Best Coleman Tents

Are you a natural camper? Or perhaps you’ve been camping for years and you are looking for a family tent that will accommodate your entire family including the dog? There are many brands and models on the market that offer different features but choosing one of them might be a difficult choice. For this reason, we have made an extensive research on the topic and the results clearly showed that Coleman is one of the most logical choices on the market, especially if you are looking for a tent that will not break the bank. A Coleman tent will equip you with an affordable price product that will not require you to sacrifice the comfort it provides or any other feature. Instead, you will be able to have a pleasant camping trip that will meet your family’s needs!

Coleman Sundome Tent
  • Coleman Sundome Tent
  • 5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Spacious
  • Great ventilation system
  • Price: See Here
Coleman Instant Tent
  • Coleman Instant Tent
  • 4.8 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Fast pitching time
  • High-quality fabrics
  • Price: See Here
Coleman Red Canyon Tent
  • Coleman Red Canyon Tent
  • 4.7 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Weather Tec system
  • Very stable
  • Price: See Here

10 Best Coleman Tents


Coleman Sundome Tent

The Coleman Sundome tent is a dome style tent design, as the name suggests. It is pretty spacious inside and it is perfect for people who find small spaces not too appealing. Even though originally it was made as a 6 person tent, there are other Sundome sizes available starting from a 2 person tent to a 4 people tent.
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It has a pole construction and is large enough to feet few queen beds which provide a much greater comfort. The pole construction is set up with a Insta-Clip technology which significantly lowers the pitching time of the tent. This leaves you with a pitching time of no more than 10 minutes. Even though this is not as quick as an inflatable tent pitching, as far as pole tents go, that is pretty fast.
However, every camper knows that the most important thing when enjoying the nature is keeping us humans away from the bugs. Even though they are not dangerous to our health, they could get quite annoying. For this reason The Sundome has a ventilation system which is allowing air to get inside without inviting bugs inside.
Material quality
The Sundome is made from polyester material which also makes it waterproof and somewhat breathable. This is a highly durable material that is relatively resistant to tearing and if you know how to keep your products, it will last you for years.
The Center height of the tent is 59”” which is high enough for you to stand, get dressed and move freely.
The poles used for the construction are placed at a specific angle that is making the whole construction pretty stable. It could even withstand strong winds. They poles are made from fiberglass which is the logical choice for a tent pole since it is pretty lightweight and strong material. The thickness of the poles is 8.5 mm which makes the whole construction pretty solid.
The floor is made from 1000D Polyethylene, a more durable material that is also waterproof and tear resistant. Even though the tent is closed from all sides in order to prevent bugs and water coming inside, it has a port for electric access which should be additionally covered in case of a heavy rain.
Additional features
The additional features include a rain fly that you could use as a sun protection material as well. It is important to mention though, that if you use it as a rain protection material, you should place it properly and make sure that you prevent a water bubble from being formed.
The Sundome also comes with a 1 year warranty.
All in all, the tent has an excellent design that is ready to protect you from the elements and at the same time provide the user comfort and luxury. The interior is spacious enough for a bed to be placed inside as well as some chairs. This will allow you to design yourself a nice and small bedroom with practical and comfortable features. The price is also not too high considering the features it offers.
  • Great ventilation system
  • Insta-Clip Technology
  • Waterproof
  • Tear resistant
  • Rainfly
  • A bit hard to pack the tent inside the bag

Coleman Instant Tent

This is a large instant tent that is able to accommodate 6 people at a time. The room is spacious enough to fit 2 queen sized beds. However, is this is not large enough for your big family or a group of friends, Coleman offers an 8 people version that has 2 rooms for greater privacy.
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The material used for the tent is polyester with 150 density. This makes the tent fairly durable, especially for a larger tent that seem to tear easier. For this reason, Coleman has used fabrics that is thicker and with higher quality than the standard fabrics which is usually used for the production process.


The setting up of the tent is instant as the name suggests. It takes only a minute to set it up and it can be done with 3 people only.

Additional features

And since this is a 3 season tent, it is completely equipped for rainy weather or strong winds. It features a rainfly that has vents that will create a pleasant atmosphere and an airflow that will allow you to breathe even on the highest summer temperatures.

