Torch, Flashlight & Lantern brightness guide

This is how we run brightness comparison tests

Flashlight and lantern manufacturers use a variety of different methods for describing how bright their light is. Lumen, Candlepower, Wattage… Most of this means nothing to us, so we came up with this simple comparison for all the lights we test so you can see at a glance how bright and how wide the beam is.

By using an SLR camera on a fixed setting in a completely dark room, we get a photo which is comparable between different lights. Photos have been downscaled to 500pixels wide and saved as JPEG (100% quality) using Photoshop CS4, but not otherwise processed.

Flashlights / Torches

Icon - Link
Spotlight 12v - Turbo (click to read review)
Spotlight 12v - Speck (click to read review)
Cyba-Lite - Auro (Click to read review)
Joby - Gorillatorch Blade (focussed beam) (Click to read review)
Joby - GorillaTorch Blade (wide beam) (Click to read review)



Outwell - Colima (Click to read review)
Energiser - Lantern