Best Lawn Mowers

Many people want to buy a house with a lawn, but they don’t know what it takes to care for it. Just like maintaining your home, it is also necessary to maintain your law. It can be challenging at first especially if you don’t have the necessary tools. This is the reason why some homeowners prefer to replace the grass with plastic turf.

However, if you want to feel the lush underfoot the best thing to do is to keep your lawn. It does not necessarily mean hiring a professional landscaper to do the job. You can do it on your own as long as you have tools such as a lawnmower. A lawn mower is designed to provide ease of use and convenience. With the plethora of types and models available in the market, you will surely find one that suits your gardening style. If you have an average size lawn, the best option is a mower that is lightweight. This way you can control how you want to mow your yard and the grass length that you prefer. Definitely, for larger lawn, it is a good idea to buy a powerful lawn mower. It is also essential to think about the storage. Before you buy this machine, make sure that you have enough space to store it. Choosing the best lawnmower appropriate to your lawn can be challenging especially if you don’t have any idea. This post will help you make the right decision and the right choice.

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10 Best Lawn Mowers




When it comes to powerful engines, the first thing that pops in mind is Honda machines. This is the top pick among other models because of its engine quality. It is also packed with benefits such as intuitive self-propulsion and large discharge bag. This item is gas-operated and a walk-behind type that is perfect for medium to large lawns or yards.
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This machine has four cutting capability due to its MicroCut blade system. It can cut smaller pieces of clippings. The discharge bag is larger than the standard bag that’s why it can store more grass. But, it requires extra effort to remove the waste from the bag because it is quite heavy.

It also features seven cutting levels. This means that you can mow your lawn at different cutting heights. But, it requires adjusting the wheel height according to the level desired. As compared to other mowers that are self-propelled, this is controllable using the thumb lever. It also allows you to select the propulsion level that you want.

The cutting path is 21 inches, thus it is less possible to make overlap in cutting the grass. However, the large engine of this machine creates a loud sound that’s why it is recommended to use a hearing protection. The rear wheel is one of the best features of this garden machine. Likewise, the vibration is less likely to experience because the handlebar is covered with foam, thus hand fatigue is at bay.

The mulching capability of this product is one of its best features. It’s because you can select the level of clippings. The maximum cutting height is 4 inches and the lowest is a ¾ inch.

Runs quickly and smoothly

Powerful engine


Bigger discharge bag



Takes time to familiarize the customizing options

Requires manual adjustment of the wheels


If you can’t handle gas-operated lawnmower, then the best alternative is an electric self-propelled machine. This works well with different types of garden. This can be the ideal pick for beginners because it is easy to handle and also customizable. It is suitable to use this mower for small yards.
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Since it is a self-propelling mower, the user can customize or adjust the speed. It also features six levels of cutting height and you can adjust the four wheels through the lever. This machine comes with a 56-volt Li-ion battery that is rechargeable. Recharging the battery for an hour would enable using the machine non-stop in an hour.

This machine operates quietly that’s some people are using it even at night. It is lightweight making it easy to maneuver. Maneuvering this machine is easier even on tight edges and obstacles. Buying this machine comes with a 5-year warranty and this only shows that it is a high-quality machine.

The good thing about this electric mower is that it does not yield potential spills and harmful fumes as it does not use oil or gas. The user need not exert too much effort in pushing the machine. In spite of its size, it has the ability to mulch the grass into fine pieces. Likewise, using this machine spares you from pulling the cords.

Quick charging

Operates quietly

Easy to use and handle



Can only cover limited mowing area

Toro Recycler

This is also a self-propelled machine that offers the best value for its features. Starting this machine requires two pulls. The manufacturer of this machine is well-known for producing high-quality mowing equipment.
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This is perfect for bigger lawns and has the ability to cut tall, rough, and wet grass without bogging down. It features Personal Pace drive system that matches or automatically adjusts the speed. It is easy to handle and maneuver because of its front wheels. The user can adjust the speed according to the desired comfortable pace.

