the water. This reel is manufactured entirely for those who want a top of the line reel for a great price, and it’s perfect for light tackle fishing.

The best part of this reel is its functionality for both left and right handed anglers, where the metal reel handle is made ambidextrously, allowing for both left and right handed attachments.
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Other functions include:

Strong 10 pound line which is Cajun red in color and pre spooled in 85 yards of length.
Bearings which are stainless steel, extra smooth, with a great clutch which provides that much needed anti-reverse control (on a spinning reel, it is the function which keeps the reel from turning backwards and engaging the drag)
Comes with a patented multi-cam drag system.
It has a 3.4:1 gear ratio (close to medium range)

Of course, with every product there are pros and cons, and with each model we will discuss both its highlights and its drawbacks. In the end, the decision is always yours while looking through this excellent selection of reels.

For the price of this model compared to its first-rate design (on par with many pro-fishing brands) this reel is a steal and truly proves in every way that it belongs at the top of the list.
  • This reel is acclaimed for being one of the best spincast reels for the price on the market
  • It’s lightweight and therefore easy to pack around during long fishing trips or even lots of hiking from location to location
  • The multi-drag system allows anglers better control during every phase of their casting, catching, and reeling
  • Comes with a spare spool (though both spools are highly reliable) and is made with a dual-knob handle and spun with cajun line
  • The spinner head is very durable, made with #7 stainless steel
  • This model does not provide a protective reel case, and this feature (if desired) will have to be purchased separately
  • Release trigger is soft, rather than hard metal, and so lacks a good feel to it when casting line out and bringing it back in

2. Daiwa Goldcast

2. Daiwa Goldcast
By far one of the best models and brands during 2017, this reel takes a look at older reels (how they looked, how they functioned, and how they improved) then keeps many of those conventional ideas and materials, but outfits the product with a new high-tech fresh to salt-water spool. When looking for an excellent product, those which are multi-functional for different environments or unique circumstances often prove the best models to own. Not only is this product adaptable, but its durable, guaranteed to last well into the future for your use, your friends use, even your kids use.

Its best quality of this reel are the materials its made out of, where the rotating line is made of tungsten carbide, and the very body is rugged metal. This makes the product last longer and keep from breaking like other cheap plastic models or weak-metal brands.
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Other odds and ends:

Gearing and nose cone are designed to be heavy duty and not wear down quickly.
The reels guideline is oversized to enable the models optimum casting.
The mechanism is built to provide off/on anti-reverse selection.
It has great ball bearing drives.
The gear ratio comes at 4.1:1, which is quite fast for a spincast reel.

For this level of quality, the price of this model is in the medium to medium-low range, well worth the purchase for all the perks it offers and all the countless years you’re going to be fishing with this new spincast reel. If you’re on the fence about what model to purchase for someone else, this is great for a range of experienced anglers to new beginners. It will help get anyone off their feet, and it will also help to improve the skill of the angler in question.
  • Although this may look like an old-school design, its actually made that way on purpose so that the traditional way of fishing is still there and no long-time angler will have to learn a whole new way to fish when he buys this model
  • It comes with an oscillating spool levelwind, not only does this improve the speed of the models gear ratio, but it offers tangle-free line out of the rig and into the rig
  • The gear ratio is higher than the first example, offering speed reeling in for an even cheaper price for its quality
  • Unlike most brands, this one does not come equipped with a large aperture which many anglers like to have included in their rig
  • This model also does not come with a case to carry the gear

3. Zebco

3. Zebco
If you’re looking for the modern advancement of spincast reels, this model by Zebco is one of the most high-tech and advanced precision instruments. For this reason, the reel is pricier than others, and this is why it ranks third on the list. Yet for its cost, you’ll get long lasting high-end material with an ergonomic design and straightforward configuration. Anyone can use this reel and not get confused with how to attach it, string line onto it, and even just generally use it. Long-time fishermen will love this because of the power and skill it offers – this is certainly a professional angling product.

