Best Pressure Washers

For the toughest cleaning jobs, a quality pressure washer is an important addition to have in your home. Mud, mildew, grass clippings, grease, and blistered paint are common problems everywhere from your home to your workplace. With a pressure washer, you get things done faster, easier and clean more effectively.

Looking for a quality pressure washer could be a bit overwhelming. What is the right size? How much power will you need for the task? Will you need a gas or electric pressure washer? This is why reading a buying guide will help a lot. Here are some of the best products to choose from.

Simpson 3200
  • Simpson 3200
  • 5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Easy to set-up
  • Fit for heavy cleaning
  • Price: See Here
Snow Joe Sun
  • Snow Joe Sun
  • 4.9 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Lightweight
  • Not too noisy
  • Price: See Here
Stanley 2050
  • Stanley 2050
  • 4.8 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Detachable cart handle
  • Easily removable wires
  • Price: See Here

10 Best Pressure Washers



Simpson Cleaning 3200

Gas Pressure Washer
Pounds per square inch (PSI): 3,200 PSI
Gallons per minute (GPM): 2.5 GPM
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Ease of use:
The rip cord can be pulled without much physical strain on the shoulder muscles. By checking the manual, the procedure is easy to follow even for first-time users.

The frame is made of welded steel so expect that this machine will last for a long time. However, the axial pump may fail to function after a few years as expected from a mid-range pressure washer. It’s a quality low maintenance pressure washer just right for the price.

Product Specifications:
The MSH3125-S pressure washer is lightweight (65 lbs) and made of durable steel-frame tube and base plate coated with corrosion protection for long-lasting use. It measures 34” X 21” X 24” with 10” flat wheels, a portable size for easy mobility. It is powered by Honda GC190 engine for better cleaning performance. Soap nozzles have a 0, 15, 25 and 40-degree angle for faster and easier access to any nook and cranny. Spray gun delivers a 2.5 GPM to flush out tough stains, dirt, grime, and chemicals. This is a maintenance-free OEM technology axial cam pump with 5 spray tips to choose from.
  • Easy to set-up
  • Right size for engine oil
  • Fit for heavy cleaning particularly decks and prepping house for painting
  • Horizontal engine shaft with the pump mounted on the rear makes it more accessible and stable.
  • The metal frame surrounding engine pump prevents damages from accidental bumps, rough terrains and pulling the washer up on the stairs.
  • Pressure may be enough to clean without using detergent
  • Will not require assembly except typical set-ups like fuel, air pressure check, and oil check
  • It could be hard to reach the motor since it’s below the engine behind the bumper guard
  • Handle might be too low and will require bending in moving the washer around
  • Consumes a large amount of gas but gives a powerful output
  • Nozzles have the tendency to fall out of the holder.
  • Might come as a bit pricey compared with similar types available in the market.

Snow Joe Sun SP3000

Electric Pressure Washer
Pounds per square inch (PSI): 2030 PSI
Gallons per minute (GPM): 1.76 GPM
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Ease of use:
No need to pull any cord as it’s a ‘plug-and-use’ type of machine. Extension spray makes it easier to reach difficult places without having to change hoses or moving the machine. Easy switch for different pressures makes it convenient instead of changing nozzles to get the desired result. Best used for delicate surfaces like cleaning decks and cars.

Good value for your purchase. Compared to renting a pressure washer, this makes for household cleaning jobs especially if you’re regularly cleaning decks, patio furniture or cages.

Product Specifications:
The SPX 3000 is fit for intermediate cleaning jobs around the house, patios, boats, cars, and decks. This equipment carries an 1800 Watt/ 14.5 amp motor to generate a maximum of 2030 PSI. It has a dual detergent tank with 0.9-liter capacity that is removable should you choose not to use it. This equipment has a detergent dial that you can switch according to your preference. A 34-inch spray wand can reach hard to access areas with rear wheels for easy portability. The user can choose from 5 nozzles: 0 º, 15 º, 25 º, 40 º and soap using a 20-foot pressure hose. This washer pressure can go as far as 35 feet from the source of the power outlet and automatically shuts off when not engaged.
  • GPM does not drop down at higher pressures.
  • This pressure washer is lightweight
  • It’s not as noisy compared with other gas pressure washers
  • Easy to assemble
  • Don’t have to worry about running out of gas since it’s electric-powered
  • Compact size and easy to store in the garage
  • Removes debris and stone dirt rather than grime and on glass or metal.
  • Short nozzle that might require some bending to get the right pressure to clean
  • Hose connector might require more tightening so it doesn’t leak; it might require another hose accessory to get it fixed
  • Stiff power cord that may be hard to roll and can be a problem when you’re doing about your cleaning
  • Brackets keeping hold of the wand is a bit delicate

