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Who we are?

GearWeAre.com was launched at the beginning of September 2010 with just one aim: to tell people what’s good – and what’s rubbish – in the world of the outdoors.

Our gear tests are as honest and realistic as it gets. The gear we test has to meet our expectations, or you can expect that we’ll tell you all about it. When we put our buying guides together, we take our time to research the facts, both good and not so good.


    Gema Salgado Cruz
    Assistant Editor Gema Salgado Cruz
    As a college student majoring in linguistics, I am fluent in Spanish and English, and I’m also learning Japanese. My passions include writing, reading, and drinking a little too much coffee.

    To balance out my introverted bookworm ways, I like to practice yoga regularly, as well as go on long hikes with the company of my boyfriend and dog.


        Melissa Coleiro
        Researcher Melissa Coleiro
          Jordan Coleiro
          Researcher Jordan Coleiro


            Tyler Jones
            Tyler Jones Writer
            "Tyler exclusively partakes in writing in-depth and comprehensive buying guides on a plethora of topics relating to technology all the way up to outdoor garments.

            Since the first time I searched on a computer, I knew that I wanted to be a tech guru. Since that day, I have expanded my tech knowledge and graduated with a degree in CIS. This same path has also led me to explore how the landscape of technology works in the great world of nature and to provide you with only the top-of-the-line outdoor consumer products."
              Hannah Gartner
              Hannah Gartner Writer
              I am a freelance writer with an interest in how society interacts with the natural world. I cover this topic from a variety of perspectives including climate change,
              gardening, and outdoor recreation. When I’m not writing I spend all of my time outdoors rock climbing, camping, snowboarding, and hiking.

              Writing for GearWeAre.com allows me to share what I know about thriving in the outdoors, with the hope that it helps you have the best possible experience yourself.
                Melanie Pabst
                Melanie Pabst Writer
                A freelance writer, and frequent traveler from Las Vegas, NV, I feel most myself when I'm outdoors experiencing the world, or writing about it. I love being able to reach people through my writing, and express the true beauty of the outdoors from various perspectives. Writing about the outdoors has been a beautiful way to merge my 2 passions, as well as grow my own knowledge on both writing, and the outdoors.
                When I'm not writing about my travels or my outdoor experiences to share with the world, you'll find me outdoors. I love hiking, camping, rock climbing, or venturing out in order to explore somewhere new! I look forward to continuing to research, write, and express my passions through GearWeAre!