The Best Kid’s Sleeping Bags

Travelling and adventuring with kids included is always an inspiring thing to see. It’s great, because you are showing your little ones different ways to live, eat, and experience life and nature. They will grow up with some fantasic memories to look back on. However, with that being said, this is where braveness comes into play. Kids have specific needs that have to be met while you explore the wilderness or trek the Rocky Mountains. They need to eat, go to the bathroom, sleep, and of course play. But the difference is, if kids aren’t kept relatively happy, they will certainly let you know with public outbursts, and rightly so.

While GWA can’t help you with keeping your cute darlings fed and amused, we can certainly get you on the right track when it comes to a good night’s sleep. How might you ask? Well, just like you, kiddos need sleeping bags, too;  their little sleeping bags will be a touch different than yours when it comes to build and size. But overall, they will need something cozy to rest in at the end of the long day. A quality sleeping bag will help to ensure that your children get a solid night’s sleep and feel well rested and equipped, so they can keep exploring. Before you set out on a journey through the online marketplace to purchase your kids sleeping bags, have a look at our top ten best kid’s sleeping bags list below.

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This list has been updated with the most recent and high quality version of each product on the market today. We have updated the introduction, added to the criteria, added the top 3 badges, added to the final thoughts, added 2 questions and answers to the FAQs section, and added in a new product amazon link for the Kelty Big Dipper in the top ten best kid's sleeping bags list.

Coleman Youth
  • Coleman Youth
  • 5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Classic Design
  • Price: See Here
Wenzel Backyard 30° Mummy
  • Wenzel Backyard 30° Mummy
  • 4.7 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Fantastic warmth
  • Price: See Here
Wenzel Moose
  • Wenzel Moose
  • 4.5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Great insulation
  • Price: See Here

10 Best Sleeping Bags For Kids

Coleman Youth Sleeping Bag

The name sounds familiar because Coleman is one of the biggest brands on the list. Having it in the #1 spot is no surprise, with this particular model rising high on several sleeping bag lists. Your child will love the comfort and the great options this sleeping bag offers.
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Price: The best on the list is also one of the lowest prices, so no worries here. This is light on the pocketbook even for budget buyers. So if you need something that’s both high quality and affordable, you’ll love this sleeping bag.

Brand Recognition: Coleman is one of the biggest brands on the list, and a leader in the industry. In their children's sleeping bag department, this is the go-to option. Since their products are so popular, you know you’ll be getting a great sleeping bag at a great price.

Dimensions/Weight: 8.3x8.3x13.8/2.9 pounds

Comfort: Kids will sleep like they are in a regular bed with the Comfort Cuff design. It surrounds their face like a plush pillow and pairs well with the ThermoTech insulation. Your child will always feel warm and comfortable each time you sleep outside.

Durability: Even the zippers are fairly strong with this model, so expect for it to last a while. ZipPlow gets rid of the snag that messes with low-quality sleeping bags.

Summary: Available in purple/pink, blue/blue camo and pink, this is one of the top rated sleeping bags for kids on the list. Besides being comfortable it’ll be the last time you have to worry about the effectiveness of a sleeping bag to keep your girl or boy warm.
  • Suitable for temperatures as low as 45 F
  • Maximum height supported is 5 ft. 5 inches
  • Challenging to roll up

Wenzel Boys Backyard 30°

The mummy model of sleeping bags for children is a hit and it is a miss for some people. Wenzel looks to change that with this model and does a fairly good job.
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Price: The price hovers around the low mark, so nothing out of the ordinary here. This is a really good price for a mummy style sleeping bag.

Brand Recognition: Wenzel is a name that comes up here and there when comparison tests come up. The company often does a lot better than people expect, pushing some really innovative buttons in the industry.

Dimensions/Weight: 66×25/2 pounds 12 ounces

Comfort: Kids will be comfortable in the bag, but not as much as sleeping bags. However, they will not be as restricted in movements like in adult mummy style bags.

Durability: There will be no issues with the bag failing in key areas over the years. The materials are solid and can withstand some heavy wear and tear.

