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Best Water Shoes for Hiking Reviewed GearWeAreBuying Guide
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Best Water Shoes for Hiking
When you are out in the woods and you are trekking along on your hiking adventure, you never know what you might stumble across. There could be small creeks preventing you from moving along or even small puddles that you accidentally step in. And, this isn’t even the half of it. So, to wrap this ...
Best Climbing Slings Reviewed 2018 GearWeAreBuying Guide
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Best Climbing Slings
Rock climbing is perhaps one of the most exciting and thrilling sports anyone can try. In fact, this can be quite addicting, with some climbing junkies engaging in this at least once a week. Aside from its exhilarating nature climbing is also an effective full body workout. You would have to use almo...
Best Paracord Bracelets Reviewed 2018 GearWeAreBuying Guide
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Best Paracord Bracelets
We have all seen the survival shows were somebody is dropped in the middle of nowhere to survive off of their survival skills for a short amount of time.  Even the most seasoned survivalist always seems to underestimate the challenge at least a little bit.  Can you imagine being in the wild...
Best Climbing Anchor Chain Reviewed 2018 GearWeAreBuying Guide
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Best Climbing Anchor Chain
A climbing anchor chain is an accessory used to attach the climber to a rappel or belay. This is done by linking the carabiner to a loop of the climbing anchor chain and to the equalized anchor or a lock. The climbing anchor chain could be made of a series of stitched loops of strapwork. Usually, it ...
Best Rappelling Gloves Reviewed 2018 GearWeAreBuying Guide
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Best Rappelling Gloves
Rappelling can be a really fun way to travel down a mountain, but it isn’t without its risks. Keeping your hands protected is one of the best ways to prevent errors that might hurt you or one of your partners. When shopping around for the right pair of gloves to suit your climbing needs, it is ...
Check out the 10 Best Climbing Shorts out there.Buying Guide
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Best Climbing Shorts
If you're thinking about getting out there to do some climbing, you are probably looking to get some new gear. While there are plenty of little things you need on your hiking adventures, one of the most overlooked pieces of gear are the clothes you're actually wearing, specifically your shorts. The s...
Best Climbing Chalk Reviewed 2018 GearWeAreBuying Guide
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Best Climbing Chalk
Why set yourself up for chafing, blisters or injuries when a simple application of chalk will improve your grip and performance? Switching from gloves and bare hands to climber’s chalk can help improve your performance by increasing your gripping power and confidence while rock climbing, doing ...
Best Bouldering Crash Pads Reviewed 2018 GearWeAreBuying Guide
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Best Bouldering Crash Pads
One of the most versatile and enjoyable aspects of the climbing world is the fine art of bouldering.  Not only does it test your flexibility and ingenuity, but it also requires very little equipment.  One of the required pieces of equipment however, is a quality bouldering crash pad.  ...
Our review of the best hangboardsBuying Guide
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Best Hangboards
Many climbers utilize hangboards to help them train and make them stronger since boards can help build up arm and shoulder muscles and simulates the feeling of hanging from a rock face. Most boards come in many shapes and sizes, which gives you a lot of opportunities to pick one you’d like...
Best Bouldering Shoes Reviewed GearWeAreBuying Guide
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Best Bouldering Shoes
Rock climbing is a tremendous recreational activity to pick up and learn, and there are many different variations of it. Bouldering is just one form and is typically performed (as the name suggests) on large boulders and small rock formations without any supporting rope. For any aspiring boulderers o...
ice axe leashesBuying Guide
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Best Ice Axe Leash
If you love braving the cold weather and rugged terrain when the ground is covered with ice and snow, then you know you’ll likely be carrying an ice axe with you to use when you need it. Whether you are climbing an icy mountain or trekking a frozen body of water, you will need your ice axe with...
best belay device reviewed gearweareBuying Guide
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Best Belay Devices
For those who are a little new to the climbing world, the belay is one of the most important accessories if climbing with a friend. This method of climbing offers more support and safety to the climber, as one person will be doing the climbing and another will be on the ground belaying. The belayer g...
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