Stanley SLP 2050

Electric Pressure Washer
Pounds per square inch (PSI): 2050 PSI
Gallons per minute (GPM): 1.4 GPM
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Ease of use:
Despite its innovative design, it’s a simple machine to operate and can be used with or without the cart fit for outdoor cleaning. Rugged wheels won’t make it difficult for you to move across rocky terrains. To make this a portable item, you can remove it from the cart and use it with a garden hose and a power outlet. Push on/off makes this an easy item to use.

It’s a good household pressure washer that has the right price. It uses leak-proof connections made of brass garden hose connector.

Product Specifications:
This electric pressure washer can be used as a mobile cart or detached as a stand-alone pressure washer. It uses a tri-axial pressure washer pump that works on wood surfaces, concrete, stucco surfaces, and stone. It also works on vehicles and other outdoor equipment. Its pressure washer gun is made of zinc steel with brass garden hose adapter that is 25 foot long and a power cord is 35” in length. This pressure washer can switch to 5 pressure nozzles: 0, 15, 25, rotary and soap. Its detergent tank can carry up to 48 oz. of washer safe detergent. This mobile pressure washer weighs only 42 lbs with a measurement of 17X16X38 for easy storage.
  • Doesn’t have gas smell common with gas pressure washers
  • Less noise than a gas pressure washer
  • Cart handle is detachable making it more portable and easy to store
  • Easy to remove electric wires
  • 2 wheels keep it in place than a 4 wheel cart
  • Limited to 35”long power cord coverage
  • Might be limited to home use
  • Might be a bit pricey compared with other products with the same features in the market
  • It might not be as powerful as a gas pressure washer
  • Soap dispenser works only with a nozzle with the biggest hole and lowest pressure
  • Trigger on the gun can be very sensitive and would cut off water pressure immediately
  • You can’t use hot water for this pressure washer
  • Antifreeze may be needed during winter or if it’s not going to be used for a long time

Powryte Elite 2100

Powryte Elite 2100
Gas Pressure Washer
Pounds per square inch (PSI): 2100 PSI
Gallons per minute (GPM): 1.80 GPM
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Ease of use:
For intermediate residential use, this pressure washer is easy to use and a good price compared to others available in the market. It’s lightweight and compact so portability won’t be a problem. Its long handles make it convenient to move around with little to no help.

Motor can burn in the long run. It may require regular maintenance to prolong its use. However, it does have a versatile cleaning capacity because of its quick-connect spray.

Product Specifications:
This pressure washer can generate up to 2100 PSI for optimum cleaning performance. The spray nozzle can be adjusted from 0 to 40 degrees that can rotate to 360 degrees with Hi / Lo setting. You can have the option to use a detergent dispenser as needed. This electric pressure washer has a 35 ft. cord, 20 ft. pressure hose weighs 22.9 lbs and measures 25X14X13 inches.

  • Lightweight and portable
  • Fit for home and garden use
  • Easy to use
  • Automatic shut off when the pump is not triggered
  • Works for intermediate cleaning jobs but may not have the same performance as that of a gas pressure washer
  • Not as durable since the casing is made of plastic
  • May have difficulty finding an extension hose for added length

Greenworks 1700

Greenworks 1700
Electric Pressure Washer
Pounds per square inch (PSI): 1700 PSI
Gallons per minute (GPM): 1.2 GPM
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Ease of use:
It uses an induction motor for more efficiency. Easy to use ‘plug-and-use’ model that’s common for most entry type pressure washers.

From simple to intermediate use, this model likely to last long given proper storage and care.