Bottom Line

All in all, the natural environment for this Coleman tent are summer campsites since the ventilation properties it possesses are incomparable to other models on the market. It is also recommended as a family tent since there is an option of turning the space into two rooms, which gives you a certain level of privacy.
  • High-quality material
  • Fast pitching tent
  • Spacious
  • Low quality stakes

Coleman Red Canyon Tent

The Red Canyon is another large size tent from the Coleman brand that is able to accommodate 8 people and it is stable enough to withstand winds and heavy rains. Its center height is 72 inches which is high enough for a tall person to stand without any problems. There is also a room divider that will allow you to create two to three rooms that will provide privacy for the whole family.
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The system Coleman uses for rainy weather is the Weathertec which is responsible for keeping your family and yourself dry from a wet ground, rainy weather and even a combination of rain and wind. As far as weather protection goes, this is the best you could get out of a tent.

The setting up is fairly easy and quick. The tent is made with a pole construction and tough and thick fabric. The poles are shock cord ones and the fabrics used is thick enough to keep the whole construction tight. The construction is designed in a way that the tent will not form water pockets if it is raining for hours.

Although it is intended mostly for campers, because with its 15 pounds it is obviously not in the lightweight category, you could also use it for backpacking if you split the weight to all family or group members.

The setting up is done with a minimum of 3 people and it takes somewhere from 10 to 20 minutes depending on your ability to pitch a tent. It is relatively easy and literary anyone could do it. If you are expecting thunderstorms, simply make sure you stake down the rainfly and you are good to go.

The not so great stuff about this tent is the zippers. After a while, if they are wet for a long time (meaning days, instead of hours) they tent to stuck and they don’t go all the way up or down. In order to avoid such issues, we advise that you always dry the tent before packing it and treat the zipper gently.
  • Quite roomy
  • Weather Tec system
  • Wind-resistant
  • Zipper issues might occur if you don't care for the tent properly

Coleman Evanston Screened Tent

Since the summer campers are preparing for their adventures, we are presenting the Evanston Screened tent from Coleman which is ideal for high temperatures and sunny weather. It can accommodate from 6 to 8 persons and it has a great performance. The center height is 68 inches which is not as high as other 6 person tents, but the height across the whole tent is fairly roomy.
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The material which the tent is made of is polyester 75 D, the taffeta type which is thicker, and a fabric with higher density in order for it to be more durable and strong.

The offered price for this Coleman tent is pretty affordable and the quality it provides will not be compromised. It takes only minutes to set up and take it down and this could be done with only 3 people. The other family members could go swimming without wasting a minute of their time. However, the most important thing is that even though the price is on the low side, not a drop of rain will be able to touch you and your family will be dry no matter what. Even though the comfort is a relative feature which many people take differently, for us, it is important that the bottom and the top materials sizes don’t differ as much. This gives you the freedom to move around freely and feel comfortable inside.

Its only downside is that it is not intended for backpacking and it weighs quite a bit. Also, in order for it to be more weather resistant you need to set it up properly. Otherwise, it will not protect you from the elements and you might even be left without a roof over your head. However, for experienced campers, or the ones that are handy, this shouldn’t represent a problem at all.
  • 75D polyester material
  • Comfortable
  • 68 inches center height
  • Pretty heavy
  • Needs to be set up properly in order to be water-resistant

Coleman WeatherMaster Tent

The Weather Master tent from the Coleman brand is designed for campers that wish to extend their camping adventures for up to several months. Several months camping requires a lot of space and a great resistance to any kind of weather. The WeatherMaster offers all of this with an addition of privacy that its two rooms can provide.
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This tent is designed to be practical and comfortable to accommodate up to 10 people. What’s best is that it can be divided into 2 rooms for better privacy which suggests that 2 families could live under one “roof” for months. And even better, they have swings shaped in D forms that can be used as doors. The swings allow you to make a different entrance for each family which increases the privacy as well as the enjoyment.

Weather resistance

Responsible for its waterproof properties is the Weather Tech system that makes the entire tent a closed waterproof environment, while allowing the ventilation to work properly and the air to flow inside. All sides of the tent are made with taffeta fabrics 75D, except the bottom which is reinforced with a thicker material in order to be more tearing resistant. The tent material is also PU coated which increases its waterproof properties while making the material lightweight and quite flexible.

Even though it is called the weather master, it is not resistant to any weather conditions. In fact, it is not able to withstand low temperatures, snow or ice. This is because the material used for the sides is not an isolator and has single fabrics only. If you are looking for a winter tent it is better to search for double skin constructions. This model of tent will keep the temperature inside higher and it will keep you warm and comfortable.
  • Suitable for long camping trips
  • Wind resistant
  • Water-resistant
  • 75D Taffeta Material
  • This is not a low priced product

Coleman Montana 8 Tent

The Montana tent is built for summer temperatures and high humidity areas. Its best advantage is its performance during a rain season. The windows of the tent are specifically designed in order to keep the inside nice and dry even though they are wide open. This allows you to breathe in some rainy negative ions which we all know has a great effect on the human body and mood. It can fit 8 people which is enough for a family and maybe even some family guests. The electrical port can be set outside or brought in, depending on your preferences.
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Waterproof properties

Even though on first sight, you might get the impression that in case it rains you will be left will little breathing air inside the tent because of the small windows, the experiences are proving exactly the opposite. Coleman has solved this problem with a roof installed ventilation system that allows you to breathe fresh air while it is raining outside. The sound of rain drops while you are sleeping combined with the reliability this tent offers will make your camping enjoyable even though you accidentally catch the rain season.


