Best Double Sleeping Bags Reviewed

Double sleeping bags are great for customers that want to cuddle up together in all kinds of weather with a single sleeping bag. Some options on the list even allow you to split the bag into two smaller bags, making them great for multiple uses. And of course, the biggest pro with a double sleeping bag is that it is a better deal overall in price, with some of the options on the list being too good to pass up. When looking for a quality sleeping bag, doubles are becoming more and more frequent as the main purchases among consumers.

Since there are so many double sleeping bags on the market nowadays from which you can choose from, we’ve decided to save you a little time by creating a list of the 10 best double sleeping bags you’ll find available for purchase today. Also, to help make sure you buy the double sleeping bag that’s right for you, we’ll cover some important criteria points you’ll want to evaluate before you make your decision on your sleeping bag.

Last Updated: November 20, 2017
By Kristina Smolenski Nelson:

This buying guide has been updated, offering the most current top picks from each brands' most current product lines.


TETON Sports Mammoth
  • TETON Sports Mammoth
  • 5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Wider than a queen mattress
  • Price: See Here
American Trails
  • American Trails
  • 4.7 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Splits into 2 bags
  • Price: See Here
Outdoor Vitals Explorer
  • Outdoor Vitals Explorer
  • 4.6 out of 5
    Our rating
  • 700+ duck down filling
  • Price: See Here

10 Best Double Sleeping Bags


TETON Sports Mammoth

Of course, Teton Sports makes it to the top of the list, and it shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone familiar with the brand name. This has been a consistent seller for them through the years, providing a balance of great qualities at a good price. You really can’t get any better than Teton, as they are an industry leader with sleeping bags. Their understanding of sizes and special features makes them a one of a kind company.
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Comfort: Teton wins again with their best choice in the double sleeping bag category. It’s comfortable, it’s large and most importantly it checks off all of the important pros. You’ll get plenty of solid sleep in this warm, comfy bag each time you camp outdoors overnight.

Durability: Customers can depend on the usual no-snag self-repairing zippers to do their thing over the years. And the material is not only soft and warm on the inside, but also tough on the outside. That gives it a great combination of both comfort and durability.

Width for Two: The entire bag is snug, and has enough space to accommodate two people without squeezing them together. With the size just right, there are only a few situations where this bag wouldn’t be comfortable for two adults.

Price: The price settles around the higher range when it’s all said and done, but there is an upside. It comes with a free compression sack, so that little extra adds some good value.

  • The size is really ideal for two people, Larger than a queen mattress
  • The Taffeta shell and flannel lining work well to insulate, but not overheat
  • At 16.5 lbs, this is a heavy bag
  • You probably would want to opt for separate lighter weight bags if are are backpacking distances
  • Not exactly easy to get back into the stuff sack

American Trails Ozzie & Harriet

Giant is an accurate description of this double sleeping bag that can probably hold three full-sized adults. It almost toppled Teton as best on the list and is a great family bag, and it provides a lot of comfort and durability which will help you on your overnight camping trips.
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Comfort: It’s hard to fully describe the feeling of the bag, since it is two separate experiences. As a single bag it is as comfortable as having both zippered together. This is the portion that may worry some people since the main feature of the bag involves zipping two of them up together. The zippers hold up well with repeated use, so the only thing to worry about is misuse of that feature.

Durability: American Trails is a good, solid brand. They aren’t considered market leaders when it comes to innovation, and instead focus their energy on providing durable products with a lot of upside. This sleeping bag is no exception, and is made to be highly durable when you are out camping in the great outdoors.

Width for Two: Being able to put two smaller bags together is great, and functions as a huge convenience feature for buyers that want a bargain. This is the best way to have the best of both worlds without paying the extra price.

Price: You'll find this sleeping bag available in black or navy, both are very low cost. The price ranks as one of the best in the industry, even among single sleeping bags.
  • This one can be split into two separate bags. Combined, this is a huge bag, comfortably sleeping two people
  • May actually be too big for some

Outdoor Vitals Explorer Down Bag

When Outdoor Vitals came out with the Explorer, there was a lot of competition with similar feature sets. The Explorer does a great job outpacing the rest, and is one of the better values in the industry.
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Comfort: Make no mistake about it- this is the most comfortable sleeping bag on the list. That comfort comes with a price, so buyers should weigh the pros and cons.