Most notable about this model is its composition of all metal gears, improving durability due to the normally constant wear and tear of spinning line in and out of rig. As well, being all metal these gears allow the model to flawlessly cast while still keeping excellent control over the drag of the line. Often anglers will blame line for being ‘so weak that it snaps easily’, while in truth the problem is often due to the fact that their reel has little control over the line when it tightens abruptly. With a great gear system, line is less likely to snap because it always has a little bit of slack while its pulled in.
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More about this product:

Models pick-up system (for line) makes for flawless casting.
Ceramic line guide provides a smooth release for the line as well as for the reeling.
Has a triple-cam multi-drag system for great control.
Includes a one-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Yes, this model is more on the expensive side, but after buying it there’s really no other reel you’re ever going to want to have. The price equals the perks in this situation, and makes this an excellent product for all the fishing trips to come.
  • This is one of the only models available on the market with a 7 bearing system which can cover all needs an angler might have throughout their sport
  • Control of the drag and pull-back action has never been easier than it is with this product
  • With a solid aircraft-grade aluminum cover, the product resists breaking from age, and wear and tear of water and rust
  • Because of its design its suited for left and right-handed anglers
  • Unfortunately, its design is for thinner and lighter lines, and so this model does not work with braded line
  • Cajun line that it comes with is great for warm-up to basic fishing trips, and not for professional sport. You’ll want to purchase different line for harder fishing

4. Abu-Garcia Abumatic 170

4. Abu-Garcia Abumatic 170
The design of this model originates from Sweden, where the first idea of using a push button – letting out line or reeling line in – was born and then worked on over and over again until they got it right. Flash forward some hundred or more years, and this light precision mechanism is fantastic for your sport fishing or even if you’re just beginning and want to learn the ropes.

Its finest quality being its drag system (balanced pressure of the line coming in or going out) was created with a smooth carbon matrix in order to insure the reels flawless operation.
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Provides an instant anti-reverse mechanism in order to deal with smooth reeling and decrease the likelihood of tangled or snapped line.
As well, the spool is also oscillating which doubles the unlikelihood of line getting snagged or twisting up inside of the reel.
Both the front cone and the body of this model are aluminum steel and die-cast to be strong, rust free, and long lasting.
This is a very light lure, coming at 11.8 ounces.
Comes with three ball bearings.
Its exceptional for its price compared to its functionality for both left and right-handed use.

This real is the best for professional anglers to beginners, where either type of fisherman can afford it and will never really want for a different reel. It is priced in the medium range for such great quality compared to cost. This model is certainly worth your time, and is quite effortless to use.
  • This real is exceptionally priced for its qualities, and is one of the least expensive high-end reels on this list
  • Its push button construction is perfect for the speed of certain fishing conditions, when an angler needs to react quickly
  • The spool is designed to cast farther than most other spools, letting out line at higher speeds when you draw back and then cast
  • Since its so light weight, this reel is excellent for packing around on short to long fishing trips, especially when hiking
  • This is a very popular model and goes quickly, but the manufactures always restock the next day or next week
  • Ball bearing have been cited for being weaker in this model than in other models

5. Zebco Spincast Spooled with 10-Pound

5. Zebco Spincast Spooled with 10-Pound
Ranking at number five on this list, this is another product from Zebco, but actually proves not only to be cheaper than the majority of their other products, but also the best priced model from our recommendations. This reel is perfect for beginners or anglers who enjoy sticking with the familiar classics, and you could honestly even afford to buy two or three of these models for the price of just one professional reel.

Greatest function of this model is its 3.4:1 gear ratio, and this is because such a high gear ratio is rarely seen on such an exceptionally priced product. Often for cheaper reels, you’re accepting gear ratios of 2:1 or often even lower. Here the material aren’t as fine quality as sports reels, and yet Zebco has still managed to ensure the speed of casting and retrieval with a superb gear ratio.
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What’s more, you get:

A reel which is made in a triple-cam style which provides multi-drag control and error-free casting.
The spool itself is an oscillating spool which can spin and run continuously with its anti-reverse functionality.
This reel has an ‘auto-bait function’ which means that an audible click often sounds when the line is hooked into your catch and more tension is being applied by the struggling fish.
Gears are all metal.