This is not a tent that a beginner would set up easily. If you haven’t already done this before, the entire process can seem overwhelming. However, if you have help of at least one more person, the task gets significantly easier. It also comes with stakes that are necessary to use on windy areas or in case of storms.

Even though the ventilation works perfectly on rainy weather, on higher temperatures it might represent a problem. In total there are only 2 windows which are not enough to create a constant airflow that will make some breeze inside. This could be solved by opening the door, therefore allowing the air to circulate. However, it is good that the tent is roomy enough to accommodate 8 people. This does not mean 4 people and 4 adults, but it can comfortably fit 8 people inside without feeling crowded inside.
  • Angled side windows
  • WeatherTec Coleman system
  • 1-year warranty
  • The hinged door is not too safe

Coleman Tenaya Lake

Coleman Tenaya Lake
Even though this Coleman’s tent is promoted as a fast pitching tent, it takes about 10 minutes to set it up which is certainly not the fastest in this list. However, there are other advantages that cannot be ignored such as its superior weather resistance properties which make it perfect for camping around a lake or a river.
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The Tanaya tent can accommodate up to 8 people, although we suggest that you don’t go over 6 if you don’t want to feel overly crowded. However, if this is not an issue for you, we are positive you will enjoy the benefits of this tent. The setting up is easy and you could even pitch it in the dark. However, it will take you a longer time under such conditions. You only need 2 people to do the pitching though. If there are extra helpers, the pitching time will decrease.

It owes its superior water resistant properties to the setup which is far from conventional. It will be able to get you through a heavy storm and you will be completely dry and comfortable inside. Of course, it has Coleman’s famous Weather Tec system which is allowing airflow during rains. Even though it comes with a rainfly, you could even manage without it. The rainfly is a bit smaller than expected and it comes a bit short on the side which is why if there is a heavy rain, it is necessary that your windows are closed.

Additional features

Additional features include illuminated guy ropes that allow you to see them in the dark and avoid getting tripped up.

It also has shelves that will make your organization easier and you will be able to find every object you brought with you immediately.

It is not the lightest in the category which is why Coleman included a wheeled bag for easier transport. It weighs 41 pounds which is too much to carry it around to your favorite camping spot.
  • 75% more water-resistant than any other tent
  • Great ventilation system
  • Fast pitching
  • The material might wear out over time

Coleman Carlsbad Fast Pitch

Carlsbad is a Coleman tent intended for summer vacations designed to block the greenhouse warming effect that is common in many tent models. This means that it will keep you cooler throughout the day. It has some level of water resistance, but this is definitely not its best feature. Even though a short storm might not do damage to the tent, strong winds and thunderstorms might leave you up all night.
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Carlsbad might not be able to fight the storms, but it certainly is a comfortable tent.
Its height of 5.5 feet allows you to stand tall and a freedom of movement inside the tent. So if you are expecting a nice weather with high temperatures, this is the perfect choice for you.

Weather resistance

As far as weather resistance goes, this tent has the ability to keep you cool at the highest temperatures, comparing to other tents on the market. You will be able to sleep until noon without being woken up by the heat or the sun.
  • Designed to block most of the sunlight
  • Water-resistant
  • Great performance at warmer areas
  • The back window does not zip up

Coleman Hooligan Tent

This is a small 2 person tent which is very lightweight, which suggests that you can use it for backpacking and it can be setup very fast because it only has one pole.
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There is a rainfly that will keep you dry in the storms. However, in order for it to work you need to tighten it up properly by following the instructions in the manual.

Weather resistance

This is a summer tent with great ventilation system that will keep you cool as long as there is a breeze. The ventilation system is integrated with a mesh tent from the inside.

As for the rainy season, it is still a Coleman tent, which means that it has the famous Weather Tec Coleman system in order to protect you from the moisture. So as far as water resistance goes, this tent is as good as any other Coleman tent.