Summary: Finding good mummy style bags for low temperatures can be hard to find in a kids size. Wenzel does an awesome job of providing a source and has the best mummy style bag on the list.
  • Temp rating of 30 F/-1 C
  • Available in green or purple
  • Uses elastic instead of drawstring to tighten

Wenzel Moose

The limited options with this Wenzel Moose Sleeping bag work in its favor, allowing the company to fine tune the experience. There are few flaws with this model, and for some buyers, it may even be a better choice than the #1 pick.
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Price: The low price of this Wenzel model is attractive for all buyers. It also makes it easier to purchase one of each if you have a boy and a girl.

Brand Recognition: Wenzel is often compared to Coleman, with many considering the latter to be the superior choice. But every now and then Wenzel comes out with a product that makes people think twice about that assessment.

Dimensions/Weight: 66×26/3 pounds 4 ounces

Comfort: Plush and warm, the materials are also very breathable. Kids will have a good time in this sleeping bag in all temperatures. There’s a lot of insulation and great thermal temperature regulation.

Durability: The sleeping bag itself is top notch and won’t break down anytime soon, but the carrying bag will break easily. Make sure to have a backup bag to roll the sleeping bag into.

Summary: This is a really comfortable sleeping bag that doesn’t try to do anything too fancy. It sticks to core industry values and nails it with the customers. It might seem a bit simple, but it offers a decent and viable option in sleeping bags.
  • Available in pink or blue
  • High-quality insulated thermal material
  • Storage bag it comes with is cheap

Kelty Big Dipper

Kelty Big Dipper
There is no hiding the style points that Kelty gets for this kid’s sleeping bag. They went all out with the look and it pays off, getting almost as much attention as glow in the dark sleeping bags.
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Price: The price varies for this model and can be average priced to average-high. Which color you choose plays a big role in which price you’ll have to pay. So keep the color selection issue in mind if you are shopping on a budget.

Brand Recognition: Kelty is a pretty respectable brand, and the company often has some pretty good ideas. Whoever decided on the design for the Big Dipper sleeping bag was spot on with what kids would want.

Dimensions/Weight: 2x28x69/3 pounds 1 ounce

Comfort: The design isn’t the only prime reason to purchase this bag, as the Cloud Loft insulation is very high end. Children will snuggle in quickly once the bag is unrolled, and it fits up to 5 ft. total.

Durability: With good materials inside and out, adults won’t have to keep up with this bag too much. Light maintenance will keep it in great condition for years. So, if you want a good sleeping bag you’ll be able to use for a while, you’ll love this option.

Summary: If looks are everything then there is no better sleeping bag on the list for kids. Both the Purple Potion and Ocean colors are incredible to look at, and feel even better.
  • Best design on the list
  • 66D Polyester taffeta
  • Brilliant design is only available in two colors

Lucky Bums Compact Lightweight Muir

Lucky Bums Compact Lightweight Muir
This jack of all trades bag will make a lot of customers happy, and could possibly save them a little money in the process. There are plenty of choices to go through with both size and color options.
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Price: Staying with their usual pricing on youth bags, the price is low for this one. Larger sizes with this model charge a little bit more. So, depending on the size you need, you’ll need to keep this in mind if you are shopping on a budget.

Brand Recognition: Lucky Bums will be on the list multiple times, showing that they are a competitor to pay attention to. They have some of the most comfortable sleeping bags on the list with a good eye for temperature detail.

Dimensions/Weight: 50x10x10/2 pounds

Comfort: Lightweight and fluffy, kids can fall asleep pretty quick with this setup. This is also the best bag to use for multiple temperatures rather than having to switch out bags. It’ll provide your child with enough comfort to help him or her sleep soundly through the night.

Durability: Toughness won’t be a problem with this bag, as it holds up well to a lot of punishment. You can depend on this model to be around for years if you take good care of it. So, if you want something that is built to last, you’ll love this sleeping bag.

Summary: This is the most balanced bag on the list for multiple weather conditions, which is surprising since it is so low on the list. Buyers will want to weigh their options carefully as this can be considered an underrated pick.
  • Available in 5 different colors
  • Can handle temperatures at 40 F
  • Not too spacious inside

Star Wars Kids Camp Bag

Star Wars Kids Camp Bag
This one comes as a bit of a surprise since themed sleeping bags tend to be of lower quality. But Exxel managed to make the #9 spot solidly, and that’s great news for fans of the Star Wars series.
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Price: Adults that want to please kids that love Star Wars will find this a very competitively priced sleeping bag. The price is low, and doesn’t cost that much more than other products marketing the movie.