Product Specifications:
This electric pressure washer weighs 10.3 pounds and measures 13.2X24X11.12 inches for easy portability and storage. It uses a 13 Amp universal motor that is water resistant and long-lasting. It’s less noisy compared with other pressure washers, making this an ideal cleaning equipment in homes other compact spaces. It can be used horizontally and vertically for better cleaning reach. This product includes connecting tips of 0°, 25° and 40°, 25 ft. high-pressure hose with hose reel and a soap applicator and 35 feet power cord with GFCI are included in this equipment.
  • Easy to set-up
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Fit for car cleaning
  • For an electric pressure washer, this may have a competitive pricing with similar products available in the market
  • You don’t have to deal with smelly gasoline that usually comes with gas pressure washers
  • Better compatibility with pressure washer accessories as this machine uses ¼” quick disconnect
  • Less water and power consumption
  • Limited cleaning range of 35 feet from the power outlet; using an extension wire, in this case, is favorable
  • Entry-level washer for small cleaning jobs like a house, lawn furniture, and garden use
  • 45-degreeangle may produce more pressure on the ends than in the middle stream
  • Replacement nozzles may be a little costly
  • Soap gun may not work as effectively on tough stains and grimes

Generac Speedwash 7122

Generac Speedwash 7122
Gas Pressure Washer
Pounds per square inch (PSI): 2900 PSI and 3200 PSI
Gallons per minute (GPM): 196 cc GPM
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Ease of use:
Easy to assemble and use. Hose connections are accessible that can be quickly attached and detached at will. Comfortable spray wand and high pressure wash gets any grime, dirt and debris.

Compared with the usual aluminum pump, this washer has a brass axial cam pump that is more resistant to damages.

Product Specifications:
This pressure washer has user-friendly controls that turn the engine on/off, choke water and fuel shut off. It uses a powerful OHV engine for optimum cleaning jobs, 2 wheels for easy transport on rough terrains and stairs, kink resistant and non-marring flex hose. Engine and pump are balanced over an axle for easy mobility. This pressure washer also has an onboard detergent tank to use as needed. A 12” surface power broom can be used to clean wide surfaces such as patios and decks. Turbo nozzle cleans tough surfaces and crevices of grime, dirt, and debris. You can also utilize high-pressure soap blaster for extensive cleaning jobs.
  • Easy to assemble and mobile
  • Works to de-weeding small plants that pop-out of concrete crevices
  • Doesn’t consume too much gasoline even at maximum pressure and prolong periods of time (3-4 hours for a single full tank)
  • Some vibration under a load but not as noisy compared with other gas pressure washer equipment
  • It comes in two powerful PSI so you can choose which maximum load would work best
  • Never-flat wheels
  • Slightly heavier at 69 lbs with a measurement of 24.2X18.9X35.5 inches
  • Might require adequate room for storage
  • Might not work efficiently to reach high spots as the lance only reaches 12”
  • There’s a possibility of air build-up in the hose that can stop water flow
  • Wand holder is close to the exhaust and may cause the wand to melt when exposed for prolonged periods of time
  • There is no pedal to place your foot when you crank the equipment; you either step on the wheel or frame of the unit so the machine won’t come off when you pull the cord
  • Sweep accessory might not work as effectively


Gas Pressure Washer
Pounds per square inch (PSI): 2800 PSI and 3100 PSI
Gallons per minute (GPM): 2.5 GPM
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Ease of use:
This machine is easy to assemble. It’s cordless you won’t have to worry about entanglements. It has a fuel shut-off valve that helps keep oil from the carburetor when not in use.

Well-constructed with sturdy wheels fit for rough terrains and won’t tip over easily unlike other similar models.

Product Specifications:
This product has five nozzles to choose from -- 0°, 15°, 25°, 40°. For the soap, it can be easily stored in the storage slots. It uses a 208cc 4-stroke OHV engine that pumps 2.5 gallons of water per minute with 3100 PSI pressure for optimum cleaning performance. This equipment has a reservoir for soap to clear grime, dirt, and debris better. It can reach larger and farther surfaces with its 30-foot flexible hose. With 2 never-flat 12 inch wheels, this equipment is easy to transport even on rough terrains. You can easily change the lances by simply pulling back the collar of the end of the wand.
  • Comfortable hand grip and more flexible
  • Bigger wheels than other pressure washer portables; you can pull this pressure washer across yard easily
  • Longer than the standard 25” hose that most companies use in their pressure washers
  • Fuel shut-off valve that lets you wait for it to choke before completely turning off the equipment; this keeps oil from the carburetor when not in use
  • Quiet engine and easy to start
  • 2 PSI options to choose from
  • Does not have an automatic choke; You need to set the choke before starting and ease off after running the equipment
  • May not work effectively for commercial pressure washing jobs
  • It might smell just like any gas powered pressure washers
  • J-shaped and wide handles might not sit well for the wand with some slip offs
  • Full tank will last up to an hour use

AR Blue Clean

AR Blue Clean
Electric Pressure Washer
Pounds per square inch (PSI): 1900 PSI
Gallons per minute (GPM): 1.3 GPM
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Ease of use:
This pressure washer is easy to operate and assemble. Changing connections and pressure is simple enough for those who are not familiar operating this machine prior use.