Durability: The bag features rip-stop technology, and the purchasable zippers are a step up from the normal ones on regular sleeping bags. Overall, the durability is high and you’ll find the included lifetime warranty sufficient.

Width for Two: Even if the price is a little high, it’s hard to ignore the comfort level of this bag. Customers that want to try something different should give the Explorer a whirl to see if it fits their needs. This sleeping bag has plenty of room to sleep two people very comfortably.

Price: This is the highest priced option on the list if you consider the extras. Even as a single bag, it ranks on the more expensive side. Outdoor Vitals is a brand that might be familiar with buyers that camp out a lot. The Explorer is their most popular model, and can be compared to other high end sleeping bags in the industry.

  • It is nice to have the option of a single or double bag without the need for two completely different pieces of gear
  • The insulation provides decent amount of warmth
  • To combine two bags, you'll need to purchase the connecting zipper separately

The Tandem From Coleman

The Tandem From Coleman
Usually, Coleman would be farther up the list with the likes of Teton. Coming in at 4th place isn’t a bad spot, especially with the following of The Tandem. The Tandem is a comfortable and durable sleeping bag that can easily sleep two people inside of it while providing you with plenty of warmth during your outdoor camping trips.
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Comfort: The Tandem is a general favorite of a lot of campers, both for pricing and for comfort. It feels great, with extra points added for the detachable sheet that’s built in. If the materials were plusher, then it would get a higher comfort rating.

Durability: Coleman is right up there with Teton, and always comes with their best efforts. A five-year limited warranty is included, so customers will be covered if anything goes wrong, With the Zip-Plow oversized zippers, snags are a thing of the past.

Width for Two: Designed with plenty of room for two, you’ll be able to easily fit into this bag. Plus, with all of the comfort and durability this bag has to offer, you’ll love how easy it is to fit in.

Price: The price is about average for a sleeping bag of this size. Since it is a two in one deal, there is really good value in it as a set. Buyers can never go wrong with a Coleman product and their excellent customer service. This rectangular bag has all of the features needed to make itself an attractive buy.
  • This zips apart into two separate bags, which is great when going solo and don't want a different bag
  • The temperature comfort level of between 30°F to 50°F is nice for moderately cool or late fall weather, depending on where you are of course
  • Probably not a great choice for mid-winter camping. Also a bit too heavy for backpacking

Giantex Large 2 Person

Giantex Large 2 Person
Adding a little bit to the double sleeping bag formula is Giantex, with one of the better choices on the list. Anyone considering this Giantex sleeping bag will get a good overall deal. It’s comfortable, well priced and has a lot of upside as a double sleeping bag.
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Comfort: Giantex is a good brand with a solid following. Their sleeping bags fall right in line with some of the better ones in the industry. Even without the pillows the comfort level is high thanks to the 210T polyester cover and soft liner.

Durability: Durability is average, with the Velcro tab at the head of the bag being the weakest component. Over the years it will be the first thing to go, so make sure to take measures to maintain it well.

Width for Two: The bag is lightweight but still has enough heft to it for making two people feel right at home. You’ll like the extra comfort you get from it, and the sleeping bag’s ease of sleeping two people.

Price: The price is right and there is a lot to love about this sleeping bag if it is your main. The price won’t bother users, since it is at the low range. With the included pillows the value jumps up a bit over the other options.
  • This one from Giantex has two pillows with it, which is a nice bonus
  • This is a big bag that feels a lot like being between two bedspreads
  • It is a great pick if you are just looking for the basics.
  • The hook & loop tab at the top doesn't seem to stop all of the drafts from coming in

Aircee 15° F Double

Aircee 15° F Double
Long time sleeping bag users already know about the Aircee brand, with many of their products always in top ten lists. This double model is another one of their great successes, and has more than meets the eye.
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Comfort: Aircee has been around for years providing quality camping materials to the masses. They usually get high marks for comfort, quality and longevity. The flannel lining and included pillows are a nice touch and very comfortable in all conditions.

