Best Bike Pumps

When you’re out riding in the middle of nowhere, anything can happen. That anything is usually a flat tire that makes biking harder than usual. But bike pumps are not just for filling up flat tires, they can even things out. Experienced riders want a level of consistency with their tires, and can often feel when one has a little less air than the other. Playing with these averages will lead to a more comfortable ride, and having the option to change that pressure is why it is important to have a reliable bike pump. This is a great product to have whether you’re off-road biking, or going the long distance on a trail.

Really this should be an essential part of your kit, as you never know when you might need to add or completely refill after a quick patch up or replacement, especially when riding over more rugged types of terrain. As a necessity, it is probably wise to go with a product that is built on quality instead of a lower price. Check out the list we have put together, then scroll down a bit further for some additional information, which we hope you will find helpful in your search.

Last Updated: July 26, 2018
By Mackenzie Jervis:

Check out our updated guide to find newer, more relevant picks for the road and trails. We have also done some extra digging to find and share some more helpful information for your search.

Topeak Road Morph
  • Topeak Road Morph
  • 4.9 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Proven performance
  • Price: See Here
Innovations Second Wind
  • Innovations Second Wind
  • 4.6 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Twisting action
  • Price: See Here
Blackburn AirStik SL Mini
  • Blackburn AirStik SL Mini
  • 4.5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Great value
  • Price: See Here

10 Best Bike Pumps

Topeak Road Morph G

Topeak is the correct company to make it to the top of the list and is usually in the top five of multiple outdoor lists. Their Road Morph G mini Pump is exactly the type of product that needs to be on everyone’s radar.

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Price: In a range that buyers will see a lot with bike pumps, the price is low. Everything you need to get started is already packaged with the product.

Brand Recognition: Topeak will be on the list multiple times, and is one of the better brands in the industry. Their expertise goes beyond bike pumps and extends into a lot of other quality outdoor materials.

Ease Of Use: There is nothing complicated about using this bike pump, even for first-time users. The instructions are clear, and there is a very short learning curve if you’re new to the system.

Durability: The entire pump is high quality, but there are some plastic parts like the thumb lock. Even with a lot of force, there is no part of the pump that feels like it will fall apart due to extended use. Dependability is the name of the game when it comes to this mini pump. It is small, portable and best of all great on the wallet for being a top product.
  • Used by professionals, hobbyists, and amateurs
  • Quality proven Presta/Schrader head


  • Foot peg is too small for many 

Innovations Second Wind Road

Sometimes the best thing to have in a bike pump is ease of use. That is the angle Genuine Innovations went for, and it nailed it better than any other product on the list. Designed with simplicity in mind, you’ll be able to easily use this bike pump whenever you need it.
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Price: A low price, as usual, follows this product, which is great considering it has such a foolproof method for use. Bracket and water materials are also included in the overall package. So, you get a good overall value with this product.

Brand Recognition: Genuine Innovations is one of those companies that always receives high marks no matter what they put on the market. Their customer service is top notch, and their warranties are impressive.

Ease Of Use: The twist to inflate technology makes this the easiest to use on the list. It’s also great for users that have wrist problems and don’t want to aggravate their condition.

Durability: With a carbon fiber pump body, both the externals and internals of the unit are at the top of their class. This is a pump that will maintain its usefulness after years of heavy use. Having such an easy method of pumping has been out for a while, but the way in which the company perfected it says a lot about their ambitions. This is a slam dunk product for the lineup and a fine choice for anyone that needs a pump.
  • Twist to inflate CO2 flow control technology
  • 130 psi


  • Only works with Presta valves

Blackburn AirStik SL

Stylish and portable are some of the better qualities of this bike pump. Over the years it has proven itself to be more useful than the average pump, and possibly one of the best. Made for ease of use and portability, you won’t mind whipping out the Blackburn Airstik SL anytime you need to use it.
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Price: Both the black and white version are about the same price, with very little difference. The color choices are something that isn’t seen a lot with pumps, so is a refreshing option. For the most part, however, this bike pump is priced in the average range.

Brand Recognition: Some might say that Blackburn is under the radar compared to other bike pump makers. Even if that is true, they have a good history with product quality, and they are also known for providing excellent customer service.

Ease Of Use: For a high volume pump of such small stature, it works remarkably well. You’ll have no issues figuring out how to use this in a pinch even if you forgo the included instructions.