This electric pressure washer is good for residential use. However, the material used for the hose can be hard to coil.

Product Specifications:
This equipment runs on a 13 amp motor that shoots water at 1900 PSI with a 1.3 GPM for optimum cleaning. This item cleans any surfaces of dirt, moss, debris, and molds from cars, trucks, bicycles, patio furniture, pet cages and outdoor equipment. This pressure washer weighs only 33.6 pounds with a measurement of 15.4X34.3X14.2 inches. This washer uses 45% more pressure and 80% less water than standard garden hoses. A 48 oz. detergent tank is integrated into the equipment for easier access to soap use in cleaning vehicles and other surfaces. You can choose from 4 different quick connect nozzles: 0°, 25°, rotary, and soap.
  • Uses a 30-foot high-pressure hose for maximum reach
  • Features an auto-reset GFCI that switches off when it’s not in use
  • Easy to assemble and start since you can just plug it in a power outlet
  • Lightweight and easily stored
  • Ease of portability
  • Quieter than gas pressure washers; fit for residential cleaning and not disturb neighbors nearby
  • Limited power cord up to 35 foot from a power outlet
  • Tangling of pressure hose, electric cord, and garden hose might be inevitable
  • Hose storage may be challenging to use
  • Soap dispenser might work better with a foamer if you are planning to use on surfaces needing ‘extra’ cleaning
  • May not be suitable for commercial use
  • May not be suitable for cleaning cars since the paint may be chipped off from its high pressure 

Greenworks 1500

Greenworks 1500
Electric Pressure Washer
Pounds per square inch (PSI): 1500 PSI
Gallons per minute (GPM): 1.2 GPM
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Ease of use:
This pressure washer is easy to operate and assemble. Changing connections and pressure is simple enough for those who are not familiar operating this machine prior use.

It uses high quality components that ensures long-lasting usage compared with other electric pressure washers in the market. However, you may opt to purchase a copper adapter to keep the hose adapter from leaking.

Product Specifications:
This equipment weighs only 16.95 lbs. with a measurement of 11.4X17.1X9.4 inches. Just plug it in a power outlet and it’s already good to go. Compact in size, this pressure washer can be transported easily anywhere. You can also opt to purchase other accessories to boost the cleaning capacity, such as turbo nozzle, turbo nozzle with a hose, high-pressure soap applicator and surface cleaner (all sold separately). It can be used either horizontally or vertically to keep it stable during use. It has a 20 feet high-pressure hose with two quick-connect tips (25°, and 40°) and a 35 feet power cord with GCFI for accessibility and mobility.
  • Smooth operation without disturbing neighboring houses or establishments
  • Easy to assemble and ‘plug and use’
  • Fit for cleaning vehicles, tiles and patio furniture out of dirt and grime
  • Easy storage in the garage since it will not take much space
  • Don’t emit much vibration to keep making it more comfortable to use
  • Cheaper compared to other pressure washers of the same feature and quality
  • Short pressure hose (20 ft.) may limit cleaning range
  • Might need to store the hose separately to give space for the wand
  • Cable storage is not detachable so might require manual coiling
  • The quality may not be as durable as other more costly electric pressure washer but does the basic cleaning well
  • Connectors for the hose and soap dispenser leaks very easily
  • Soap used for this machine may come as expensive for some
  • Limited wand tips
  • Air bubbles in the hose can turn off the unit
  • May be limited to general household cleaning and gardening

Karcher K5

Karcher K5
Electric Pressure Washer
Pounds per square inch (PSI): 2000 PSI
Gallons per minute (GPM): 1.4 GPM
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Ease of use:
Pressure settings can easily be switched from fan-shaped pressure to narrow jet spray. It’s also easy to assemble and operate even with using two wands.

Though the motor and pumps perform efficiently, the design of the pressure washer can topple over on uneven surfaces. Replacement parts are only available from Karcher as well.