In addition to this it comes at an affordable price and Amazon currently offers a discount which makes it even a more appealing offer.
  • Great ventilation system
  • Lightweight
  • Rainfly included
  • Affordable price
  • It is not too spacious

Coleman Pop-up Tent

This is a relatively new Coleman tent model that has a bit stranger design than other tents with a leading feature of incredibly fast pitching. The tent is ideal for backpacking, hiking, biking or camping. It is intended for adventurers that frequently change their locations. Needless to say, these campers need a tent that will be able to setup instantly and they won’t be wasting any time erecting it.
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Even though it is very easy to set it up, taking it down might require a bit of an effort. However, after you take it down couple of times, the process goes much faster.

As far as weather resistance goes, it is able to withstand a heavy rain, but it might not perform so well in case of a storm. However, this goes for most tents, so there are no surprises there.

Its biggest downside is its price. Considering that the features it offers are similar to other Coleman tents, this one costs quite a bit. However, if you need a lightweight tent version with the fastest pitching time, this model might be worth your investment!
  • Instant pitching
  • Water-resistant
  • Lightweight
  • Not so wind-resistant


Criteria for Evaluation

Why go with a Coleman tent?

The Coleman name is well known in the camping and backpacking world. It has been the leader on the market for years now and it is very well established as a company that will always deliver quality. Although Coleman brand produces more than just tents, their products’ reliability and quality is undeniable.

The Coleman brand has over 40 tent designs that they are selling online on their website or through other retailers. Although the quality of the customer service varies from one retailer to another, Coleman offers a great customer service that will take care of every issue that may arise. Among the models, they have 4 various types of tents:

  • Instant tents
  • Dome Coleman tents
  • Dome-like modified tents
  • Cabin Coleman tents

Instant tents

Coleman’s Instant tents’ main advantage is their fast pitching, as the name suggests. They can be set up in about 3 to 5 minutes depending on your skills and they could be taken down in even less time. The prices for this type of tents start from $140 and they increase depending on the features they offer and the number of people they are able to accommodate. It is also great that instant Coleman tent can be found in many sizes. The smallest one is only able to fit one person and maybe even a dog or a toddler. Even though this might seem too small for you, some of the users that have experienced this tent, have some really positive reviews to share.

Sundome Coleman Tents

The Sundome Coleman tents are intended for the beginner campers since it is designed in a way that it can be easy to set it up, and even easier to fix some small issues that might come up while camping. They are usually much cheaper than other Coleman tents and they are perfect if your budget is limited and you want to get more for your money. However, if you decide to go for a Sundome tent, we recommend that you get a bigger one since they tend to be more comfortable and luxurious.

Montana Coleman Tents

The Montana tent is a modified dome that is able to fit more people inside while providing the same level of comfort and performance. This is also the best-selling Coleman product on Amazon and there is a good reason for this. It has an affordable price and it offers you the privacy you certainly need when you are camping with more than 4 people.

Evanston tents

The main feature of the Evanstone tent, and the reason why it is so perfect for summer is the extra room which is designed like a porch in the shadow. It is actually a screened small area that is able to fit two camping chairs and it is the perfect place where you could enjoy your morning coffee. Or if you are a night owl, you could lie down and take a look at the stars.

Cabin Coleman Tents

Although the cabin Coleman tents come with smaller dimensions than the other Coleman tent models, it offers a lot of other different features. They usually come with a porch design which offers a great protection against the sun, therefore being excellent for the summer. Some of them are also intended for backpacking and they are much lighter than other Coleman tent models. You also have Cabin Coleman tents for bikers.

Elite Coleman tents

Elite versions of the Coleman tents come with a higher quality pole system, better fabrics and a lot of other additional features that could not be found in standard versions. One of the additional features includes hinge design doors as well as a built-in system for lighting the inside of the tent. However, these tents are at least 20% more expensive than the standard models which is making them quite an investment for camping.

Coleman tents performance and design

The first thing to look forward to if you decide purchasing a Coleman tent is the wide choice of tent styles they offer. There is a different tent design for everyone. They have lightweight tents, fast pitching tents, dome ones, cabin and instant tents as well as tents for backpacking.

Each product has their own specific features that make your camping life more enjoyable. However, what’s even more impressive is that some of the Coleman tents have their own patented technology that is providing unique features to the user and could not be found anywhere else. This makes the Coleman brand unique and leader on the market.

However, the Coleman company isn’t only producing flawless products. Some of their products that come at a lower price lack some features, which is why we are presenting the advantages and downsides of every Coleman tent reviewed in this buying guide.


Q: Which Coleman tent is the best?

