Best Fishing Jigs Reviews And Ratings

Close your eyes. Imagine you can hear the water rushing past you and the wind in your hair. You can feel your grip strengthen with purpose, because in your hand is your ever-faithful fishing rod and you know that the sport has begun. Now reach down and string your rod, find your bait, and pause. . . ask yourself now: what jig am I going to use?

  • Booyah
  • 5 out of 5
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  • Berkley
  • 4.6 out of 5
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Strike King
  • Strike King
  • 4.3 out of 5
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Well, what fish are you after, and do you actually know what makes a really great jig?

Put quite simply, ‘jigging’ is just fishing with a jig – a different type of fishing lure which is made up of a hook molded into a lead sinker, and often covered (though it certainly doesn’t have to be) with a softer body to attract your catch. When used, jiggers create a rough vertical motion – almost a jerky movement – opposed to spinnerbaits which glide horizontally. Not only are many fish species of fish attracted to the vertical motion of a jig, but a good jig is also versatile for both salt and fresh waters.

But there are all kinds of jig types for different situations and different fish – most jigs catching their prey in deeper waters as they sink near the bottom. When you start looking at the perfect jig for your sport, keep two things in mind: the head and the body.

The head: Examples below cover at least one of every type of head or body, though place them in rank of which jigs on the market are most functional and most highly rated. The heads of jigs come in constant different sizes, shapes, textures, and colors. Most common is a ‘round head’ jig, but other heads are tube shaped, football shaped, and many which are more conical.

All heads come in different weight ranges – typically between 1/80th of an ounce to sometimes nearly a pound for the larger bottom-fish. Hooks connected to the heads also vary in color, type, material, and angle of the hook.

The body: Common bodies are made out silicone or rubber and their shapes vary from resembling different insects, to smaller fish, tails, and frogs – the range of their colors equally as diverse to blend into an environment and attract the ideal catch. During summer months its best to use jigs with heated colors like blue, brown, or black hair. As well, any non-colored jig (which work just as well) can be blended by the type of bait you string it with. Worms, minnows, night crawlers, and leeches make for excellent bait. Bodies can either come brightly colored or more subdued; pick coloration based off of the local prey fish and insects – the fish you are trying to catch will be more comfortable with colors they’re used to.

Now that you know a little more about what makes up a jig, the rest of this guide will help direct you to the best kinds of jigs on the market, and explain how they’re used, what waters and fish they’re good for, and the pros and cons of each specific type or brand.

10 Best Fishing Jigs


1. Booyah Buzz

1. Booyah Buzz
These prop-style jig heads (or spinners) are traditionally more of an east coast bait, in the sense that they add a flash of speed and color to regular swimming jigs. They are especially attractive to fish because of the many colors this jig comes in, and the way the jig spins and moves through the water looks more naturally like a smaller fish, frog, or struggling insect.

The this is a pristine example of a great jig, is that of the most popular and versatile stiles of jigs, this one has it all! Working to the advantage of catching calmer to more aggressive species of fish, especially breeds of Pike and Walleye, these jigs are easy to cast and retrieve, they sink quickly, and their hooks are great at snagging fish while blending into the many colors of the rig you choose.

What stands out about this product and the supplier are the array of colors they have available for your prop-style jig heads – this is an especially important facet of any jig you choose, because considerations of its color will usually want to be a match to the environment you are fishing in, and the regular colors of insects and smaller fish that your prey normally tends to chase.

Another item to note is that the price is quite low considering their excellent rating, and also considering the time it takes to provide the specifications they allow each customer to have per each jig – promising different sizes and colors.
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A brief size scale to keep in mind when choosing a jig:

- Panfish and Crappies 1/32 – 1/16 – 1/8 oz.
- River Trout and Salmon 1/16 – 1/8 – 1/4 oz.
- Walleyes and Bass 1/16 – 1/8 – 3/8 – 1/2 oz.
- Northern Pike and Muskies 3/4 – 1 – 1 1/2 oz.
- Lake Trout and Stripers 3/4 – 1 – 1 1/2 – 2 oz.

