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Coleman Fyrestorm Stove & C300 Xtreme Gas
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Summary: At £50 it seems to be in the right ballpark price wise. Camping stoves are a particularly difficult thing to compare and contrast pricewise because very few feature an identical set of, er, features. If you’re looking for a stove which will give your gas a little bit more bang fo...
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Leatherman Signal
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It feels nice in the hand, all the main tools work well, and I like it. It's a handy thing and is well made. However - the 'signal' aspect of the tool - the whistle and firelighter are a little silly. I can't really imagine them being very useful, and anyone going somewhere serious with actual surviv...
Best Shower Tents Reviewed GearWeAreBuying Guide
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Best Shower Tents
Are you sick and tired of either not taking showers, cleaning yourself in the water, or utilizing public showers while you are camping? There has got to be a more relaxed and more convenient way, right? Well, there most certainly is, and that is why you have come here today. Have you ever heard of...
Best Cold Weather Tents Reviewed GearWeAreBuying Guide
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Best Cold Weather Tents
Let’s face it; your lightweight, three-season tent is just not going to cut it in the winter. As a whole, these tents (or four-season tents) are designed primarily for use in the winter. While some of them can still be somewhat suitable in the fall and spring, three-season tents are the way to go dur...
Best Hammock Chairs Reviewed GearWeAreBuying Guide
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Best Hammock Chairs
Are you looking for an extremely versatile, comfortable and durable solution to your outdoor or even indoor sitting woes? While more tailored to outdoor use, your solution may be a hammock chair. Indeed, these chairs are incredibly unique in their design and are truly one of a kind. But, just beca...
Best Tandem Kayaks Reviewed GearWeAreBuying Guide
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Best Tandem Kayaks
Perhaps you want to go paddling with a friend but do not want to use a canoe or use separate kayaks. What are you left to do if this is the predicament you find yourself in? Well, it is quite easy. Have you ever heard of tandem kayaks? You see, as their name indicates, tandem kayaks are merely kay...
Best Backpacking Meals Reviewed GearWeAreBuying Guide
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Best Backpacking Meals
All you backpackers out there, prepping your meals can be a little tricky can’t it? There are several factors you need to take into consideration. Just a few of them are the meal’s size, portability, practicality, and satisfaction. To put it bluntly, many of your favorite meals are not going to qu...
Best Hammock Straps Reviewed GearWeAreBuying Guide
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Best Hammock Straps
Hammocks are really wonderful but what good are they if you do not have a reasonable means of hanging them? Whether you plan to use your hammock at home or on the go, you will need a proper mounting system. Well, why not consider a nice pair of hammock straps? Not only are there several fantastic...
Best Kayak Accessories Reviewed GearWeAreBuying Guide
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Best Kayak Accessories
Even if you consider yourself a minimalist, you have to admit that kayaking can be much more enjoyable with the right accessories. Today, we want to dive into that a little bit more. The list of kayak accessories that you can purchase is long and extensive. Not all necessary and useful items will be ...
Survival Shovel Reviewed for Performance GearWeAreBuying Guide
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Best Survival Shovel
You can never take any situation for granted, can you? When you are camping, backpacking, or on in the general wilderness, you never know what situation may arise. This is why survival tools come in handy as they are optimized to be versatile and practical. But, instead of discussing all of them, thi...
Best Sewing Kits GearWeAre Buying Guide
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Best Sewing Kits
What is really nice about owning a sewing kit is it can become useful in a wide range of situations and scenarios. Whether you need some patchwork done or simply want to create something new, you can do so with the help of sewing kits like these (and also prior knowledge of what you are doing and an ...
Best Rooftop Tents Reviewed GearWeAreBuying Guide
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Best Rooftop Tents
Have you ever seen someone rig a tent to the rooftop of their vehicle only to scratch your head as to why they would do such a thing? It seems utterly ridiculous, right? Well, perhaps you felt that way or even still feel this way today. The reality is rooftop tents are ingenious and even though they ...
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