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Coleman Fyrestorm Stove & C300 Xtreme Gas
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Summary: At £50 it seems to be in the right ballpark price wise. Camping stoves are a particularly difficult thing to compare and contrast pricewise because very few feature an identical set of, er, features. If you’re looking for a stove which will give your gas a little bit more bang for buck when ...
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Leatherman Signal
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It feels nice in the hand, all the main tools work well, and I like it. It's a handy thing and is well made. However - the 'signal' aspect of the tool - the whistle and firelighter are a little silly. I can't really imagine them being very useful, and anyone going somewhere serious with actual surviv...
Best Meat Thermometers Reviewed 2018 GearWeAre Buying Guide
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Best Meat Thermometers
Quick question; have you ever owned a meat thermometer? Presumably, even if you have not, you know what the device is designed for. Some chefs and homeowners may feel they have cooking meat down to a tee and do not require the use of a meat thermometer. That is a fair point but think about this, all ...
Best Camping Gear Reviewed 2018 GearWeAre Buying Guide
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Best Camping Gear
When it comes to a special vacation, nothing is better than enjoying the great outdoors. Some of the best family time is spent camping out in the wilderness eating roasted marshmallows over the campfire and developing a whole new appreciation toward the sounds of nature all around you. There is no be...
Best Life Jackets For Dogs Reviewed 2018 GearWeAre Buying Guide
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Best Life Jackets for Dogs
Just like with humans, dogs should also wear a life jacket when playing near the water. Now, you are probably thinking that’s crazy since dogs are born to swim, but on the contrary, they know how to swim when they need to, but that doesn’t mean they are all good at it, and some are even afraid of the...
Best Camping Tools Reviewed 2018 GearWeAre Buying Guide
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Best Camping Tools
Despite the enjoyment and fulfillment that comes from camping, there is a lot of prepping work that goes into it. As a camper, you need to make a mental checklist (or physical) to ensure you have packed all the essentials you need. Depending on your length of stay, this list can be immensely long. Of...
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