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Best Sit on Top Kayaks Reviewed GearWeAreBuying Guide
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Best Sit-On-Top Kayaks
Kayaking itself can be a fantastic way to enjoy the true beauty of the outside world. However, the kayak you use can make all the difference in the world. Today, we want to place the focus on sit on top kayaks, as opposed to sitting in kayaks. Though both styles have their advantages, many of you...
Best pool test kits reviewed GearWeAreBuying Guide
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Best Pool Test Kits
Owning and maintaining a pool is not a walk in the park. As great as they are to have, a lot of work goes into them. A good practice for pool owners, in fact, is to test the water to see if it needs any work. Well, let’s just say that is why you are here today. With well-designed pool test kits, y...
Best Kayak Accessories Reviewed GearWeAreBuying Guide
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Best Kayak Accessories
Even if you consider yourself a minimalist, you have to admit that kayaking can be much more enjoyable with the right accessories. Today, we want to dive into that a little bit more. The list of kayak accessories that you can purchase is long and extensive. Not all necessary and useful items will be ...
Best Pole Spear Reviewed GearWeAreBuying Guide
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Best Pole Spear
Would you consider yourself a genuine fan of spearfishing? Are you someone who is looking for a new weapon to utilize during such? Or, are you just a novice who is looking to learn about one of the most popular spearfishing tools out there? Either way, everyone has come here today for a reason. So, l...
Dive Compass Reviewed GearweAreBuying Guide
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Best Dive Compass
It is incredibly easy to lose track of which direction you are going in the water, is it not? If you enjoy any type of diving, it is almost mandatory for you to invest in some type of navigation. While people who only dive once or twice a year may find this type of purchase to be meaningless, those w...
Best Earplugs for Swimming Reviewed GearWeAreBuying Guide
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Best Swimming Ear Plugs
When the word “earplugs” gets mentioned, most people will either think of one of two things. They will typically either associate them with protection against loud noises or with protection against water, e.g. swimming ear plugs. As you can no doubt tell from the name of this guide, we want to focus ...
Best Swim Bags Reviewed GearWeAreBuying Guide
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Best Swim Bags
There may be various reasons to why you have come here today looking for more information on how to properly look for and buy swim bags. But, no matter why you have landed here today, you are here so that means you want to get down to business, right? So, let’s talk about swim bags, shall we? They...
Best Beginner Surfboards Reviewed in 2019 GearWeAreBuying Guide
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Best Beginner Surfboards
The other people in the ocean and the professionals on TV sure do make surfboarding look easy, don’t they? As many of you know, however, mastering the art of surfboarding takes a lot of practice. But, owning the right equipment is also going to help quite a lot. This is why if you are just startin...
Best Swimming Goggles Reviewed and Rated 2019 GearWeAreBuying Guide
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Best Swimming Goggles
Whether you want to fuel your competitive streak with some swimming races or swim laps for low impact exercise, or simply have fun with friends and family, goggles are a necessary part of the sport. Here we will examine the top ten best swimming on the market today. We will go through their strengths...
Best Underwater Drones Reviewed in 2019 GearWeAreBuying Guide
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Best Underwater Drones
Drones are still a fairly new hobby for the general population but in the last few years, we’ve seen great strides in the technology used to create these fun little automated fliers. It’s no surprise that we’re now heading in the opposite direction and taking to the seas (or lakes, pools, and rivers)...
Best Waterproof MP3 Players Reviewed in 2019 GearWeAreBuying Guide
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Best Waterproof MP3 Players
Music makes everything better. It adds a level of enjoyment and enrichment to our lives and makes mundane or difficult tasks like exercise more interesting and fun. Whether you want to listen to music while swimming laps for exercise, or while doing recreational water activities like boating, or ...
Best Prescription Goggles Reviewed in 2019 GearWeAreBuying Guide
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Best Prescription Goggles
It is important to see where you are going, and that includes swimming in the pool. You might think that you can get away with leaving your glasses in the locker room for a few laps, but going fuzzy in the pool could lead to lower lap times and even a bumped head. In this guide, we have compiled a li...
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