What’s most important about this product is its price. You’re not going to find a decent reel for such an amazing price anywhere else. You’re gain is that this model will work from easy to medium fishing difficulties, as well as the same range of skill – beginners to mid-level fishermen. Cheap does not mean shoddy, and not only will this product last you a long time, but its functionality is what will prove itself over and over during each fishing trip.
  • Lightweight and easy to handle, pack up, and carry
  • The audible click of the auto bait works exceptionally well for knowing when to reel your catch in and when to give the line a little more slack
  • Has stainless steel pick-up pins
  • The drag is adjustable
  • The power crank handle isn’t as easy or effortless as other handles, and can take quite a while to get used to, as well as a lot more energy when reeling the fish in
  • When casting the line, an annoying buzzing sound can often be heard

6. Daiwa Silvercast-A

6. Daiwa Silvercast-A
Here you certainly have one of the best models for specifically catching bass fish, and this is due to the rigidity and strength of the products aluminum alloy construction. Bass are an active fish and will often fight you with every bit of strength they’ve got – in the case of weak reels, you’re risking your line snapping or even the entire pole getting yanked directly out of your hand. If you’re specifically shopping for a reel to better catch bass, this one is great.

Its main performance perk are its triple metal ball bearing alloys which add to the strength of the model and improve the smooth operation of every action throughout the angling process – from the fantastic arch of your catch to the adrenaline of hooking large bass and fighting to bring it in.
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Other tidbits are:

The handle knob which is soft plastic at the tip but ridged metal through to the gears, making everything spin correctly and reel effortlessly.
A titanium line pickup spins with the actual line and this makes it so there’s less wear and tear to the line itself and (even more importantly) the device.
This device has an oversized line aperture which allows for the reel to perform at its best for the angler each and every time.
Smooth disc drag with dial adjustment.
A gear ratio of 4.3:1 (very high powered)

Not many bass fishing reels come at such an affordable price, especially if you compare this lure to many of the other high-end products on this list. For such a cheap price you get this new reel, its great feel, and compared to other products it’s a steal. Certainly, worth a test run.
  • Its alloys are made of strong metals and make the device long lasting
  • It’s anti-reverse handles bass well and does not click over and over again as you are reeling in
  • Great for casting heavier spinnerbaits and other weighted lines
  • Thumb release button is stiff on some models, but that’s often just at first until the device has been used enough to loosen all its functions a little
  • Heavier casts seem to have less control from the model than lighter casts do

7. Prostaff

7. Prostaff
Where the last reel was amazing for bass fishing, this model proves itself in its ability to catch catfish. Catfish are a medium to heavy species of catch, and therefor require a reel which can handle just that, medium to heavy situations. Not only does this mean casting out heavier baits, sinkers, and lures, but it also entitles drawing back in all that weight plus the weight of fresh meat on the other end.

This model is best for its continuous reverse and anti-drag system – not many lures have such an improved retraction. With such a reverse system line rarely if ever snaps, and its highly doubtful your catfish is going to wriggle or break free. This product will help sharpen and improve your actions throughout the series of each catch, and you won’t be disappointed.
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More perks are:

This model comes with a steel ball bearing drive.
The drive train is composed of all metal (plastic or other material drive trains tend not to operate nearly as smoothly)
This reel is pre-spooled with 25-pound monofilament line.

For the money, this is the best catfishing reel you’re going to find on the market. It’s an excellent example of what kind of reel will get heavier fishing jobs done.
  • This reel with such a thin point of entry does an amazing job of rebuffing dirt, small rocks, plant life, and other materials destructive to its inner-mechanisms
  • Gear box still stays tight and in place when the front cover is taken off
  • The new cover itself is all metal and improves the strength of the device
  • Older versions were made of all metal machined gears, where this newer version (cheaper than the last) has some cheaper formed metals

8. Zebco 808

8. Zebco 808
Where saltwater is concerned, much thought should be given into what type of fishing you’ll be doing and the environment in which you’ll be doing it. Saltwater has the frustrating tendency to quickly degrade the weaker metals and even plastics of reels which are not specifically made for ocean use. As the line gets pulled through the gears and into the device, all the salty water it deposits into a reel can quickly wear it down. If you’re predominately a saltwater fisherman, this reel is right up your alley – it rebuffs destruction from saltwater and fishes the ocean like a charm.