Durability: The durability of this bike pump really isn’t an issue since it has a lifetime warranty attached. That alone should be worth the pickup for anyone serious about their biking accessories. A lifetime warranty puts this high on any list of bike pumps. It provides a lot of air and is small enough to work on any bike available.
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Available in black or white
  • Takes a lot of pumps to get a tire full

Lezyne Pressure Drive

Lezyne Pressure Drive
Options are the selling point for this Lezyne hand pump. Using a variety of colors and sizes, buyers will get the best choices possible when choosing a model that fits their needs. If you know you tend to be picky about things when you make a product selection, then the Lezyne Pressure Drive might just provide what you need.
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Price: Depending on which size and color combination you get, the price can range from low to medium. Nothing too outrageous, but in some cases twice the price of a normal bike pump. So, our advice is to pick your size and color options wisely, especially if you are shopping on a budget.

Brand Recognition: Lezyne is a great brand to get behind if you’ve never purchased a pump before. They always equip their models with pro features like advanced deflate options, something that comes in handy when you’re in a rush. They are also known for providing excellent customer service.
Ease Of Use: Inflating and deflating is easy, and doesn’t take a lot of time once you get the hang of it. And if you choose the medium-sized model, it goes even faster to reach your max level.

Durability: Made of CNC machined aluminum, the construction is so precise that it deserves a lot of praise. Buyers will find that this pump takes more outdoor punishment than the others on the list. With the price going up a little bit based on size and color, some customers may choose the cheaper model. That would be a mistake, as this is a very good choice when going for the larger and more efficient pump.
  • Comes in black, gold, red and high polish black
  • 120 psi pressure
  • Varying prices, depending on where you look

Topeak Mountain Morph

Topeak Mountain Morph
Buyers that want a bike pump that stands out from the rest on the list need to look no further than this Topeak model. This is yet another one of the company’s standout products, with a design and feature set that puts it right in the middle of the list. You’ll get a reliable and durable product if you decide to pick this bike pump.
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Topeak doesn’t charge a lot for their excellent products, so count this as another low-priced entry. They continue to surprise not only with attention to detail but overall usefulness with different bikes. If you are shopping on a budget, this might be the bike pump for you.

Brand Recognition: Being able to count on a brand when you need a compatible accessory is important. This is what makes Topeak so popular, and one of the many reasons why they made the list multiple times. With excellent customer service and a history of providing great products, you won’t be disappointed if you purchase something from them.

Ease Of Use: Even with its slight bulkiness, using this bike pump is easy. For reference, the usefulness is maximized for experienced users that have used pumps before.

Durability: The fold-out foot pad looks and feels solid, so will hold up when using it on rough terrain. The bigger issue of long-term durability gets the same answer and is solid throughout. Customers that are considering this bike pump will get a good deal. Topeak is a reliable contributor to the industry and this is one of their best products.
  • Thumblock levers are efficient
  • Good overall T-handle design
  • Bulky design

Blackburn Mammoth 2 Stage

Blackburn Mammoth 2 Stage
Users that have had their hands on multiple bike pumps over the years will find the durability of this Blackburn model to be excellent. It’s hard to resist package that packs the best features into a single pump. If you want something that’s long-lasting and reliable, this pump offers a great choice.
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Price: Both colors have the same low price, so no surprises here. With the included cage mount it’s a steal for buyers that need a full-featured bike pump. So, the price here isn’t anything that’s too expensive or on the overly high-end for what you get out of the product.

Brand Recognition: Blackburn is no stranger to the spotlight and has sold countless units through its history. The Mammoth 2 Stage mini pump is one of their best sellers, and notable for being a favorite of hardcore cyclists.

Ease Of Use: This multi-sport bike pump can be a pain for users that have wrist or arm problems. It’s easy to use overall, but the extra force needed to pump can wear on some users that need a lot of air. If you worry about something that’s going to require a lot of strength to use, you might want to select from one of the other products on our list.

Durability: Rebuildable internals instantly makes this a very sturdy bike pump. With some knowledge of the materials, this could end up being the only bike pump you ever need. The design is right, the weight is low and the 120 psi pressure is great. Buyers that aren’t worried about the extra effort of pumping will find this a must-have item.
  • Available in silver and black
  • Twistgrip III for Presta and Schrader valves
  • Hard to pump

Park Tool PMP-3 Pocket Protector

Park Tool PMP-3 Pocket Protector
Size is everything with this micropump, as it aims to be the most portable accessory on the list. Customers that need to have a pump with them at all times will find this the most viable option in the industry. You’ll love how easy the Park Tool PMP-3 Pocket Protector is to carry and bring along with you, so you can have it ready to use each time you need it.
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Price: The price is just as small as the actual size of the pump. With the ability to be tucked into a bag or large pocket, this is an unbeatable price. If you are shopping for something on a budget and need something affordable, this could be a viable option for you.

