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Coleman Fyrestorm Stove & C300 Xtreme Gas
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Summary: At £50 it seems to be in the right ballpark price wise. Camping stoves are a particularly difficult thing to compare and contrast pricewise because very few feature an identical set of, er, features. If you’re looking for a stove which will give your gas a little bit more bang for buck when ...
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Leatherman Signal
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It feels nice in the hand, all the main tools work well, and I like it. It's a handy thing and is well made. However - the 'signal' aspect of the tool - the whistle and firelighter are a little silly. I can't really imagine them being very useful, and anyone going somewhere serious with actual surviv...
Best Bear Sprays Reviewed 2018 GearWeAre Buying Guide
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Best Bear Sprays
Have you ever invested in a product hoping that the need would never present itself to utilize it? It sounds asinine, does it not? Probably 99 percent of the time, this is utterly foolish. However, that one percent needs to be addressed and when you are in the market for something such as bear spray,...
Best Cots for Camping Buying Guide
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Best Cots for Camping
The only thing better than sleeping under the stars is not having to sleep on the cold hard ground under the stars. Investing in a good quality camping cot can take your weekend getaway to the next level by providing a warm and comfortable night's sleep on a cot that is easy to store and set up. ...
Best Solar Showers Reviewed 2018 GearWeAre Buying Guide
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Best Solar Showers
If someone is hesitant about leaving their home for a multitude of days to embark on an outdoor adventure, there are probably several reasons why. Without question, in some people’s minds, one of those caveats is the lack of proper bathing. Unfortunately, if this was your excuse to fall back on, it i...
Softshell Pants Reviewed 2018 GearWeAre Buying Guide
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Best Softshell Pants
A good pair of softshell pants really can improve the enjoyment of long journeys and camping trips during inclimate weather. They keep your legs warm and dry, wick away water and moisture, and are lightweight to provide a full range of motion for treacherous pathways, or for climbing. Nothing can mak...
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