Brand Recognition: Exxel is a brand that may go over a lot of people’s heads if they’re looking for a kid’s sleeping bag. In this instance, they have proven their worth, with a theme that will make a lot of people happy.

Dimensions/Weight: 28×56/1.75 pounds

Comfort: When getting into the sleeping bag for the first time the comfort level will surprise some kids. It isn’t the greatest but does the job quite well with a 50 F temperature rating.

Durability: As rich as the design is now, without following proper washing instructions it will fade over time. Customers should pay close attention to the tag and any special care instructions provided.

Summary: Exxel came strong with a themed sleeping bag that few people would have guessed would be on a top ten list. A lot more people will be surprised with the comfort level and how well this stacks up against other quality bags.
  • High-quality graphic style
  • Full-length self-repairing zipper
  • Thinner than other sleeping bags

Coleman Illumi-Bug

Coleman Illumi-Bug
Using advanced techniques, Coleman made this kid’s sleeping bag less of a hassle than others on the market. It’s easier to set up and pack up than any in the industry, and all without additional costs.
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Like a lot of the other bags on the list, this is another low priced option. Coleman’s kid’s line seems to favor that price point, and it is working out well.

Brand Recognition

Coleman is instantly recognizable to any customer looking for a sleeping bag. The glow in the dark features of this model only prove that they know how to market products.


4x26x66/2 pounds


The comfort level is just above average, with the Comfort Cuff design helping out a lot. Temperatures down to 45 F will still result in a comfortable experience with this bag.


This isn’t the most durable of the lot, and is about average in the wear and tear department. Heavy punishment will drop the lifespan of the sleeping bag to under a year.


Even with low durability, this is still a fun sleeping bag for children. It’s the only one that glows in the dark, and that alone might be a big selling point.
  • Roll control and Quick cord system
  • Comfort Cuff design
  • Not as thick as other bags

Lucky Bums Youth Explorer

Lucky Bums Youth Explorer
Lucky Bums has a lot of choices in their lineup, but it’s this model that people keep coming back to. This is indeed a high-end kid’s sleeping bag and it lives up to expectations.
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Price: This is where it gets interesting, and with a lower price, it would have been higher up on the list. Depending on which size you decide to purchase, the price will go from low to medium-high.

Brand Recognition: Lucky Bums is popular and can even be considered a worthy rival to Coleman. They go all out in both their designs and materials when making sleeping bags.

Dimensions/Weight: 74×28/3.1 pounds

Comfort: A 10 F rating marks just how solid the complete package is, with a soft cotton inside to keep things settled. There are few bags on the list that are as comfortable when put side to side. Your child will love how warm this well-insulated bag feels, and he or she will be able to sleep soundly through the night.

Durability: High durability can be expected from this model, even with the sewn on compression sack. Everything holds up through medium and high usage, in any situation.

Summary: Available in blue, green and pink, there are more than enough colors for boys or girls. Even with a bit of a price increase, these sleeping bags are one of a kind.
  • 190T polyester W/R coating
  • 100% internal cotton lining
  • A bit higher price

TETON Sports Celsius Junior for Kids

TETON Sports Celsius Junior for Kids
Teton takes the same quality that goes into their adults sleeping bags and transfers them to the children’s brand. So far it’s working out well and should excite a lot of long time users of their products.
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Price: Buyers can get their hands on this sleeping bag that is priced average. It’s very middle of the road even when you factor in the different buying options.

Brand Recognition: Teton is right up there with Coleman, and is one of the industry leaders. These two often go head to head with sales and spark a lot of change within the industry.

Dimensions/Weight: 66×26/2.65 pounds

Comfort: Lots of comfort features were added, such as a curved hood so that a pillow will stay in place. It makes a big difference and is worth mentioning if you need the elevation support.

Durability: The usual no snag zipper is included along with a stuff sack. Overall, all of the elements of the sleeping bag are well made and can take a lot of punishment.