This is an excellent first example of the parameters you want to keep in mind when searching for the right material, weight, factors (noise, coloration, bottom-jig, top-jig), and price – this brief list will point you in the direction of a truly one of a king jig. This jig is one of the highest rated ones on the market, and it works perfectly for a large number of different environments and catches.

As you continue through the remaining top 9 jigs and models for jig fishing, check off those list items in your head, and you’ll soon become a pro at finding the one which will fulfill your need.
  • This specific model is known for making more noise than any other model
  • Setting the hook is often unnecessary for this rig, this is because most fish have an aggressive bite when it comes to spinner jig heads
  • It’s very hard and very rare for a fish to ‘slurp’ a jig head of this type
  • It takes time to sink, and so is an excellent top-water jig
  • Because this is only a single-hook jig, someone fishing with this kind of rig will want to keep their line tight so as not to damage or lose hook
  • Since it takes time to sink, it is not an ideal bottom-water jig

2. Berkley Gulp! Heads! Darter Jig Head

2. Berkley Gulp! Heads! Darter Jig Head
Once again, an excellent product and an innovative design, this type of jig differs from the first example because it is a ‘darter’ style jig. Where spinner jig-heads feature a slimmer body and an actual spinner, this darter jig head is angular in shape and designed to be more hydrodynamic than other types – this way they glide through water with very little resistance. Some sources will say you want a jig which spins slower – but in fact, slower spinning jigs are more about refracting light for fish to see, and faster spinning jigs are about creating motion to attract a fish to the speed of what might be a minnow or an insect.

Much like the manufacturer of this example, most darter jig heads are decorated with greater detail to mimic quite closely to baitfish. And the hooks attached are best paired with either curly tailed grub or smaller plastic minnows. Fishing with these types can be as easy as casting, waiting, and retrieving. No fuss and happy fishing. An excellent feature specific to this jig is that its durable construction is tested and rated for all types of waters and paired with a strongly enforced and quite sharp hook. Fish find it extremely hard to wrangle free from this type of rig.
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Other specifications to keep in mind for the ‘Berkley Gulp’ jig:

Beyond being highly rated it comes in five different colored heads – chartreuse, red, white, new penny, and black.

The colors used are proven colors – when you see this term ‘proven colors’ what it often means is that the colors have been tested and proven to attract different kinds of fish in different kinds of environments. These colors are also paired with realistic 3D eyes.

The jigs perform outstandingly and really sink to the bottom while still ‘jerking’ through the water like they are supposed to.

All in all, however, despite being costlier, this type of jig is worth the higher price per weight – especially considering that most fisherman will only ever need to purchase one. It is an excellent type of jig and is guaranteed to catch fish in deeper waters.
  • Worth its weight for the price, this jig is strong enough not to break or wear-down quickly. This means it can be kept in excellent condition for many fishing trips
  • Since it’s so durable, for at least a year – or depending on how often you fish – you really only need to purchase one. Or multiple depending on if you require a variety of colors
  • The paint is also durable, and does not wear down as quickly as other painted jigs tend to do
  • It comes in four sizes
  • This is generally more expensive than other brands of ‘darter’ style jigs

3. Strike King Tour Grade Football Jig Bait

3. Strike King Tour Grade Football Jig Bait
A football modeled jig is a prime favorite among most bass anglers, because the traditional jig head is great for searching out fish in harder environments – this means thick vegetation, kelp, rock walls, humps, and submerged trash or structures. This model works great when paired with grubs, pigs, or craws – the jig is also available with wire or brush weed-guards making it a great pitch and flip lure. Many winter fisherman love using these jigs, because during the colder seasons it’s much harder to see what types of water you are fishing in. A football jig is like a battering ram to most underwater obstacles.

What’s most effective about it is its wide shape and weed guards, which not only force it to sink deeper than almost all other jigs, but also allow the bait to stand up off the bottom and more visibly attract the bottom fish. Then once the fish bite, its simplicity itself to avoid snags and reel each catch right out of the water!
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This model works well because of its:

Quality construction and excellent sharp hooks.