Brand Recognition: Park Tool isn’t as popular as the other brands on the list but brings a really good product to the industry. Ultra-portable pumps that get the job done are hard to find, so this is a great start. Plus, Park Tool is also known for providing excellent customer service.

Ease Of Use: With such a small size, it is a little tougher to handle than a regular bike pump. Some beginners will get the hang of it quickly, but this is more recommended for intermediate to professional users.

Durability: The aluminum barrel won’t wear out anytime soon, and there are not a lot of moving parts with the internals. Consider this a product that won’t wear out, even with extended use. If the size doesn’t draw you in, then the impressive durability will. Bike pumps this small and effective are great deals when baggage room is a concern.
  • Smallest pump on the list
  • Works with Presta and Schrader valves
  • Max pressure is only 100 psi

SKS Germany Silver Spaero

SKS Germany Silver Spaero
This unique bike pump takes the extra work out of pushing air into a tire. With doing only half the work, you can fill up a tire in half the time. If you need something that makes pumping quite easy for you compacted into a portable pump design, then you’ll love this product.
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Price: There’s nothing to see here as far as price since it is low. With compatibility for both Schrader and Presta valves, it has tremendous value for multiple users. This pump is a great option for those of you shopping on a budget.

Brand Recognition: SKS-Germany is known for their innovative features and tough products. Chances are you’ll find something new with their models that have yet to be implemented in other bike pumps. They are known for providing excellent customer service.

Ease Of Use: With air being pumped for the in and out motions, that leads to a lot less work overall. You won’t be out of breath if you use this bike pump to fill up your tire.

Durability: The clean look and design of this model are not just for show, and even the included frame bracket being high quality. Buyers can look forward to using this double action pump for years at an optimum level. Looking at the beautiful silver finish of this SKS-Germany product will turn a lot of heads. And users that want to do less work for the same amount of air will find this a worthy challenger to the newer twist pumps.
  • Inflates with the in and out strokes
  • 90 degree head on flexible hose
  • 87 psi maximum

INTEY Portable Pump

INTEY Portable Pump
This would count as the controversial pick on the list, and it is a bit of a standout. Yet even in the #9 spot, many customers worldwide have weighed in on how valuable it is. The portability of this pump is excellent, and it also has some key benefits that some of you may like.
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Price: The price may be the most incredible thing about this product, and even with all the included accessories, it’s still low priced. This is a fantastic deal that is too good to pass up if you’ve never owned a bike pump. So, if you are shopping on a budget, this pump could be a real deal for you.

Brand Recognition: INTEY is the least known brand on the list, so a lot of customers will be wary about purchasing their products. If this model is any indication, they are more than ready to put their product up against the big brands. Their products come with excellent customer service support, so you should be happy with the outcome if you purchase this pump.

Ease Of Use: Depending on how many features you plan on using, the ease of use can go from beginner level to professional level. A tire repair kit is included, and reading the instructions is highly recommended.

Durability: This is why such a powerful kit ended up at #9; the durability is average and will last for a few years with moderate usage. The upside is that the price is so low that it pays for itself within a few days. A high max psi and a lot of useful extras is the main reason to buy this bike pump. It may not be the best in the industry, but it provides a lot of cool extras not available elsewhere on the list.
  • 210 psi max
  • Comes with tire repair kit
  • Average durability

Planet Bike Ozone ATB

Planet Bike Ozone ATB
Buyers will instantly recognize the look and feel of this bike pump. It is a traditional mini bike pump that gets the job done where needed. It comes with an affordable price and will give you a lot of bang for your buck if you are shopping on a budget.
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Price: This is the lowest priced bike pump on the list, but also the least innovative. Buyers that just want a simple pump with no extras will find this the best value on the list.

Brand Recognition: Planet Bike is another one of those companies that not a lot of people follow compared to the rest. This isn’t a necessarily bad thing for this model since it uses a traditional mechanism to pump the air.

Ease Of Use: This is simple from the ground up, and involves just attaching and pumping. There is nothing particularly special about the way it pumps air, so it’s perfect for beginners or as an emergency backup.