Summary: Available in three different colors for boys or girls, Teton does a good job in shrinking their adult sleeping bags into comfortable sizes for children. Customers will have no issues with their children sleeping in these bags.
  • Taffeta shell with full-length zipper
  • Outer and inner pockets
  • Inside lining is brushed polyester instead of flannel

Slumberjack Kit 40

Slumberjack Kit 40
Starting off the list is a girl’s sleeping bag from Slumberjack that is loaded with comfort features. Few kids will turn away sleeping in this bag which rates as one of the most comfortable on the list.
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Price: At about an average price, buyers are getting a good deal. There are a lot of customers that have nothing but positive things to say about this bag.

Brand Recognition: Slumberjack is a big brand, but this is a lesser known model in their lineup. For adult sleeping bags they can go head to head with the likes of Coleman.

Dimensions/Weight: 26x66x26/3.2 pounds

Comfort: There are some really good comfort features built into this sleeping bag, with the plush materials being the highlight. The draft tube along the zipper will help in keeping unwanted air out and the inside warm.

Durability: Slumberjack built this sleeping bag like their adult versions, so it will last for years. This is one sleeping bag you don’t have to worry about as it gets older.

Summary: Girl’s sleeping bags don’t get any more comfortable than this. Other than an annoying carrying bag and only one color option, this is more than a worthwhile purchase.
  • Integrated pillow pocket
  • Soft touch liner
  • Very small carrying bag

The Criteria We Used To Find The Best Kid’s Sleeping Bags

Finding the right sleeping bag for your child will help make your camping trips all that much more fun. So, to help you assess the variety of children’s sleeping bags on the market today, we’ve come up with a list of criteria points that should help you evaluate what you need so that you can make the right decision for your child. The criteria points we’ll evaluate below include price, brand recognition, dimensions/weight, comfort, durability, and summary.


Price is an important factor to evaluate, especially if you are shopping on a budget. Before you buy your sleeping bag, make sure you know how much you can afford, and then try to make your selections based on that. There are many high-quality sleeping bags made for kids that are out on the market today, and they typically don’t cost too much. Since so many affordable options are out there, you should be able to get a high-quality sleeping bag for your child without having to spend too much.

Brand Recognition

Brand can play an important factor when you are trying to determine the overall quality of your child’s sleeping bag. Different brands offer a different variety of concepts and styles with their sleeping bags, and some brands are renowned for making great sleeping bags. The sleeping bags even made by some of the most popular manufacturers can still be very affordable, and you can typically get a popular brand when you purchase your child’s sleeping bag without having to spend too much. So, brand can play an important role in the overall quality and reliability of your child’s sleeping bag.


Because you might have to pack down your child’s sleeping bag and carry it with you if you plan to hike while you camp, we’ve provided you with the dimensions and weight on all of the sleeping bags on our list. Knowing the dimensions and weight can help you make the choice you need to about carrying your child’s sleeping bag, and also can help you determine what you can fit well into your pack, and how easy the sleeping bag will be to carry along with you. So, make sure you pay attention to this concept to help you make the right decision.


Comfort is probably the most important factor to consider when you decide what sleeping bag to buy for your child. You want your child to get good rest, and the more comfort, insulation, and warmth your sleeping bag offers, the better sleep both you and your child will get on your camping trips.

Make sure you check out the insulation on your child’s sleeping bag to ensure it creates the warmth your child will need to sleep well, especially when the temperature gets very cold outside. You want to ensure your child stays warm and feels great so that he or she sleeps soundly through the night.

Also, check out the overall design of the sleeping bag. If the sleeping bag is designed in mummy style or offers a different style, try to figure out what style your child feels is most comfortable before you purchase a sleeping bag for him or her. Different styles cater to different types of sleepers, so keep this in mind when you buy your sleeping bag.

Remember, if you purchase a sleeping bag that doesn’t feel comfortable for your child, he or she may not want to use it, and that can put a dent in your camping trip plans and also waster your money. So, keep an eye out on what you really need to help your child get comfortable and sleep well through the night.


How durable your child’s sleeping bag will help you determine how long the sleeping bag will last, and how much use you’ll get out of the sleeping bag. You should be able to check durability by looking at the materials designed in the sleeping bag. Also, make sure to check out customer reviews on the sleeping bags you are interested in, because that can also help you make a better purchase decision.