It’s flat eye-line tie which helps keep the line knot and jig in the proper and most ideal underwater positions.

It’s durable powder-coated paint and bright attractive array of skirts.

For the quality of this purchase, however, and the broad spectrum of colors and sizes which the seller has available – this is certainly belonging in the top ten jigs anyone would want to purchase for their sport. It’s fantastic in deep water and very rarely gets snagged by anything other than your next catch.
  • There are so many different colors of skirts available for this jig, from black blue, to bama craw, to peanut butter and jelly
  • The array of sizes is also available in higher amounts than usual jigs
  • This jig is highly rated for its use in deeper waters
  • Provided with round bend hooks
  • Depending on the jig color and size you choose, this model can get quite pricey
  • This model comes in single orders rather than packs of multiples

4. Betts 30-5-1N Jig Spinners

4. Betts 30-5-1N Jig Spinners
Spinners, these are an excellent model for attachments to your general jigs. Why you would add spinners to your rig? Spinners are used to turn slowly in the water and attract fish by glinting and refracting light. This specific model comes in packs of five spinners, and is made of nickel – it’s easy to attach to a jig and even easier to cast and use.

The best function of these spinners are the blades which are very balanced and designed to spin a slow but true speed. As well, because of the barrel swivel design, the movement of the spinner does not tangle with the line. A second excellent function to this model are the sizes each spinner can come in, making these spinners available to connect to a wide array of different types of jigs and different sizes of jigs.
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These spinners:

Are made of strong nickel alloys.

Come in packs of five.

And are highly rated in fishing sports.

It’s nice to have something to add to your jig, and these spinners do not disappoint. For quite a low price, they come in multiple pieces and in excellent condition.
  • For the price there are multiple pieces provided
  • The spinners come from a renowned and trustworthy brand
  • The model his highly rated
  • At this time there are fewer in stock, although the seller says that more will be available soon

5. Savage Gear Jig Heads for Sandeels

5. Savage Gear Jig Heads for Sandeels
Ever heard of a Texas rigged hook and sinker? Or even just a ‘Texas Rig’? What it is is one of the easiest and most effective ways to present a soft plastic bait for fish. And Bass Anglers present a ‘Texas rig’ by sliding worm weights onto their lines, tying a hook, and threading on soft colorful plastics.

In this way the Savage Gear Jig Head is an excellent purchase, although it makes the distinction of being slider jig head which is just common substitute for the Texas rig. This model makes it so easy to rig plastic worms without having to peg on a sinker – and the bullet shaped head of it means it will take less effort to work this type of jig through vegetation. Pair with worms, creature baits, and lizards.

By far the best example you could get of jigs which can handle any amount of weight. If you’re going river fishing, fishing at a lake, deep into the ocean, or just from the shore, this model is available in almost any combination of weight you think you might need to catch whatever size of fish you expect to be after – this is by far its number one selling quality.
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However, it’s other noteworthy functions are:

Its Japanese round bend hooks.

The array of weights:

- 7g and up – 2 through 4 pieces
- 16g and up – 3 pieces
- 29g and up – 3 pieces
- 42g – 3 pieces

Since it’s a slider jig, it’s great for adding colorful plastics to make it more attractive for your prey.

Not easily snagged itself, this model is a deal you want to ‘snag’. Its versatile in many different environments and is especially great for catching species of bass and pollack.
  • While the price varies per weight, it is an excellent value since you’ll get multiple jigs per each weight above
  • Alone its dull and metallic, but since it’s a slider jig you can add color to make it more appealing
  • The hooks are sturdy and long
  • Excellent in weeds and kelp – its design is made not to get stuck
  • Although in the options settings it says there are four basic weights to this model, for more specific weighted jigs, you will have to contact the seller

6. 44pcs Lot Kit

6. 44pcs Lot Kit
Sometimes it’s very nice to get all your jigs together in one place at one time – this can be because there are so many different types of jigs and then different models on sale for each of those types. All of these are excellent jigs and come in many different weights and sizes. They are your basic ball shape jigs, and therefore are applicable and usable in all types of fishing and all kinds of waters.