It’s best quality therefore is of course the stainless-steel covers, full metal body, metal gears, and ceramic pick up pins. All of these metals are anti-corrosive and long lasting. In fact, even is saltwater weren’t a concern, this model is merely excellent for lasting far beyond the price you pay for it; ample time to improve your skill using it, or teach others how to use it as well.
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Other functions are:

It comes with an autobait alert.
The retrieval is right or left handed.
It’s comparatively cheap to other full-metal body brands.

The price of this model falls in the medium to high range, and this is due to all it anti-corrosive and strong metals, but for the price this reel will last you for years of fishing trips to come. If you’re planning on handling fish from bass to blues to catfish to salmon, this is quite the model from quite an excellent company.

  • It’s a large reel that holds up for a long time, and (because of its girth) can hold plenty of line
  • It’s especially great for bait fishing as it can handle lots of weight and pressure
  • The anti-reverse is great and provides much needed control over stronger heavier fish
  • Because of its weight, this reel is harder to pack around on long fishing trips
  • The heavier the rig, the harder your cast

9. Abu Garcia BMAX3

9. Abu Garcia BMAX3
Excess weight can prove a gradual problem, especially on long fishing trips. You pack up your reels, through on your pack, and start out along the river (or really wherever you’re going). Now over time that backpack is going to weigh you down and make your shoulders ache, and this can either be sooner or later depending on the weight of your gear and especially the weight of your reel(s). With this model, weight was a major concern that the brand designers took into consideration, and that’s why this products’ best feature is light weight machined aluminum spool.

Not only can the lightweight metal handle line smoothly and efficiently without any breaks or tangles, but it makes for easier and farther-reaching casts.
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What’s more:

This reel comes with 4 stainless steel ball bearings, one of them which is a roller bearing for smoother operation.
Smooth drag performance is provided by this models’ multi-drag system.
The brass gears have extended the life of the product by years.
This model provides excellent brake pressure throughout the cast.

However, despite maybe looking cheap due to its metals and its low cost, this is a real which does not perform cheaply. Rather, this reel will hold up for a long time and truly improve your fishing experience and the rate at which you make catches.
  • Really amazing value for such a lightweight metal reel
  • Looks nice, and works even better
  • Many beginners even to experts like using this reel to improve their reaction time and overall skill
  • Has been cited for getting stuck up easily my mud and dirt,
  • Its not the best reel for heavier fishing (catfish to bass)

10. Pflueger Trion

10. Pflueger Trion
Even though lightweight reels aren’t the most popular models for anglers, they still belong on the list as cheap alternatives to alter your fishing learning curve when either just starting out or when wanting to learn how to cast, catch, and reel with a lighter device. This is one of the most cost-efficient products for that purpose.

Look forward to full aluminum, titanium, and all metal (gears as well) parts. Not only do these increase the smooth reaction of your device, but they’ll improve its long lastingness if you take care of it.
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It’s also designed:

With 2 titanium ball bearings.
A ported and machined aluminum front cone.
Pick-up pins (also titanium)
And a soft touch handle knob for ease of use.

This device comes at an excellent cost for its high-quality aluminum and titanium design, and it really would be the perfect reel to purchase for multiple people, kids, backpackers, even fishing tour guiding which some anglers have taken up as an excellent profession. This is a great model from which to show other fresh anglers the ropes, and after they have progressed beyond it, this model is so long lasting it will still be around to pass on to the next generation of anglers.
  • The design and the metals are fantastic and essential to its performance
  • It casts lighter baits and lures extremely far out into lakes, rivers, and oceans
  • It’s great for saltwater and freshwater fishing
  • Cheap enough to buy multiple devices for a large group or a large family
  • This is not a reel meant for large game fishing
  • Heavier baits and lures mess up the potential distance and positioning of a cast

How We Evaluate Our Products

Price vs. Value: First we take a hard look at all the reels on the market, narrow down which are the best, and then we compare the best of the best to the value at which they are being sold. Then we ask ourselves if the cost is worth it. One of the most important question to ask is, “Will this product outlive its price?” If the answer is yes – it took a week to earn enough to buy the , and the reel lasted more than a year or even longer – this is the type of price vs. value that we are looking for.