It also features a blade break that is easy to switch. Likewise, the blade override system helps to stop the blade without restarting the engine. Also, the Bag on Demand feature allows the user to choose whether to mulch or to bag the grass.

This can cut a huge quantity of grass in a short time due to the recycle system. The cutting deck is powerful enough to cut grass into smaller pieces. It is operated by a Briggs and Stratton engine. That’s why you can expect for a reliable and optimal performance.

Suitable to use in uneven terrains

Intuitive self-propulsion

Affordable price

Easy speed adjustment


Adjusting the height is quite complex and is not good at bagging

Steel deck is susceptible to rust


If you prefer to use one that is gas-operated, you can consider this product. It works well on large lawns for hours. This machine is very easy to use and convenient to handle. In spite of being a powerful machine, it is a lightweight mower.
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This machine works quietly that is one of the reasons why many users prefer it than other models of a lawnmower. It features six cutting levels thus you can easily adjust the blades according to the surface that you are mowing.

At first, you should expect the jolting movements of the machine particularly when it starts. This can be distracting, but you’ll get the hang of it after many times of using it. The good thing is that it does not affect the performance of this machine. The foam covering at the handle reduces the vibration while you are mowing.
Just like any other gas operated mower, this features self-propulsion. You can even clean it even without turning it off. The one-lever wheel is adjustable and this model is deemed to be user-friendly.

In the same manner, the mulching feature of this machine enables to cut the grass inside. The significant drawback of this garden machine is that it requires some strength to start it. This operates through a larger engine that’s why you can use it even on thick and tough grass.

Operates with less noise

Convenient to clean

Larger, powerful engine

4 wheels are adjustable using a single lever


Not capable to start electrically

Shows inconsistent movements occasionally

Honda HRR216K9VKA

Honda HRR216K9VKA
Aside from being a lightweight machine, the Honda HRR216K9VK has a comfortable design and has many features to offer. Experts recommend this machine because it is reasonably-priced and powerful. This can be a great help for homeowners who want to keep their yard clean.
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The powerful engine of this machine ensures to provide uninterrupted performance. It is well-designed and packed with features that will make a clean lawn. This gas mower features the best bag capacity than the other models on its category. It is self-propelled and has six cutting capabilities. This means that you can adjust the cutting height of the grass.

It also features strong self-propulsion made possible by the rear wheels. You can adjust the wheel’s height in four-lever adjustment suitable to your lawn. Jolting movement is less likely to experience because the handle is covered with foam. It is less tiring to use this machine as it is easy to maneuver. Likewise, the mulching function is so efficient.

However, many users of this garden machine are complaining about the loud sounds while operating it. The sound will surely distract your neighbors. Starting up the machine would require extra efforts. The engine that power up this machine is only 160cc that smaller as compared to other models of the same category. It weighs 84 pounds and 41 inches in height. That’s why it works exceptionally to a person who is not so strong and tall.

Has a bigger bag to store the grass clippings

Compact and lightweight mower

Comfortable and convenient to handle

Comes at an affordable price


Cleaning the mower takes time because it does not have quick-wash port

4-lever adjustment is done manually

Very loud

Black & Decker

Black & Decker
Maintaining a small yard does not require investing in a bigger mower. The Black & Decker MTE912 is versatile garden equipment that is not only a mower but also a string trimmer and an edger. This is ideal for smaller gardens. It works well on flat grounds and relatively short grass and a maximum of three inches tall.

But, if you will use it as a string trimmer, it can trim longer grass using the handheld setting. To complete the job, attach the string trimmer to the mower.
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The construction of this lawnmower is designed for multi-purpose tasks including mowing, string trimming, and edge trimming. It is lightweight and weighs only 13.1 pounds. It is easy to store and the height is adjustable.
It runs with a 6.5 Amp motor that you can plug in any household outlet. But, if you will use it make sure it is plug alone in a circuit. It may also require using an extension cord if the main outlet is far from your garden.

Since this mower is lightweight, it follows that it is also easy to handle and maneuver. Likewise, you can control it with less effort. Just like any other string trimmer, this garden equipment also comes with a trigger style activation system.