Product Specifications:
This electrically powered pressure washer weighs 32 pounds measuring 34.3X13.1X16.8 inches. This handy electric-powered pressure washer is handy around the home to get stubborn dirt, grime, and debris using 40 times the pressure from a standard garden hose. It has an onboard hose reel, 2000 high-pressure spray wand and a built-in detergent tank for additional cleaning agents.
  • Fit for heavy duty residential use
  • Easy ‘plug and use’ without the noise that usually comes with gas pressure washers
  • Prolong engine use up to 5x with its water-cooled induction motor
  • Low energy consumption
  • Non-corrosive pump making this item maintenance free  
  • Uses 2 7.7” never-flat wheels with a tall handle
  • Doesn’t create much noise
  • Equipment only turns on when a trigger is pressed
  • Only uses two wands (Power Spray and Detergent on low setting)
  • May spray some soap even if it’s turned on its lowest pressure
  • This is not suitable for delicate surfaces.
  • The power cord is a bit hard and may take a while wrangling it into a neat coil
  • High-pressure hose may be hard to straighten after use since it has a tendency to ‘coil up’
  • This equipment has some plastic parts so it is best not to ‘overuse’ it and settle for household usage only.

Criteria Used For Evaluation

While some consumers find this task overwhelming or too ‘technical’, purchasing a quality pressure washer cuts down cleaning time and physical work. If you’re a smart cleaner, you know that finding the right fit can give you enough time to work on other essential activities.

Pressure washers come in various shapes and sizes, types, specifications and uses. It is a not a ‘one-size-fits-all’ purchase so you need to be sure what it is intended for. Is it for cleaning patio furniture? Cleaning your car? Cleaning the front lawn? Are you looking into multi-purpose pressure washers that require an extra boost in pressure? Or do you happen to want something more subtle to clean cages and extra help with household cleaning? Will you need it to be sturdy or mobile so you can carry it around? These are some of the essential questions you need to think about before purchasing any pressure washer.


Type of Pressure Washer

These outdoor cleaners come in two types: electric-powered and gas-powered. Though they work the same way, there are some key differences and functions that will depend upon its cost, durability, portability, and convenience of use.

Electric pressure washers are usually the ‘starter’ type of pressure washer. These cost less, quieter and won’t have oil spills compared to its gas counterpart. These types weigh less so it makes it convenient to bring around whether you’re moving to a different apartment or cleaning your boat off in the dock. It’s less powerful than gas-powered models making this an ideal for household use requiring light jobs.

As for the power cords, it’s best to read into the manufacturers manual as may need different energy requirements. Some electric models needed to be plugged directly to the outlet while others may allow the use of extension wires. With this in mind, it is best to know that there may be some limitations as to its scope of cleaning area. As with any electric-powered models, always keep the power connections dry and never touch the plug if your hands are wet.

Gas pressure washers give you the mobility and power that electric-powered ones lack. It also does the heavier cleaning in hard to reach crevices like concrete sidewalks. These types usually need to a manual pull-start while some modern ones may have a push-start button to get it running. Fuel requirements may vary so it’s best to look into the manufacturer’s manual as to the amount you’ll need.


Pounds per square inch (PSI)

The pressure output or PSI determines the capacity of its performance. When looking into pressure washers, you need this to determine whether you’re looking for light or heavy duty washers.

For light-duty pressure washers, it’s usually pegged at 1,300 to 2,000 PSI. These are great entry pressure washers that can help you clean furniture patio, lawn machines, vehicles and even stairs. These types are fit for smaller jobs in residential spaces, easy to store, compact and lightweight machines. Light duty pressure washers may come off as ‘fragile’ equipment so it’s best to handle these with care to prolong its use. These are generally electric-powered and can be stored easily in the garage.

Medium duty pressure washers have 2000 to 2800 PSI. These types are intended for intermediate cleaning jobs and shop use. It is usually built with sturdier materials compared to light duty washers. It delivers a higher water pressure that can clean large vehicles like SUVs and RVs, garage floors and decks. These may or may not be lightweight with some limitations as to the ‘convenience’ of transportation. These usually come in gas-powered pressure washers so cleaning after use is a must to keep it from rusting.

Heavy duty pressure washers are fit for commercial uses and may not be an excellent choice for a ‘starter’ washer. It can withstand prolong usage since it’s usually made of professional-grade materials firing at 2900 to 3000 PSI. It delivers extra cleaning power needed in farm equipment, stripping paint and driveway cleaning. This is not fit for car cleaning as the high pressure can chip off the paint. However, if you’re planning to get some paint removal off (such as on fences and walls), then having this equipment helps you work faster and easier.