Durability: With an above average durability rating, tears will be a thing of the past. Even the pull string carrying bag is made with the same quality as the sleeping bag itself.

Width for Two: It’s one of the best sleeping bags to have if you want an all in one solution for two people. Plus, having a sleeping bag that retains its comfort level regardless of season is a big plus. You’ll both be able to easily fit in this sleeping bag, and get a good night of rest.

Price: The price is average for all three-color options available that this sleeping bag comes in. That includes blue, black and red. And the color combinations are varied enough that this becomes a really good choice for a double sleeping bag.So, you won’t take a hit in your pocket book if you decide to purchase this sleeping bag.
  • This is actually a pretty good bag for multiple seasons
  • Not as big as most other options on our list

Grizzly by Black Pine

Grizzly by Black Pine
Options are what makes this double sleeping bag so popular. Grizzly by Black Pine went all out with the choices they gave consumers, and it paid off big time. Grizzly by Black Pine has had some hits over the years, but they’re still not on the level of Coleman or Teton. Over the years they have done a good job of showcasing their varied inventory. The company offers a lot of choices, and that may be exactly what wins customers over.
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Comfort: This sleeping bag takes a small hit on comfort since it is a step down from the other sleeping bags. It’s not uncomfortable, and tip toes the line of average by comparison.

Durability: Depending on which version you buy, one style is significantly more durable than the next. Ripstop is the way to go if you want durability, and even through rough usage it will still hold up. There is enough good information here to warrant a purchase of the product, most notably from customers looking for specific colors and styles.

Width for Two: This sleeping bag offers plenty of room for two, and you will both be able to fit easily in it for a good night’s rest. So, there aren’t any issues with room within this sleeping bag.

Price: While this is a great sleeping bag with a lot of excellent features and options, this is one of the higher priced items on the list, no matter which customization you choose. It’s available in five different colors and three different styles.
  • The ripstop option seems to be the most durable of all the choices
  • It looks like this one will last quite a while, with continuous use
  • Not uncomfortable, but not quite as comfortable as other models on our list

Outsunny Double Wide

Outsunny Double Wide
Nothing really stands out about this double sleeping bag, which serves as both a good and bad thing. It is the jack of all trades, master of none scenario in sleeping bag form. Saying the name Outsunny isn’t going to impress anyone, yet the one thing they have going for them is excellent customer service. Calling one of their agents is a smooth and pleasurable process compared to other companies on the list.
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Comfort: The comfort level varies with this sleeping bagdepending on your tolerance to their polyester fabric. For some it is fine, and for others it completely ruins the experience.

Durability: Surprisingly this is one of the more durable double sleeping bags on the list. It holds up well, and that even includes the zippers and carrying bag. There is nothing wrong with being good at multiple things when it comes to a sleeping bag.

Width for Two: Interested buyers should test their tolerance for the fabric before going all in on multiple purchases. Otherwise, there is plenty of room in this sleeping bag to help two people sleep comfortably.

Price: The materials that comprise this sleeping bag are pretty middle of the road, so the price is low. This is one of the lowest priced sleeping bags you can get without compromising on quality.
  • This one from Outsunny includes two pillows and a pretty good stuff sack
  • Rated for use down to -5 degrees
  • The inside material seems a bit scratchy

Winterial Double Mummy Bag

Winterial Double Mummy Bag
The Mummy sleeping bag can either be the most comfortable experience you’ve had or the most restricting. So, when the double mummy sleeping bag was introduced, Winterial had a lot of pressure to get the design just right. Winterial pops up every now and then with some really good stuff for camping. Their double mummy sleeping bag is a real hit and may be a sign of good things to come.
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Comfort: Now this is where it gets tricky for a lot of customers, especially with mummy bags. The comfort level is going to be heavily dependent on the size of the adults getting in the bag.

Durability: Made of top grade material, these bags can take some really heavy conditions. Both the outer and inner parts were constructed with great precision.