What works best with this kit, are that the jigs inside it come in five different sizes and colors – chartreuse being the smallest size, then green, white, red, and the heaviest also being a chartreuse color. There is excellent functionality and variety provided.
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Distinguishing factors:

You will receive 44 jigs in one box for an extraordinary low price.

The weights and hooks are of good quality.

The box is rather small and can even become reusable for bait later on.

If you’re just starting to use jigs for the first time, its excellent and almost necessary to have a full set – this way you can test different weights and colors in different waters.

All in all, this kit is an excellent source of many jigs for your money – it’s especially good for fishermen who are just starting out, or for someone beginning to learn their way around the applications of a jig. This kit will accompany you to a plethora of different fishing locations, and make itself useful at practically all of them.
  • The price is exceptional and you will not find a jig kit for a better amount
  • What you see is what you get – the online display is very straightforward
  • Hooks are made of sturdy material and will last a long time
  • There are multiple weights for you to test
  • Paint has been sited for being a bit crude – and to sometimes seal up a jigs eyelets
  • Customers wish that each weight came in multiple colors, rather than each weight being color coordinated to itself

7. Goture Fishing Hooks Saltwater Set Kit

7. Goture Fishing Hooks Saltwater Set Kit
A second ball kit type, this is due to ball jigs being the most common and basic style for most jigs to be – especially when you are only just starting out. A good old ball style, is known for sinking down quickly to fish hiding near the bottom. This is why so many fishermen start using ball jigs and vary rarely branch to any other jig types. The best trailers to pair this brand of ball jig with tend to be bucktails, grubs, worms, and minnows – these jigs and baits prove excellent for those tricky situations where you’re painfully aware of the fish holding below you. As well – much like football headed jig – ball jigs are great for vertical presentations.

What’s so great about this kit is that unlike the previous kit mentioned, this one provides 50 pieces of uncolored jigs for an even cheaper price. What’s so great about having an uncolored jig, you may ask? The application of having an uncolored ball jig is that you can dress it up for any environment that you enter. Take your basic jig and add colors and baits which mimic the common prey of the fish you are after.
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Qualities of these jigs:

They feature premium solid and durable body design to meet any customers satisfaction. Each jigs hook eye is made of the highest quality materials, allowing each of attaching bait to the target effectively.

The chemically-sharpened barbed hook point ensures better penetration and improves hook-up ratios.

Precisely designed hook eye ensures allowance for better connection to the fishing line.

Tested and refined for durability and reliability, these ball jigs are a perfect choice for anyone who loves fishing.

The mechanically-sharpened barbed hook point ensures a better penetration and increases the hook-ups.

The seller provides an excellent 30-day warranty on their product.

For their price and the warranty available should any buyer change their mind, this seller provides an excellent first-rate product which arrives in bulk with more jiggers than you could ever need.
  • Since they come in a kit, these are excellent jigs in bulk
  • The kit is small and easy to pack up
  • Since it’s to seal the jigs and hooks away, it makes it safer to store these jigs around the house
  • The hooks are made from versatile materials, for fresh and saltwater conditions
  • Since the hooks are sharpened and double barbed, they are perfect for holding live bait
  • This kit model does not provide multiple colored jigs
  • There is no weight indication on the jig-heads
  • Better for small sea and lake fishing – do not expect to use these for larger sport fish and bass

8. 2X6” 42g Sidewinder Rattleback Sandeel Lures

8. 2X6” 42g Sidewinder Rattleback Sandeel Lures
This specific model is a tube style jig head and is designed toward exactly what the title of the jig implies: tube fishing. Because of its cylindrical shape, the jig slides completely inside tubes (or small spaces) and allows the fisherman to work tubes directly alongside or on top of the structure. Excellent for reef fishing and coral tubes. Most tube jigs range from sizes ultra-tiny (for trout fishing) to magnum type sizes (largemouth bass and even inshore fishing). This type of jig is very specific in application, but as far as any model will go – this model will get the job done.