Extra heavy duty pressure washers come with a 3300 PSI and above. These models are similar to a heavy-duty pressure washer but only with added power. For hard surfaces with stubborn dirt, grime and stain, then this equipment may help get the job done right.

For multi-duty models, these also come with a higher PSI at 3300 and above. However, the key feature would be the machine ability to adjust the water temperature and pressure flow. These all-in-one pressure washers can be used for delicate cleaning jobs as well as heavy duty ones.

Hot Water pressure washers are usually used in farms and industrial cleaning tasks. This model usually come at a higher price and requires more skill to operate. However, these clean faster and much better compared to other cold water machines and require less soap compared to its counterparts. Its PSI will depend on the manufacturer.


Gallons per minute (GPM)

PSI and GPM are essential metrics to look into when looking into a pressure washer’s performance. GPM is the key to know how long it will take to get the job done and will be metric you can use with similar ones in the market. Since parameters, application, operation, design,

and performance differ from one manufacturer to another, these metrics should help you gauge the kind of equipment you’ll need for the job.

Light-duty models have around 2 GPM and usually, fit for basic household tasks such as cleaning cars and furniture. These models also work best with garage cleaning, siding and clearing grime and dirt off fences. However, don’t expect this to clear off wall paint or second-floor cleaning due to its limited range and GPM.

As is with most gas-powered models, medium duty ones have around 2 to 3 GPM. It does a better performance in cleaning garage floors, furniture and driveways. Compared to its light-weight counterpart, these will work well with second-floor cleaning, stain removal, and car cleaning. It might still not work with clearing off wall paint.

Heavy-duty models have a 3 to 4 GPM. These work best for paint preparation, for walls and do a similar job to that of a medium-duty model. But these shouldn’t be used for cleaning vehicles as the paint might chip off due to high pressure and water flow.

Extra heavy duty’s professional-grade materials are meant for the ‘extra’ boost in cleaning action. These will work best to take off grime, stain, and dirt from hard to reach crevices. These will not work with delicate surfaces such as cars and patio furniture.

Ease of use

Some pressure washers come as an easy to assemble model that connects the hose, electric wires and spray handles or wands. For some models (particularly gas pressure washers) with intermediate to heavy-duty use, it may take some skill and will require some physical capacity to move parts or the machine itself.


Some of the pressure washers, particularly entry-level electric washers, are made of plastic materials that can be easily damaged after some use. However, with proper care and maintenance, you can prolong the longevity of its use. As for intermediate to heavy-duty pressure washers, frames are usually made of sturdier professional metal materials such as brass or aluminum. But keep in mind that gas-powered models may require regular maintenance and check-up to prolong the duration of use.

Product Specifications

Manufacturers have various product specifications to help the customers find the right pressure washer or needed some extra features. Depending on their needs, customers will look into its ability to draw water in the pump coming from the faucet using a water inlet. These come in various capacities so if you’re looking for a heavy duty model, you may find that it has a larger capacity than its other counterparts.

Some spray hoses come as flexible while others are stiff with it depending upon the water pressure traveling to the spray gun. The spray gun or wand triggers the flow of water. These may have special features like GFCI that automatically turns off when it’s the gun is not pressed. This feature saves power and water output especially when it’s on standby.

Most of the modern models have 2 to 4 wheels for easier and faster mobility. Most of these have ‘never-flat’ wheels that could run on rough terrain and can be rolled from one location to another.



Q:  What do I need to know before buying a pressure washer?

The variety may confuse and overwhelm you – especially if you’re not familiar with the technicalities. In this case, you can sort it into these categories:

  • Power: Intensive cleaning may require professional-grade gas pressure washers with a PSI of 3100. However, it does not necessarily mean that you need higher pressure as this damages paint finishes if not used appropriately. Only use high powered models only if this is the intended use of the equipment.
  • Maintenance: Compared with electric-powered models, gas-powered models may require regular maintenance and servicing.
  • Adjustable water handles: Some models come with adjustable nozzles and other by changing spray tips. The fan-like spray works best in cleaning delicate surfaces like cars or even bathing pets. High water volume blast (usually set on zero degrees) is fit for scouring dirt and grime such as cleaning grills and sidewalks.
  • Set-up and mobility: Most pressure washers come with 2 or 4 wheels. Most electric-powered models are easy to set-up and portable. Large wheels will keep it from tipping over when you’re using it.
  • Pump security: Electric pressure washers are usually embedded with GFCI that keeps water from flowing when it’s not in use. For gas pressure washers, there are thermal relief valve to let cool water run through the pump if it’s not in use. These are essential to keeping the machine from overheating and pump failure.