Customer Reviews: Reviewers are a very honest way of looking at a products’ use on a larger spectrum – all over the world – and comparing different experiences of each model to see which products are constantly working the best, worth the most, or improving the sport of angling.

General Usefulness: We choose the reels on the market which are currently being used the most, and we compare their use to the reviews they get. Because after all, isn’t it better to buy a product that you’re going to use all the time? We want to help you find that type of product.

Durability: This list of ten wouldn’t exist without durability. The longer lasting a model is, the better that model is going to be than other brands. Anglers are fishing the long game – it’s a sport entirely devoted to improvement and learning. It’s hard to improve and learn if a device keeps breaking on you, and it’s one of our biggest concerns that you know how to choose models which will last long enough to teach you something new and improve your skill.

Variety and Extras: It’s always easier to narrow down the top ten, when products not only exhibit great quality, but also offer extras and varieties. In the case of reels these extras were narrowed down to: materials, weight, type of line that can be used, number and quality of ball bearings, anti-reverse mechanisms, etcetera.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are my main concerns when buying a new reel?

If you’ve been fishing for a while now, quick think back about all the reels you’ve used before. What did you like most about your favorite one of those lures, and how did it work best for you? If you haven’t bought a lure before, consider these simple evaluations:

What is the construction? Metal and stainless steels are the best.

Does it have a push button? This helps with control.

Is it highly maneuverable? You’re going to be moving a lot, especially with a fight to bring larger fish to the surface.

Will this reel be smooth or jerky? You want to reel in smoothly and quite effortlessly.

What’s the advantage of using a twin drag system (multi-drag system)?

With the power of twin drag system, the heat of your reel will dissipate more, and this in turn allows the models break system to operate much more efficiently. Because of this a fish will lose energy more quickly, and you’ll be able to drag it in more easily. A smooth drag is important for all fish, from powerful monsters to smaller lightweight little guys. It shouldn’t be a fight every second of the day, just periodically.

What’s the advantage of an oscillating spool?

The reason that a spool oscillates (or should oscillate) during retrieval is so that the line winds up evenly. If it did not, the line would dig into itself from the pressure of the fish on the other end, and in this case it might very well snap, or just tangle inside the reel after you’ve made the catch. Imagine casting one, catching one fish, and then because of such a tangle inside the reel you are unable to make another catch for the rest of the day.

What’s the advantage to a rotating line pickup?

This concept is similar to that of the oscillating spool, but rather than just worrying about tangling the line or breaking it, a rotating line pickup (often made of tungsten carbide) will turn the line itself for an easier and tighter winding. What this does is prevent damage to the line itself, and stop general wear and tear to the interior structure of the roller.

What’s the best gear ratio to have?

Technically there is no ‘correct’ answer to this question. Often the gear ratio you want to have will depend on the size and power of the fish (type of fish) that you are trying to catch. For larger fish such as bass, tiger muskies, or even catfish, your best bet is a gear ratio with a little more power behind it – generally anywhere from a 4.3:1 to a 5:1 and higher. However, for fish with less power and less of an ability to fight you, you’re safe from about a 2.3:1 to about a 3.5:1. Generally, if you don’t know what fish you’re after, its always safe to go with a reel that has a gear ratio of 3:1 or higher.

What line should you purchase with your reel?

Most reels or manufactures will tell you on their website (or if you email them) what lines string the best and cast the best with their reel. They’re also tell you which products you won’t be able to rig (such as one of the above examples where the brand designers specify not to use triple braided line). Always check the supplier and feel free to ask them questions.

In Conclusion

It’s my hope this list gave you some ideas of what reel would be a perfect purchase for you or someone that you know. There are so many models on the market, and the searching/buying process can only be made easier by comprehensive lists of ‘what works the best’ and ‘what doesn’t. Of lists like that, these brands and designers will only improve their products as the years pass, and their current reels really have no close equals.

Of course, don’t just take my word for it, try these brands yourself!

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