Since you’ll want to make sure you buy a sleeping bag that will last you for some time, make sure to check out how high-quality the materials designed into the sleeping bag are. Once you know that and review some other customer comments, you should be able to figure this out.


For each product we described on our list, we gave you an overall summary of the points and features we liked best. So, each product description includes a complete summary about some of the points you’ll want to consider about each sleeping bag.

A Few More Factors To Consider

There are a few points to consider, some that are often overlooked when shopping. The comfort and features that are found in adult bags should also be ones that you look for in Children’s models. Just because the camper is a bit smaller, it doesn’t mean that they have to miss out on a really great sleeping bag. Below are some of those factors that you might want to look at before making your purchase.

The Different Brands

Coleman is going to be the top dog on the list and makes it more than once. But there is stiff competition from other industry leaders and smaller brands. The most surprising addition to the list is Exxel and their themed Star Wars blanket. Licenses can play in big role in getting the eye of an adult that wants to make a gift purchase for a child, and one of the biggest licenses of all time is Star Wars. With the current Disney tie-in, it’s something that adults will see everywhere and instantly think of while looking for products to purchase. 

 Helpful Tips 

  • Just because a sleeping bag is heavier that does not necessarily mean it will be warmer. The insulation and materials are what contribute to warmth, so don’t make the mistake of purchasing a kid’s sleeping bag based on weight.
  • Synthetic sleeping bags are better for wet weather since they retain their insulation. However down sleeping bags will provide a horrible experience once they get wet, so be wary of the weather if you plan on using them
  • Not cleaning the carrying bag is just as bad as having an unclean sleeping bag. There is no point in cleaning a sleeping bag if you plan on putting it in a dirty carrying bag. This carries the same risks of bacteria and allergens being attached, so always think ahead when cleaning a sleeping bag and associated materials.
  • Not checking to see if a sleeping bag is fully dry can leave it with a smell much worse than mildew. This can take several washings to get out, so the initial wash+dry is important to make sure it is ready to go at a moment’s notice. Sleeping in a smelly sleeping bag will get kids annoyed quickly.
  • Some adults that are shorter in height prefer using kid’s sleeping bags since it fits them better. This is more common than you would think, and is another reason why the advanced comfort and insulation features in kid’s sleeping bags is important.
Dealing With A Difficult Carrying Bag

All of the kid’s sleeping bags on the list are high quality, yet that still doesn’t stop some companies from including some of the most frustrating carrying bags in existence. Some parents with a military background will be able to pack up their kid’s sleeping bags like a pro, while other users will find that it takes some practice. Carrying bags can sometimes be too narrow, which helps to pack in the sleeping bag better, but takes some skill to get in on the first try. Parents can always do a dry run at home with their kids to show them how to do it right. And if it comes down to it, purchasing an alternative carrying bag might be the best option for your children. These alternative bags can also add a little personality to the entire package, like special themes or colors that your kid recognizes. It serves as a fun touch that will also lessen the frustration of packing or unpacking a sleeping bag.


Q: How Much Does Price Matter Vs. The Product?

Kid’s sleeping bags hover between the low and average price point, except for a few occasions where they cost a little more. There really are no huge advantages to spending extra on a youth sleeping bag unless you want a specific feature for your child. Mummy style bags and special colors come to mind, but the features that will draw in adults the most are brand recognition, themes, and design. All of these affect prices in different ways, yet not to the point where they will put it out of reach for a budget consumer. The best choice on the list is also one of the lowest priced options and hails from a major company. 

Q: Is The Bag Comfortable Enough?

They are just as comfortable as adult sleeping bags, minus a few features. Features like the Comfort Cuff will make it easier to pair a pillow with their bags, which can sometimes be just as important for a good night’s rest as the bag itself. Materials do play a role, but it will always come down to how insulated the sleeping bag is in the listed conditions it can handle. Parents depend on these numbers, so insulation is a big issue since it can affect comfort levels greatly when the temperature drops. Even if a sleeping bag has the most comfortable interior in the industry, if it can’t keep cold air out then the child in the bag will have a hard time sleeping.

Q: How Much Do The Dimensions Really Matter?