The good thing about this multi-purpose is that it does not require strict maintenance. All you have to do is to remove the debris after using it. Do not store the mower when it is not clean.

Lightweight, easy to carry along, and the accessories detach easily

Can perform both edging and trimming functions

No gas emissions

Effortless to handle and maneuver that’s why people can use without any struggle


Requires an extension cord

Not capable to use in large lawn


This garden equipment can help you maintain your yard. This is the reason why mowers come into existence. The efficiency of this garden equipment can work on larger lawn 5000 sq. ft. area. But, you need to use an extension cord. It is easy to use not to mention the low maintenance it requires.
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This is an electric-operated. It should be plug to a 120V power supply to operate. Unlike the battery or gas-operated mower, this model of a garden tool allows you to work for longer time. It’s because there’s no need to charge a battery or replenish gas. As long as there is electric power available you can expect for its full performance.
You can adjust the height in any of its seven positions. Aside from adjusting the wheels, you can also fold down the handle. This makes the mower more compact to use and even to bring along during travel. Likewise, you can also choose how you will dispose of the grass clippings either through mulching or side discharge.

The drive system and the push button make the operation of the mower a lot easier. The rear wheels facilitate easy pushing forward. The grip clutch ensures safety, thus the blade won’t run unless you want it to.

To ensure that the mower will serve for a long time, make sure to clean it every after use. If you use the mower for mulching, most likely find pieces of grass are left underneath the cover of the motor. Make sure to remove them to prevent potential overheating.

Operates with a lower sound

Unit has an excellent quality design

Comes with a detailed user manual

Power delivery is reliable and constant

Can cut up to 3 inches grass height

User-friendly and low maintenance required


Not recommended for lawns with thick grass

Power cord can be annoying

Not suitable for damp lawns

Requires using of an extension cord


This is an electric machine suitable for maintaining flat areas. It is powerful garden equipment that you can use, yet does not require a lot of efforts to maneuver and handle it. This is a great option if you are environmentally conscious because it does not emit any gas. Buying this product comes with a 5-year warranty from the manufacturer.
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This cordless loan mower comes with two batteries that can work either simultaneously or separately. The batteries are 2 amps and 4 amps that can operate up to 30 min or 50 min mowing respectively. The switchover option allows switching between batteries even without putting to halt the engine. The 2 amp battery requires an hour of charging while 2 hours for the 4 amp battery.

The good thing about this mower is that it has the ability to detect if the blade needs more power particularly in cutting thicker grass. It offers seven cutting levels from 1.375 inches to 3.375 in tall. Since it also comes with mulching features, it is expected that the grass is cut into finer pieces. With this, you can even throw it back onto your lawn.

Just like other electric mowers, this one does not have a side discharge. But, you can use the large bag attached on the rear portion of the equipment to bag the grass clippings. This is not self-propelled that’s why you should expect that you need to push it around.

Provides long battery life

Can choose from two battery options

Batteries can work either separately or together

Lightweight and eco-friendly mower

Automatic switchover function


Not self-propelled


This is one of the products manufactured by Troy-Bilt, a powerful riding mower that can perform up to 4.25 miles per hour. This is ideal for large yards with slight slopes. The good thing about this is that you need not push it around. You can clean your lawn while riding on it.
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This is powered by an engine 382cc that can operate at a speed of 4.25 MPH. The 30-inch cutting deck allows you to maneuver it around shrubs and flower beds. Its size is perfect to store in a one-car garage or tool sheds.
Anyone who wants to switch from a push mower to a riding mower should consider Troy-Bilt 382cc. The blade is adjustable to 5 levels and starting the blade is done manually. Cutting the grass is never guesswork because you can monitor the fuel level through the gas gauge. It is very comfortable to cut the grass and all you have to do is to maneuver the steering wheel.

The design of this riding mower can be deceiving. It might not be heavy-duty garden equipment, but its durability and sheer power make it stand out among its competitors. It is easy to use this product. In fact, even a person who doesn’t know how to drive a car can handle this machine. All you have to do is to practice several mowing sessions until you get the hang of it. You should familiarize the basic features including the speed lever, parking brake, height adjustment lever, and others.