Width for Two: A mummy sleeping bag design can be one of the most comfortable models you can get. The double mummy bag is an interesting approach, and its effectiveness will come down to the size of the people getting in it.

Price: The price is high for this sleeping bag, but when you consider it is two mummy sleeping bags in one, the price is low. Customers may want to look at it that way if they are buying based off of price.
  • This double bag has a water resistant diamond ripstop patterned shell, which offers a bit more protection and durability
  • There are also two interior pockets for small valuables or smartphones
  • Some might not be too crazy about the double mummy bag design

Famous Juggle Double

Famous Juggle Double
Some may call them a generic brand while others will say that Famous Juggle is on their way up. Their materials and quality are on par with some of the best on the list, so they’re definitely a legit company. Famous Juggle may become the next big company in sleeping bags if they make more models like this one. It cracked the list at #10 and has a lot of positive customer reactions to the comfort levels and durability.
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Comfort: The bag is roomy and plush, made of high quality cotton. The liner is made of skin friendly flannel, and all of the materials come together into one nice package.

Durability: Believe it or not this bag is anti-tear and waterproof. These aren’t halfway done features and work exactly as one would expect from a high-end bag.

Width for Two: This bag provides plenty of room for two to easily get in and out of the bag, and to sleep soundly. Plus, with the comfort features added into this bag, you should be able to get a good night’s rest.

Price: The price is about average, and that’s for all colors. Available colors are orange, blue, dark blue and red. But you won’t have to worry about burning a hole in your pocket book if you select this sleeping bag. Consider this the surprise of the list and a model you won’t often see in sleeping bag lists. Famous Juggle isn’t the first name people think about when it comes to quality sleeping bags, but that may soon change.
  • This one from Famous Juggle is good if you just need a well built basic bag for two
  • It does unzip into two separates bags
  • This one is quite thin, so you probably won't want to rely on it in much colder climates
  • You might consider a liners with this

The Criteria We Used To Find The Best Double Sleeping Bags

There are several bits of criteria which are important factors to keep in mind when shopping for the most ideal options. These are the points we look at when choosing our top picks. So, we’ll cover comfort, durability, width for two, and price in a bit more detail below.


Every company has different materials, but the comfort level goes beyond how it feels against the skin. Insulation is going to be the big feature with any sleeping bag, so pay close attention to not only the rated levels but how well the bag keeps air out. A good sleeping bag will maintain a steady temperature once you’re inside, so any unnecessary holes or cheap fabrics can ruin the entire experience. None of the double sleeping bags on the list have that problem, yet some are more effective at keeping temperatures warm than others. Rate your comfort level with a combination of extra features (pillows, blankets, head cushion), materials and how they feel against your skin, and of course insulation. All three of these will give you an accurate assessment level of how comfortable a bag on the list is. So, you’ll need to think about the warmth and temperature level you want to get out of your sleeping bag, and also evaluate how comfortable the sleeping bag feels for you. Sometimes it’s a better idea to go to the store to examine your sleeping bag options, as actually touching the materials and fabric and feeling the insulation can tell you a lot about what you’re likely to get out of your sleeping bag.


Durability can vary a lot in double sleeping bags, especially considering both brand and style differences. You want to make sure you look for sleeping bags with durable fabric, like polyester ripstop shells, which help make them abrasion-resistant and also extend the life of the sleeping bag. Also, some of the sleeping bags on our list feature some other concepts that add to the durability of the sleeping bag, like waterproof materials and other abrasion-resistant features. Another important thing to analyze on your sleeping bag is the zippers. You want to make sure they don’t catch and tear your sleeping bag, or break easily. Since zippers tend to be the first things to go, you’ll want to check those out. Also, when you are examining the durability of your sleeping bag, you should consider some customer reviews to see what other experiences people have had, and if there were any issues with durability when customers used the bag. Doing a bit of research into durability and seeing what other customers have to say should help you establish how long your bag will last, and how much abuse it can take when you are sleeping in the great outdoors.