Kids grow fast, so a sleeping bag that fit them well last year might be too small the next. For the most part, sleeping bag makers do a good job in describing the maximum height a bag will support. This number is important, and if it isn’t listed, then the dimensions of the bag can be converted so that it gives you an actual height limit. It’s better to have a sleeping bag that is too big for your child rather than have one that’s too small, as there is no harm in having extra space. Accounting for a child growing into their sleeping bag is a good idea and will keep you from having to buy another kid’s sleeping bag the following year. Parents should also consider getting fast growing kids an adult sleeping bag from the same company if they end up liking the youth version. 

Q: Does the Weight Make That Much Of A Difference?

Weight will only factor in if your child will be carrying around their sleeping bag on a long trip. Then that extra pound will start to wear on them with each step. Usually, you can ignore the weight of a sleeping bag for kids and only have to take it into consideration if they will be using it on trips that require them to haul it around for long periods of time. When in that situation where they will be carrying around their sleeping bags, make sure that the carrying bag supplied to carry it around is comfortable. Weight distribution can make a big difference when you’re carrying multiple things at once, and there is nothing worse than a carrying bag that is uncomfortable after a few minutes. 

Q: Can Multiple Kids Use A Sleeping Bag?

No, and there are no bags on the list that have the ability to be combined. There are some adult sleeping bags that can be zipped together to create one large one. This is great for couples or even families that want to sleep together. There are also extra-large sleeping bags meant for more than one person at a time, or for users that just like the extra space. None of the bags for kids with those features met the quality standards of the list, and even the ones that came close were bumped off the edge of the list. 

Q: How Often Should They Be Cleaned?

Treating sleeping bags like you would a regular bed set is a mistake due to the difference in environments. A bed is in a controlled home environment where bacteria and unknown irritants are less likely to thrive. A sleeping bag is usually deployed outside, so something as small as poison ivy coming into contact with the bag could be an issue. There is also allergic reactions to pollen that may get stuck on or in the bag. If children have allergies, then having a sleeping bag that is never cleaned of pollen will make them quite irritable. Clean a sleeping bag after every trip so that on the next go it is clean, fresh and free or any possible allergen or bacteria.

Q: Are There Any Health Dangers To The Materials Used In Kid’s Sleeping Bags?

Parents want to know what’s in their children’s sleeping bags that make them so soft and if their kids will have a reaction to it. Most of the materials are your garden variety bunch that can be found in adult sleeping bags. There is nothing fancy that would cause problems, so no memory foam or gel foam for the environmentally conscious. The companies on the list didn’t go crazy with the materials in their kid’s sleeping bags, so if you approve of their adult models then the youth models will be just fine. 

Q: How Long Do Sleeping Bags Last?

Durability will play a big role in how long kid’s sleeping bags last, even with light maintenance. The first thing to go with the bags is the operability of the zipper, which can be a frustrating experience when it breaks. A bad zipper makes an otherwise healthy bag worthless as it will lack the insulation effects it needs to keep kids comfortable. Sticking to sleeping bags with the snag-free zipper technology will help in situations where your child is tough on materials and especially rough on the zipper. Crafty parents can just replace the zipper while other parents will have to lean on the warrant or even a brand new purchase.

Q: Should You Buy A Separate Bag For Different Seasons? 

This comes down to user preference, and of course, the comfort level of the kid’s sleeping bag. Some bags on the list work well in warmer climates while others will be uncomfortable to manage as the temperature goes up. There is nothing wrong with buying a separate summer bag, but it isn’t a necessity if your kid’s sleeping bag provides the same level of comfort as a summer bag. Parents should keep an eye on this to see if a separate purchase is required, but for most, a one sleeping bag solution works fine.

Final Thoughts

Kid’s sleeping bags can be a great starter accessory to any child that has a love for the outdoors. And the best thing about them is that many of your favorite adult sleeping bag companies produce youth versions of the same quality. It’s a win-win situation for companies and adults that allows kids to have sleeping bags that work better for their bodies until they can graduate to adult sleeping bags. Now that you have read our top ten best kid’s sleeping bags you can decide which one suits your child best. And for their next sleepover or camping trip they can have their own sleeping bag to get cozy in!




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