The detachable deck makes it easier to clean the machine after mowing. It can also withstand any weather condition, but still, you need to keep it indoor to lengthen its durability.

Machine is versatile and user-friendly

An economical choice for enclosed yards

Size allows the user to maneuver even on tight turns


Only downside of this garden equipment is the loud sound due to the bulky engine.

Yard Force

Yard Force
This is a cordless grass cutting machine and also self-propelled. It runs with a 120V Li-ion battery and the construction is made of heavy plastic finish. This is an efficient garden equipment that boasts high-grade features. It is easy to use it with just clicks of the button or adjustments on the lever. You need not exert too much effort or energy to run this mower.
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It weighs 109 pounds and has four wheels. The height is adjustable in 7 different levels through the single lever. The user can easily tilt the handle. Likewise, the Vortex tunnel design makes it easier to store the grass clippings and trimmings.

It also features built-in torque sense technology that can detect if the device requires extra power for heavy duty cutting. The blades are self-propelled and the adjustable speed facilitates efficient and convenience performance.

Features innovative technology and mechanism

Has a large side discharge

Durable construction makes it a valuable machine


User’s instruction manual is not detailed

Our Criteria for Lawn Mowers

If you are planning to purchase garden equipment like this one, you should identify first your reason why you need to buy one. Keep in mind that there’s a wide range of brands and models to choose from. It can be overwhelming to find the right one appropriate to your needs.

Here are some factors that will help you make the right choice and sound decision:


The size of the yard is the foremost consideration when buying any garden equipment such as a lawnmower. This will help you determine the type that will work best for you. A reel mower is a good option if the yard is half of an acre. This type of mower operates using a few blades and without gasoline or oil. It is recommended to look for mowers that have 18-19 inches cutting width. If the yard is a small area, it is practical to buy a smaller unit. Narrow passages can make the job difficult and corded mowers may not work well particularly in maneuvering towards the obstacles. Thus, you should consider investing in a cordless electric mower.

For larger yards, riding mowers are recommended. They have the ability to mow bigger areas in just a single pass because of bigger mowing decks. It is easier to maneuver among flowerbeds, bushes, and trees. Riding mowers can efficiently deal with edges.

Yard Terrain

Another aspect to think about before buying a lawnmower is the terrain of the yard. For flat terrain, you can consider a walk behind or a push mower. It’s because it is easier to mow flat yards than those with uneven spaces or slopes. For yards with hilly surfaces and slopes, a self-propelled mower is suggested by experts. Choose mower having big rear wheels. This would facilitate easy maneuver even in sloppy terrain. For steep slopes, select a mower that has a higher rate, such as 15 degrees. Likewise, riding mowers can handle any types of terrain. But, you need to be extra careful in mowing rough terrain. You should also consider the deck width if you will mow a tough terrain. The ideal deck width for a yard that does not have narrow passages is 42-54 inches. However, if there are tight passages present in the yard, it is best to select 30-32 inches deck width. Rough terrains most likely require a product or machine that ensures stability and good traction.

Physical Condition of the User

When choosing a garden or grass mower it is essential to think about the physical condition of the user. The gender and age of the user will determine which type of mower to choose. Self-propelled mowers are designed for those who are not physically strong. This way, there’s no need to exert energy and extra effort to power up the blades and push the mower. On the other hand, a riding mower is perfect for those who find difficulty in walking. You can maintain your yard without worrying about exhausting yourself. All you have to do is to ride on the mower and maneuver it properly.

Removable Battery

If you are looking for one that is eco-friendly, offers good mowing results, and work quietly, that would be electric mowers. This type of mower has two categories such as the cordless and corded models. The corded mower would run if it is plugged into an electric outlet. But, this limits the distance of the mowing area. The advantage for a corded mower is that it runs continuously and there’s no need to recharge. On the other hand, the cordless mower requires recharging the battery before it runs. In contrast with a corded mower, using the cordless mower gives you the freedom to mow your lawn regardless of the distance. If you will select the cordless mower you should choose the model that has a removable battery.