Durability: Traditional bike pumps always had the advantage of not having multiple moving parts or additions. That means durability is top notch and it’s unlikely that a part will fail from extended use. Plenty of customers will be happy to have this as their main bike pump. The familiarity and ease to use construction make it an attractive option for cyclists.
  • Locking T-handle
  • Available in black or silver
  • Only 60 psi


The Criteria We Used To Find The Best Bike Pumps

Having a reliable bike pump is a must for anyone that uses their bike for a moderate amount of time. It can be a lifesaver and takes up little room when compared to the rest of your accessories. With the current low prices of all the best models, this is the best time to purchase and own a product that will be your bike’s best friend.

To help you make the best decision for yourself about what type of bike pump you should purchase, we’ve broken down a few criteria points that we used to examine our products in a bit more detail below. We’ll explain some of the concepts you should consider before making your purchase so that you buy the best bike pump for your needs.


With bike pumps meant for travel, shopping by price doesn’t make sense unless you’re interested in a specific feature. While most of the products are low price, there are some that go a little bit above that. If specialty equipment can only be purchased for above the low price, then, by all means, make it your bike pump of choice. In particular, the Lezyne Pressure Drive Hand Pump is an ideal choice for buyers that want customizations with their pumps, ranging from size to colors.

This can sometimes make the buying decision easier for some users, and they can match the colors with the bike and the size of the pump with their air requirements. But outside of these small circumstances, shopping by price will not net you a lot of benefits for getting a better bike pump. 

Brand Recognition

Out of all the brands on the list, the one that should be looked at the most is Topeak. They are all about biking, and over the years have been the recipients of multiple awards. The most impressive thing about their awards is that they come from multiple magazines and organizations worldwide. Topeak is a company that is loved by multiple sources, and it also helps that they have skin in the game.

Their Topeak-Ergon Racing Team has been a major success since 2005. It’s that type of prestige that makes them such a no-brainer for any customer that wants the best bike pump for their cycling. And with Olympic experience and major names attached to their brand like Wolfram Kurschat, other companies often look like backups by comparison. Over the years the competition has become a lot better, so Topeak is no longer lonely at the top. Even the smaller brands are starting to make some noise, and overall that is only a bonus for the entire industry.

Ease of Use

Now, this is where it gets interesting for a lot of users, notably those with wrist, shoulder, back or even hand problems. All bike pumps offer a different level or type of pumping action, which can range from easy, medium or hard. This is important, and most people can tell if it is going to be a hassle within the first few pumps. If you have to fully inflate a full tire and the first few pumps or problematic, then you have the wrong bike pump.

Ease of use options has been created to make pumping easier like double action pumping and twist to pump. It’s all about taking as much pressure off of the user as possible while filling their tires. And just because a product offers a new way to pump doesn’t always mean that it is the easier option. Some products that use the traditional pump method are better for the wrist than a newer twist action model. And for users with bigger tires, the double pump will crush both the traditional and the twist pump. Finding the correct model is all about getting the bike pump that requires the least amount of effort for your physical body type. You never know when you’ll need to put air into your tire, and the last thing you need is to second guess an important accessory. 


As far as durability is concerned, we’ve mentioned on our list what products are made to be long-lasting, and which products might last quite as long. Much of this is up to the design of the bike pump and doesn’t always get measured by how much money you are spending on your bike pump. Part of getting a lot out of your bike pump also means that you’ll need to maintain it, and make sure you read the directions so you understand how you should both store and carry it along with you so it lasts as long as possible. The more use you get out of your pump, the more money you will save in the long run, so you’ll want to pay careful attention to what you need to do to maintain your pump.

When you run into problems with your bike pump, chances are weeks of neglect have finally caught up with it. You know there is a problem with your accessory when you pump and nothing happens. The good news is that most pumps are very easy to troubleshoot, and you’ll either fix it yourself within minutes or you’ll call in your warranty. Some common things to check for are leaks, and if there is anything clogging the air chuck. These main two culprits are easy to fix and could save you a lot of time if you need your bike pump to work immediately. For the more adventurous user, some of the pumps on the list allow a full teardown and rebuild. This is really handy in a pinch but takes some practice. Never take apart a bike pump unless you are 100% sure about what you’re doing. 


Other Important Factors To Consider

Weight might matter 

For hobbyists and casual bikers, not that much. But a professional biker will know immediately if there is extra weight added to their biking routing. Mini bike pumps were made to provide as much air as possible while also being ultra-portable. Every product on the list is low weight, and other than some extra bulk with one product you’ll barely know it’s there. With such a low amount of weight added for such an important accessory, weight it something that should be considered by all users, and not just professionals. Chances are a bike pump isn’t going to be the only accessory you bring along, so factoring in all the extra weight (and bulk) that is going along for the ride is important. 