What stands out about this product is the actual process of its creation – not only are these jigs made from double pour latex for durability in water, but they actually use salt in their manufacturing process in order to make these jigs taste salty to the fish who go after them. This makes them excellent for ocean fishing near wrecks or over a reef.
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The facets of this model?

It comes with a super sharp 7/0 hook.

3D red fish strike eyes.

Excellent shape in the water, making it a dynamic swimmer to attract your ideal catch.

Built in ‘rattle chamber’ with tungsten rattle balls not only for weight but to cause great vibrations during the jigs retrieval.

The dayglow belly tube glows in the dark for deeper wrecks.

Two complete rattlebacks are provided per jig.

Considerably an excellent jig for the ocean, its geared more for the specific sport of reef and wreck fishing, and many who take on this sport will be impressed with the applications of this jig model. It’s included in this list of jigs, not only to show diversity, but to explain why there are ‘tube jigs’ and what they are typically used for. With this information in mind, every fisherman can have an easier time picking between jigs and knowing what each is for. Specifically, for reefs and wrecks, this jig has no close competitors. It is superb.
  • This model is of course excellent for reef fishing and wreck fishing out at sea
  • It has a dynamic shape for the deep water
  • It can be weighed more or less by adding or removing tungsten balls from the jigs rattle chamber
  • The hook is an excellent rounded hook which is strength tested for deeper reef fishes
  • This model comes only in two basic colors – rubarb and custard
  • This model is made only for saltwater fishing

9. Tronixpro Jig Head

9. Tronixpro Jig Head
What differs between the first example and this second one is that this product is more versatile – different hook lengths, weights, and always comes in packs of five. Its shape is still that of a standup jig head, but it is more anchor-looking and weighs a little more so that it can float deeper than the first example.

What’s great about the Tronixpro jig head is that it is weight tested from jigs of 3.5 grams for smaller to medium fish, to those weighing 10 grams for larger bass and sport fish.
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Some of its noteworthy functions are:

It has an easy thread function, and is quick to piece into any fishing rig.

The hook is excellent, sharp, and barbed – perfect for a panoply of different bait sizes and shapes.

Tronixpro is a highly recommended brand, and many people are aware of it and use it.

There aren’t too many drawbacks to this brand of standup jig. It’s reliable, easy to use in a pinch, and will last a fisherman a long time.

Any further information on standup jig head types should be noted: when looking for the ideal standup jig, look and ask about types which will really be suitable for making the bait appear as though it is floating and feeding on the surface. Bad standup jig heads are those that sink too deep too quickly.
  • Standup jig heads are normally made lighter so that they will float, and usually this discounts them from deeper waters. However, this jig head you can order in different weights, this way you can make sure you have a weight for more shallow waters or deeper waters
  • Delivery of this product is rated as always being delivered on time
  • Each purchase comes with five jigs
  • A great price for so many jigs
  • It doesn’t come in different colors or textures, so when you bait it you’ll want to consider what colored bait to use in order to draw your catch in

10. Savage Gear Crayfish Jighead

10. Savage Gear Crayfish Jighead
Standup jig heads are a little more specific to their application, but when it comes to the standup design, this brand is an excellent purchase. Designed to be suitable for vertical presentations, this standup jig really outshines the others by luring hesitant fish near the bottom – its shape keeps bait facing upward when on the bottom, and makes it ideal in fooling fish into thinking their prey is feeding while hovering just above. Because of this, the greatest baits to pair the jig with are worms, craws, curly tail grubs, and leeches.

An item that makes this jig so great is the perfect balance of its stand, which gives the appearance of the jig – this makes it much more alluring to the catch intend, who will find themselves easily caught on this jigs second best function, which are its very sharp bended tournament hooks.
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What stands out about this product?

For a great price there are 3 stand up jigs per packet.

Each jig weighs 12 grams and is weight tested for medium – large species of fish.