Variable speed

Select a mower that features variable speed. This allows you to adjust the mowing speed according to your ability to walk and handle the mower.

Electric starter

Most homeowners prefer a lawn mower that has an electric starter. It’s because using such spares you from starting the equipment manually by pulling a string. With an electric starter, you can expect that the mower will start quietly.

Single-lever Height Adjustment

Before buying a lawn mower, you should check if it features a single-lever height adjustment. This is essential especially if you need to cut the grass short. Through the lever adjustment, you need not adjust the wheels. The lever will raise or lower the deck according to your preferred height.


Just like any other machines, these will operate through engines. With this, it is important to choose the product that has a heavy-duty engine that will work best for your mowing needs.


As you start planning to buy a lawn mower, you should also start researching equipment in which the features are worth the price. If you want to own a heavy-duty and powerful machine for your lawn, you must be willing to shell out an extra amount of money. It does not necessarily mean that expensive products are heavy duty. You may find cheaper products that are competitive as the expensive ones. The best thing to do is to make extra homework and consider the seller’s choices.


Q: How much does the size of a yard matters when buying a lawnmower?

Yes. The size of the lawn matters. Make sure to measure first the lawn area before making your choice. Select the type of mower that will work best and help you maintain your yard.

Q: Is it important to consider the handlebar?

The handlebar plays a big role in maneuvering the lawn mower. That’s why it is also important to ensure that the user is comfortable in pushing the machine. With this, you should ensure that the handle has a good grip and reduces the vibrations. You can also consider a mower that has an adjustable handlebar.

Q: How does the cutting deck works?

The cutting deck is where the blade is connected and it also serves as the main body of the machine. In most lawn mowers, the cutting deck is made of plastic material. Other high-end models are made of aluminum alloy or steel.

Q: How to select the right grass collector?

The size of the grass collector ranges from 20 to 80 liters. But, it is expected that if you have a bigger garden to maintain it is necessary that the grass collector is also bigger. You can either choose grass collector boxes or grass collector bags.  The boxes are usually made from the plastic material while the bags are made of canvas.

Q: How do I determine the cutting height?

The health of the grass also depends on its cutting height. Experts suggest that during colder temperature you should cut the grass higher. During warmer weather, cut it lower to prevent dead blades. However, the choice is yours depending on how you are using your lawn. For many people, they prefer a thick green lawn as it is beautiful and relaxing to look at.

Q: Does the mulching feature important to the lawn mower?

One of the important features that you should check in a lawn mower is mulching. After cutting the grass, it should undergo mulching in which the grass is cut further into fine pieces and eventually thrown back to the yard. Smaller pieces of grass quickly decompose, thus the soil is feed with the nutrients they need. This makes the grass grow healthier.

Likewise, mulching will also save your time to empty the box. It spares you from worrying about harmful weed killers and pesticides by treating the lawn naturally.

Q: Should I consider the weight of the machine?

Definitely, it is significant to consider the weight of the lawn mower that you want to buy. This makes sense to think about your physical condition. It would be useless to buy a machine in which the weight that is beyond your physical capability. The standard weight of a lawnmower starts at 7kg. 

Final Thoughts

After you have read this post, you will have enough idea on how you can find and buy the best lawn mower for your yard. It is not enough just to know the different types and models of lawn models. You should also read other details such as the features, the pros, and cons. Reading the reviews of the customers who have been using the machine can also help to make the right choice.

When you plan to buy this garden equipment, it’s a good idea to go for the best model. It can cost you a big amount of money, but it will save you a lot in the long run. Buying a lawn mower is an investment that’s why you should put quality first over the price. Another thing is that it is better to buy a mower that can offer more than what you need. Otherwise, if you will buy a less powerful mower, most likely it can’t do more tough jobs in the future. To find the best buy, you should shop around and do extra homework. This way, you can compare one model from the other. If you plan to buy online, see to it that the dealer is reputable and offers a warranty. On the other hand, it is better to buy this gardening equipment in your local store so that you can personally assess it before spending your money.

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