Width for Two

Width is very important, and often consumers will think of height as being the more important number to look at. But think about it- two people will be in one sleeping bag, often of completely different sizes. Those size mismatches can come up to a number that makes the bag uncomfortable for two people in it at one time. This becomes even more of a problem with mummy double sleeping bags, where space is already restricted. No matter the type of sleeping bag, take your sizing needs into consideration when deciding on a sleeping bag. No one wants to be trapped like a sardine in a can for hours on end when there are better sleeping options available.

Once again, width is going to come into play when deciding just how comfortable it is. In some situations two adults and two small children can fit in a double sleeping bag. This is the optimal goal, and not every customer will be able to do this. In fact the better option would be purchasing a double sleeping bag that splits in two, that way you can have a bed for the adults and a bed for your children. It works as a better fit than trying to get all four (or three) people into one double sleeping bag.

So, depending on the size of the people sleeping in your double sleeping bag, you’ll have to factor in the style of the sleeping bag, how much room there is for you to sleep in, and exactly what you need. Consider your options first and try to decide what is best for you and your family if you’re trying to sleep more than two people in a double sleeping bag.


Double sleeping bags have been much improved since they first came out, with the little things like linings making a big difference in a purchase. Prices don’t really come into play until you get into the high-priced options for double sleeping bags. For low and average priced bags, you’re getting an incredible deal since it is two in one. Taking the time to look at it as two purchases in one will make it easier to swallow some of the higher prices, and in some cases, the lower tier prices will make it pointless to buy regular sleeping bags since the double variant is such a good deal. There might be a shift for some families or large groups that recognize this price discrepancy and want to stock up on sleeping bags. Since there are now double mummy sleeping bags, just about all types are covered for all conditions. What’s nice to know about your double sleeping bag choices is the fact that there are still many affordable options on the market today that can help save you money while still giving you the performance you want when sleeping outside and camping. So, if you don’t have a lot of money to spend, you can still get a fairly decent sleeping bag and rest comfortably each time you camp outside.

Other Important Factors To Consider

Aside from the criteria to pay attention to, in order to find the best choice, there are also a few things to think about which will matter with continuous use. We’ll cover some of these other factors below, and hopefully reviewing them will help you make the right purchase when you run out to buy your double sleeping bag.

Tips And Opinions

There are numerous reasons why a double sleeping bag is preferred over a regular one. Although similar in function, the differences between the two can lead to some new learning experiences. So, if you are going to use a double sleeping bag for yourself, you’ll want to factor in things about your purchase decision a bit differently than if you were purchasing the sleeping bag for two people.

Using A Double Sleeping Bag For Yourself

Double sleeping bags are not just for two people to lay in. There are many people who purchase double sleeping bags for the extra space. There is nothing wrong with wanting to roll around a bit while away from home, and just like a California King has its perks, so does a double sleeping bag. When someone purchases a double sleeping bag for themselves, they will find that the most comfortable option are the ones that don’t come apart. The all in one options are better suited for these specific buyers purposes, and should offer the better deal. So if you’re buying the double sleeping bag for yourself, you might need to look at the way the sleeping bag sleeps people a bit differently to make sure you get the right amount and warmth and insulation each time you sleep outside in the cold. Just make sure you consider what you need if you are buying a double sleeping bag for yourself, and focus on selecting a sleeping bag that will bring you these options.

The Different Brands

Coleman and Teton rank at the top of the list and are considered the biggest companies on the list. They have a long track record of quality, customer service, and unbelievably comfortable products. Any choice from these two companies will be a good one, but that doesn’t mean you should ignore the rest. One of the surprises on the list is Famous Juggle, a company that snuck on at #10 and has one of the better choices in the industry. Famous Juggle also comes strong with superior customer support, something that can be taken for granted if you’ve never had to call in to an agent. Brand names can be important when it comes to quality and durability, but some of the newer brands also offer decent and affordable options in sleeping bags. So, if you are shopping on a budget and can’t afford some of the higher-priced brands, you should still be able to purchase a decent sleeping bag even if it isn’t from a top name brand.