Pay attention to the product’s max PSI output

The INTEY Portable Bike Pump comes in at a staggering 210 psi, which is well above the average of about 120 psi. Yet that isn’t the main thing people should look at when choosing a bike pump. Although it is important, the psi can be tricky if you don’t factor in the entire package. Some users don’t even need 120 psi, and for other users 210 is overkill. How much effort do you have to put to get to your recommended psi for your bike? That’s the most important question, with the next one being can your bike pump reach that recommended level. If you have to nearly pass out to put the recommended psi in your tire, then it becomes pointless for your bike pump to meet specifications. Find the model that meets your psi recommendations and requires the least amount of effort to meet. That will be your winning choice and one that will be worth the time to research. 

Schrader Vs. Presta 

This discussion has been going on for years, and there still is no clear winner. In this day and age, these two valve types remain the two most used in the industry. If you own a bike, chances are it uses one of these two valves. The short answer is that Presta is more practical for bike users that want to pump up their bike quickly, like competition cyclists. Schrader is more universal, and is the most commonly used valve in everyday tires, but harder to inflate than Presta.

While this may make it look like Presta is the clear winner, it isn’t that simple. Schrader is still easier to use, both in attaching the hose and removing. Where Presta shines is that it takes a higher pressure, so is considered the best ‘performance’ valve. Although Schrader is used in cars, bikes and other vehicles, Presta is in use with only the most high-end bikes. It’s a matter of choice between the two, and for most customers as simple as choosing a pump that matches their current valve.



In order to help a bit more with your search, we have done some extra research to find out what kind of questions and concerns others seem to be voicing when shopping around for the best products for themselves.

Q: What bike pump do I really need?

A: It is tough to give a simple answer without knowing exactly where you are primarily riding, as well as what type of bike you have. For an all around answer you will most likely want a model that is as portable and as lightweight as possible, regardless of your riding style.

For Off-road biking, a model which a bit more rugged would probably be the best choice, especially if you tend to really get into the rough stuff, with a risk of laying down the bike from rough terrain.

If you are going for those longer, faster road journeys, something as lightweight as possible would be best. With newer materials and technologies, you can now get light weight with durability, usually for a reasonably affordable price.

Q: Will bike pump work on car tire?

A: For starters, bike pumps are for bike tires, much smaller with much less capacity. While there may be some models out there that can do it, it takes quite a bit of work just to put even a small amount of air into a car tire using one of these. Unless in a major emergency, where it is your last and only option, it is probably best to use the right tool for the job.

Q: What kind of pump do I need for my mountain bike?

A: As you are traveling over more rugged terrain, the chance could be greater that you may need to add some air to your tires once in a while. In the case of a flat, assuming you are prepared with a spare or patch kit, you may even need to refill completely.

A product that is more durable, longer lasting, and able to be used more frequently is your best bet. You will also want something that can stand up to rougher environments and falls without breaking and becoming absolutely useless to you.

Q: Which valve system is easier to use, Presta or Schrader?

A: Shrader is definitely a more commonly found valve, mostly because of its greater ease of use. You see them everywhere. Cars, most bikes, small tractors, ATVs and other vehicles. But, as we mentioned above, Presta allows higher pressure output which lets you pump the tire faster. This is good when racing.

In many cases, you might not even have to make the choice, based on the fact that you will need to get a pump which fits the valve that comes on your bike tires unless of course, you plan on attaching custom or aftermarket wheels and tires.

Q: Should You Buy Multiple Bike Pumps For Different Bikes? 

A: Yes, and for many reasons. You might feel more comfortable using a specific bike pump with one bike while it feels average with another. And the bulkiness of one bike pump might even interfere with riding on another bike, yet on the primary bike, it is fine. These key differences point to bike pumps being great when they are picked out for specific bikes. That is why if you have the same bike as your friend, their recommendations for pumps will align much better than if you had a completely different model of bike. Prices are usually low for the pump, so having a specific one for each bike along with a backup still won’t cost you a lot of money. 

Q: Are There Any Health Dangers To Using A Bike Pump? 

A: The only health danger that is a concern is for users that operate pumps that are too hard on their bodies. This includes having arthritis and purchasing a pump that puts a lot of repetition on the hand or wrist area. In this case, getting a bike pump that twists or uses double pump action would be the smarter choice. And for users with back issues, purchasing bike pumps that require you to hold the pump in place while standing is not a good idea. Just being aware of your physical limitations will get rid of any further dangers to your health when using a bike pump. They create models for all types of people, regardless of gender and physical ailments. Take advantage of the options, and always take a break if it puts too much pressure on your body. 



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