A: There are various types of Coleman tents which means that having to pick one as the best one is impossible. They all have a leading feature which will tell you what its best use is. If you need a backpacking Coleman tent it is better to focus primarily on the weight because having to drag a 30 pounds tent up the mountain is either an extremely difficult task, or an impossible one. If however, you are looking for a camping tent the weight is the least of your concern. Instead, it is better to focus on the material quality and its construction. If the campsite location is a bit hotter, a well ventilation system is necessary. Rainier areas require a tent that will have great water resistant properties, such as the Tenaya Lake Coleman tent. All in all, there isn’t one option suitable for every type of camping.

Q: How to fold a Coleman tent?

A: We all agree that setting up the tent is the hardest task of a camping trip. And maybe you have even figured out a way to take it down fast. However, folding it into the tiny bag that is provided by the company might be more difficult. In order to do so, it is necessary that you fold it properly, without leaving any air gaps inside the folding that will make it bulkier, therefore unfitting for the Coleman bag. Another thing to do is to clean it before folding it because dirt of moisture on the material could cause a faster deterioration, thus you will need a new tent in just a few seasons. If each of these steps is done properly, you can easily store it in the bag intended for the tent.

In another question and answer, we are explaining how to clean it properly which is very important to do. After that, you will need to remove the hard construction parts. The stakes will need to come out first and then the poles. After doing so, the material will be free to be folded. However, you should make sure that it is smoothed and there aren’t any lumps left. It is easiest when the folding is done in rectangle shape instead of a square one which is the first option people think of. You should continue folding it, until the size of the tent is smaller than the size of the Coleman bag. After folding it as much as possible, roll it up and store it in the bag.

Q: How to repair a Coleman tent pole?

A: Even though this is pretty much the worst thing that could happen to your tent on your camping trip, there is a way to still enjoy the rest of your adventure. However, once you get home, we recommend contacting the Coleman retailer that you bought the tent from and replace it with a new one that will hopefully last you for years. Breaking a pole is not such a rare thing to happen. It could happen to anyone, but it is a bit annoying. Repairing a Coleman tent pole is done the same way as any other pole since most poles are made with the same materials. Aluminum poles are lighter and stronger which is why they are most frequently used in the production process. In order to fix the damage, you will need a duct tape and a repair sleeves intended for tent poles.

When a pole is broken, it is not flattened like it would be when it is cut. This is a problem when you intend to repair it. For this reason, you will need to break off the shreds that are left on the broken spot in order for them to fit into a repair sleeve, previously mentioned. Even if your pole is not made from aluminum, but from carbon or fiberglass, the procedure remains exactly the same.

If such issue arises in the middle of the night you will obviously need a faster approach that will hold the tent erected during the night only. For such occasions, we recommend placing the sleeve on the outer side of the pole, while centering it on the breaking spot. After this, we recommend that you use a duct tape to hold the sleeve into position. You will need to apply this to both ends of the repair sleeve. After doing so, you could feel free to get back to your bed without any concerns.

Q: How to set up a Coleman tent?

A: As previously mentioned, Coleman has dozens of tent models that vary in shape, size and construction type. However, setting up a Coleman tent is basically the same way as any other tent out there. The principle used on the Coleman construction is a shock corder system with collapsible poles that will make the setup much easier than competitive tents.

The first thing you need to do is find an appropriate place for setting up the Coleman tent. Ideally, the area will be a bit inclined and your tent will be set up to the highest position. This will allow the raining water to flow in the opposite direction of your tent which will keep you dry. If this is not possible, at least look for a flat surface and you could dig up a tunnel around it. The area should also be free or with fewer rocks.

After choosing a location for setting up the tent, you should stabilize the construction by staking down the corners of the Coleman tent. Then, the poles should be assembled in a way that they create a long pole. You should also take a look at the manual and see how many poles your tent has. Coleman tents tend to have from 2 to 6 poles. This depends on its size and tent model.

Final thoughts

Selecting a product that will be practical and durable at the same time could be tough, especially if one is a passionate camper that knows what he wants. Even though Coleman is not the only company that produces high-quality tents in this price range, it is one of the leaders on the market and has been so for decades. Coleman products are specifically designed to be comfortable and practical in nature. It makes your stay in the nature more comfortable and the construction is stable enough to withstand storms and rainy weather. Their ventilation system however, varies from a model to a model. For this reason, we recommend that you pick a model with better ventilation if you need a summer tent and a closed version one for more humid areas. In this buying guide we have explained the advantages of owning a Coleman tent as well as the downsides of every product of theirs.

If you have a question or doubt about the suggested products or Coleman tents in general, leave us a comment in the comment section bellow! Have a nice camping trip!