When people say a sleeping bag has thin materials, it isn’t always meant as a con. A low weight sleeping bag unusually points to thinner materials, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t plush or comfortable. Thin sleeping bags can be soft and insulated while maintaining a low overall weight. Buyers will also notice it’s a lot easier to roll up and pack a double sleeping bag that is low weight compared to a heavier option. The benefits of a heavier options are obvious, as they will always be more comfortable. If the extra weight isn’t bothersome, customers may also consider this their preferred option when shopping for double sleeping bags. Just remember that you have to roll it up and pack it, sometimes by yourself. Depending on how you are planning to use your double sleeping bag, you’ll want to consider your weight options, especially if you plan to carry the sleeping bag along with you as you hike. So, make sure you plan accordingly and consider weight as a factor, especially if you will be packing the bag down often.


Q: How Often Should My Sleeping Bag Be Cleaned?

Treat double sleeping bags even better than you would the beds in your home with sheets. When you’re out sleeping on the ground, there are a lot of foreign substances that can remain in place until you wash your sleeping bags. The best way to get an infection is to continually sleep on dirty materials, so always wash a sleeping bag before the next use. And when it is finished drying, put it in the carrying bag for safe keeping. Most of the models on the list are machine washable, so it is nothing more than tossing it in the washer with some other stuff and walking away. Keeping your double sleeping bag clean is one of the easiest things you’ll have to do after purchase. So, don’t forget to focus on cleanliness after you purchase your bag, and make sure you take care of it properly since this will help extend the life of your sleeping bag.

Q: Are There Any risks for infants or small kids?

Infants should never be in a sleeping bag by themselves, and for obvious reasons. As long as adults are present, it’s no different than laying your infant on a blanket. The materials used in a majority of these are good, so keeping up with regular cleaning maintenance will go a long way. And since most bags are made with soft materials, infants can end up falling asleep faster than their parents. In situations where allergies are a concern, always look at the materials used for the bag before purchasing. Most are made of cotton, polyester and other merged materials. Keep an eye open for any material that might cause a reaction, and you won’t have any future issues.

Q: What Should You Do When A Sleeping Bag Starts To Smell?

When washing a sleeping bag no longer gets the smell out, then you’ll have to take it a step further with the cleaning solutions. Mildew can be a big issue with something as large as a double sleeping bag, and is usually caused by a wet bag not being dried properly. There are other things that can produce a smell that won’t go away like urine and certain bacteria. When you’ve hit a wall in trying to get this smell out, if instructions permit dryer use, put it in the dryer with a sock full of fragrant herbs. It sounds simple, yet it works much better than dryer sheets. Alternative options other than the sock are a hose or even cheesecloth. And even if this fails, there is the nuclear option of adding baking soda or a brand named odor remover to the cycle. Be careful with the brand named option, since some of the ingredients can harm the actual fabric of the sleeping bag.

Q: What should couples consider when purchasing double sleeping bags?

Couples that want to sleep together with a double sleeping bag should show preference to bags that don’t come apart. They offer a better ‘bed’ experience and have a much more natural feel to them. Many also come with included pillows for each person

Q: Do I need to think about All season or cold weather sleeping bags?

Make it a point to know what environment you’re going to be using the sleeping bag in. Not all sleeping bags will be comfortable in warmer weather, so prepare according to the temperature. The humidity alone can make for a rather unpleasant night of sleeping if you’re in a very warm sleeping bag.

Q: Do the extras matter?

Some of the options on the list come with pillows and even a removable blanket. These extras can make a difference in your purchasing decision, but only if you consider those extras worthwhile. Buyers that have their own specific blankets and pillows they want to use will find the extras just get in the way, and therefore are an expense they can do without. Only pay for extras that you eventually plan to use. As a side note, if you have other sleeping bag users in the house, you can give the pillows to them!

Double sleeping bags are great deals no matter how you look at them. They provide more value per dollar, have the same options as regular sleeping bags and hold up great in the durability department. And for customers that are afraid of going in head first, they can always buy a double sleeping bag that zips apart into two separate bags. It’s a deal where everyone wins, with the customer getting the bulk of the benefit.



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