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Coleman Fyrestorm Stove & C300 Xtreme Gas
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Summary: At £50 it seems to be in the right ballpark price wise. Camping stoves are a particularly difficult thing to compare and contrast pricewise because very few feature an identical set of, er, features. If you’re looking for a stove which will give your gas a little bit more bang fo...
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Leatherman Signal
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It feels nice in the hand, all the main tools work well, and I like it. It's a handy thing and is well made. However - the 'signal' aspect of the tool - the whistle and firelighter are a little silly. I can't really imagine them being very useful, and anyone going somewhere serious with actual surviv...
Survival Shovel Reviewed for Performance GearWeAreBuying Guide
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Best Survival Shovel
You can never take any situation for granted, can you? When you are camping, backpacking, or on in the general wilderness, you never know what situation may arise. This is why survival tools come in handy as they are optimized to be versatile and practical. But, instead of discussing all of them, thi...
Best Sewing Kits GearWeAre Buying Guide
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Best Sewing Kits
What is really nice about owning a sewing kit is it can become useful in a wide range of situations and scenarios. Whether you need some patchwork done or simply want to create something new, you can do so with the help of sewing kits like these (and also prior knowledge of what you are doing and an ...
Best Rooftop Tents Reviewed GearWeAreBuying Guide
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Best Rooftop Tents
Have you ever seen someone rig a tent to the rooftop of their vehicle only to scratch your head as to why they would do such a thing? It seems utterly ridiculous, right? Well, perhaps you felt that way or even still feel this way today. The reality is rooftop tents are ingenious and even though they ...
Best Tactical Flashlights Reviewed GearWeAreBuying Guide
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Best Tactical Flashlights
You often hear or see people ask what are tactical flashlights. Well, the best way to describe one is to analyze what the word “tactical” entails. In short, it is a term that gets associated with the military and with weaponry. As you know, a flashlight is a device that emits a beam of light (general...
Best Camping Gadgets Reviewed GearWeAreBuying Guide
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Best Camping Gadgets
As many of you reading this are fully aware of, camping is one of the most relaxing, entertaining, and enjoyable activities that you can partake in. But, what good is it when you do not have the proper equipment and camping gadgets? Now, the reality of the situation is you need to pack based on t...
Best Hoodies For Women Reviewed 2019 GearWeAreBuying Guide
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Best Hoodies for Women
If there is one article of clothing that everyone should own it is a high-quality hoodie for spring and fall time weather. Of course, we say “everyone” but, today, this guide is going to focus specifically on the best hoodies for women and women only. Right from the get-go, though, if you have come h...
Best Dome Tents Reviewed and Rated in 2019 GearWeAreBuying Guide
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Best Dome Tents
Going camping? Dome tents are one of the most popular types of tents because they really fit the bill for a lot of different types of campers. This is due to their ease of use, size, and variety of choices on the market. If you’re looking for a dome tent we’ve taken hours of research and reviewed man...
Best Koozies Reviewed and Rated in 2019 GearWeAreBuying Guide
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Best Koozies
Koozies, Coolies, Coolers, Cozies. Whatever name you give them, they’re very useful little accessories, aren’t they? If you’re looking for the best koozies for your needs, read on! Drink coolers have come a long way from only being available as floppy novelty items given out for free at local busi...
Best Canopy Tents Reviewed 2019 GearWeAreBuying Guide
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Best Canopy Tents
With warmer weather quickly approaching, everyone’s focus begins to slowly shift from winter mode to summer mode. Visions of farmers markets, garage sales, camping and trips begin to fill our heads. With so many fun events and activities to check off of our summer bucket lists, sun safety can often f...
Best Hammock Stands Reviewed 2019 GearWeAreBuying Guide
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Best Hammock Stands
Is there anything better than sitting outside on a warm and peaceful day in your brand-new hammock? Of course, perhaps you would like to but maybe you do not have anywhere to hang it up. Fear not because this is not going to be an issue if you invest in a hammock stand. As simple as it is, this tool ...
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