Another unique type of jig, it’s really just an excellent steal for the price and quantity you’re going to get out of it. As far as quality goes, there are many brands of stand-up jigs on the market due to this type of jigs very specific applications, because of this its quality is similar to others but it stands out because of its excellent price in bulk.
  • You get three jigs for the regular price of most single jigs
  • This brand is excellent for catching deeper swimming fish
  • Although in one color, this brand can be fit with a colored ‘jig-sleeve’ to make it more appealing to certain types of fish
  • Many people want to see this brand of stand-up jig in more colors, however some fishermen argue that this would defeat the jigs purpose which is to be pretty invisible so that the bait attached to it looks like its floating on the surface and feeding

Product Criteria of Evaluation

The following parameters are how the above ten listed models where narrowed down from an extensive online market, and then sited as the type of jigs you want to be looking for.

Price – We took a look at multiple product lines and multiple types of jigs, narrowing down each model individually and making comparisons to other suppliers to see which brands equaled the best quality for the best value.

Functionality/Accessibility – We compared the popularity and frequent use of each model, then narrowed down our list of suggestions to the most used jigs and what popular type of fishing they are used in.

User Reviews – For each product, we compared user input and user reviews across a wide spectrum of multiple sources. We took in mind what they said worked about each model, and what they thought was flawed about each model.

Time & Age – We took a look at the materials each product was made out of, and if users who’d been using that product for a long time could support its endurance and usability over a lengthy period of time.

Variety – Brands which lend a variety to their product – multiple weights, colors, pieces – were given extra attention, because most of these extras increase the functionality and success of the fishing product.


3/8oz and 1/2oz jigs seems to be the most common used. Which do you prefer/why?

Both 3/8 and 1/2 are fine. 3/8 is probably the most popular size, but a 1/2oz jig will give you more weight for better casting distance. However, if it’s a calm day and you prefer a slow fall, you can always go with a lighter jig.

Since jigs use versatile baits, could you use only jigs year-round to catch fish?

There are hundreds of jig styles and shapes because anglers are always trying to improve performance. You can use jigs year0round, but you should certainly use a variety of jigs and weights – this is because it always depends on what your fish are eating, and where they are located.

Which type of rod should I use for jigs?

Your type of rod depends entirely on the weight of jig you are using. For jigs, 3/8 to 1/2oz, you could get away with using a medium power, fast action rod. However, for heaving jigs, you’re going to want to invest in a rod with a little more power.

What are ‘skirts’ for on a jig?

Skirts are the stringy end tails on some jigs, not only do they disguise a jig in the water – making it look more like bait for your fish – but they also assist in flipping and pitching.

Casting or dropping?

When using a jig, either of these approaches can prove successful – it depends on where the fish are currently biting. Are they biting closer to shore, closer to the embankment you are standing on? Or are they biting better further out?

What type of fishing are jigs best used for?

You can use jigs for any kind of fishing, just be aware that different jig models are used for different kinds of fishing – fresh water, salt water, visibility/rocks/weeds, bigger fish, smaller fish, etc. See our list above for details about each model and how its best used.

Hook quality? Reinforced, or double hooks?

You’ll see this question a lot online. People are confused by the term ‘reinforced hooks’. Each jig is paired and attached to a hook – the quality of the hook depends on the quality of the brand. Look for brands which ensure the metals/alloys that they use are durable and will last a long time. As well, some jigs employ the use of double hooks – a jig fisherman does not have to have this, double hooks are just a matter of preference.


This article has explained the concepts of jig fishing and detailed multiple types of jigs, and the most reputable brands and models of each type of jig. Throughout your fishing experience, always feel welcome to return and reread for advice on jigging or the types of jigs you’ve never used before. It’s always fun to branch into a new type of sport fishing, and always an adventure to try a new jig from the market.

Now that you know more about jigs and the best models available, when you open your eyes from that vision of you fishing, do you know what jig you’ve got attached to your line? Are you ready for that next fish you’re going to reel in? It’s always important to have the right equipment, and it’s always essential to learn new skills and tricks of the fisherman’s trade. In the end though, make your sport a fun one, and happy fishing!