 Q:  Why do gasoline-powered models have more pressure than electric ones?

Electric equipment is limited to the power drawn from the power outlet (which is usually a standard residential power capacity or from its own battery). For advanced pressure washers such as those used in the manufacturing plant, the power capacity for the equipment may be bigger that can be supplied by establishments this size.

Gasoline engines are only limited by its size and cost. Unlike residential homes, there’s no breaker that might blow if you’re overusing it. Gasoline burns more energy than batteries since it has a bigger combustion chamber.

 Q:  What accessories will improve the capacity and performance of my pressure washer?

Some pressure washers may require additional items to achieve the desired outcome without damages. Here are common ones that might come in handy:

  • Surface cleaners: For large surface cleaning, a spray wand may not be enough. Having a surface cleaner does the job more efficiently with its internal rotating bar. These work best on decks, wooden floors, and driveways. Be sure to check with your manufacturer as to the kind of surface cleaner will work best with washers PSI.
  • Brushes: Similar to surface cleaners, brushes work on smaller surface areas. These will help clean boats, wheelie trash bins and patio furniture with your pressure washer.
  • Turbo Tips: These accessories work best on focused cleanings like small crevices and hard-to-reach edges. This nozzle can rotate to a 0 degree squirting 3000 rpm of water. These are best for cleaning parking lots and driveways, removing oil, grease, and gum.
  • Lances/Wands: Though most pressure washers come with a spray wand, you may upgrade to these types (depending on use): telescoping wand, steel wand, longer wand with quick connect, or wands with a nozzle to adjust pressure by turning the device. These are particularly effective in cleaning gutters or places where it may require additional length to increase cleaning reach.
  • Brooms: It works similarly like a surface cleaner and scrubs brush except that it distributes water in 2 to 3 sprays embedded in the broom. This is to clean wider areas that won’t require high pressure that may cause damage to the surface.
  • Foamers: These can be attached to the end of the spray gun. These devices mix water coming from the pressure washer mixed with detergent in the foamer container. This makes car cleaning easier and faster.
  • Spray guns: Most pressure washers have this as part of the equipment. However, an upgrade to a stainless-steel one may lengthen the use of this accessory and may not require you to find replacements for extended periods of time.
  • Water filters: Contaminants may accelerate wear and tear of your equipment. A water filter takes out the contaminants to keep your machine clean and functioning optimally. This accessory can come in handy for collecting water from a rain collection tank.

Q:  What are the usual lengths for pressure hoses and why are they limited?

There are many factors as to the limitation of hoses but it all boils down to a compromised pressure. Elevation changes may cause the pressure to drop thus a limited hose range is needed to maintain effectivity. Shorter hoses are not at risk for damage and will likely prompt you to take a look when the equipment suddenly does not function properly. It is exhausting to have a lengthy hose and will be challenging to move about. And lastly, water will have to travel longer and the waiting period could be lengthened with a longer hose.

Q:  What detergent/s can I use for my pressure washer?

Any detergent is generally good for use in most pressure washers. However, manufacturers may require special detergents that are compatible with their equipment. Check with the user manual to see which ones will work the best.

 Q:  What should I do with a clogged nozzle?

A clogged nozzle will increase water build-up in the pressure washer. To prevent damage, stop using it and then clear out any debris in the nozzle first.

Q:  How do I safely move my pressure washer?

For gas pressure washers, shut the valve off first to keep fuel from spilling out of the container. Make sure that your equipment is on a stable surface to keep it from topping over when you’re mobile. Keep things clear from your pressure washer as well to keep dents and spillage (if items contain liquids).


Final Thoughts

A pressure washer is an investment worth considering. Since these pressure washers don’t come cheap, considering features and use will help you find the right type that will suit your budget and needs. Do your research prior to buying any equipment over the Internet. Looking for valid reviews will help validate the kind of pressure washer you need whether for home or heavy-duty use.

If you’re unfamiliar with the product specifications, you can ask friends, colleagues or family members who owned a pressure washer. From here, you will have an idea which ones best fits your needs. Creating a list may also be beneficial to help you sort out the final equipment for purchase.