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The Best Hiking Backpacks Of 2017 Reviewed
Hiking is a wonderful experience that allows you to connect with nature and sometimes even live amongst it. However, carrying your essentials with you is usually necessary, even if you are a minimalist hiker that knows his way in nature. Choosing the right backpack requires a lot of experience and re...
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Rab Xenon X Jacket
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For the first couple of weeks after this jacket arrived, I wore it as an outer layer and it was perfectly good, keeping off the wind and the cold admirably and letting me crack on with everything from walking the dog on the hill through to doing a spot of house renovation without any problems whatsoe...
Mammut - Misaun Jacket
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Mammut - Misaun Jacket
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Summary: Mammut sent us their Misaun Jacket to put to the test. In short, this one was a bit of a dark horse, hiding a few surprises. The overall performance was actually more than what we had expected.
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