Zootility – Pocket Monkey

Upon receiving the tool I was surprised how small and very thin (1mm) the tool was, which perhaps I shouldn’t have been because after all it does state on the packaging that it will fit into your wallet. It also somewhat impressively claims to be a handy tool that has 12… yes, 12 functions, so lets get to the testing.


For ease I broke down my testing into the various functions…

Phone Kickstand

You can insert a credit/debit card to create a kick stand to sit your phone on, not a bad little function if you want to watch a movie on your phone. It managed my generic android ok.

Bottle Opener

I’m not sure why I would carry a bottle opener, but this bottle opener works fine but because the tool is so thin I wouldn’t be inclined to use for regular/frequent use for fear of bending the thin metal but handy if you are caught short.

Flat Screwdriver

One of the most commonly needed tools but because of the shape of the Pocket Monkey and the position of this particular tool and the size of the driver it’s very difficult to use and uncomfortable – I didnt find this tool useful at all, disappointing.

Micro Screwdriver

They’re on eyeglasses, and childrens toys, and it’s handy to have a micro screw driver to attack said screws but as with the flat head screw driver above it’s difficult and uncomfortable to use and the driver head doesn’t engage in the screw very well and causes you to keep skipping out of the screw. A pretty frustrating experience.

Door Latch Slip

You can use this latch slip to open locked doors that dont have a dead bolt, this is a good idea in principle but in practice I found it tricky getting the tool down the gap but after 20 minutes of wiggling I eventually managed to slip the lock, so not a wholly bad experience.

Letter Opener

Open your junk mail with the letter opener, it’s nice and easy to slip the point into the letter and then use the slightly sharpened edge to run down the top, I found this rather handy the other day with a stack of bills and bank statements requiring my attention.

pocket monkey

Hex Wrenches

The  Pocket Monkey features 5 sizes of standard English hex-bolt/nut wrenches nested into one another. Slip the tool over a bolt-head and slide sideways until you find the right size. Convenient and easy to use, each size sits nicely over the bolt and with the size of the tool you can actualy get a decent grip to tighten or undo. Success!

Phillips Screwdriver

A flat Phillips screwdriver in 2D as written on the packaging, I liked the idea and was hoping it would do the tool justice but sadly it’s the same story as the other two screw drivers the tool is too awkward and it slips out the screw.

Orange Peeler

One of the weirdest tools I’ve ever seen on a multitool! But in the name of GearWeAre I duly gave it a go – I really struggled with it. By the time I eventually got the knack of it I could have peeled and eaten two oranges, nice idea but it has no real purpose or function.


Sometimes you need to know is the difference between 3/16th’s and 1/4 of an inch. With this gadget in your wallet you can measure those small details that life throws at you. It’s nice, and importantly accurate and great for micro measurements.

Straight Edge

This straight edge is in the same place as the rule, and its great for scibbing or drawing a line as long as the line is less than 2 inches, reasonably functional and cute.

Earbuds cord wrap

If your earphones keep getting in a twist the the earbuds wrap is just what you need,  simple to use and it has no sharpe edges meaning you can store your ear phones with ease.


I liked the idea of the Pocket Monkey, having all these tools and functions on something thin, lightweight and credit card sized sounds ideal, but unfortunately there are as many pros as there are cons with this gadget. Half of the tools are handy – but not necessary that useful in every day life, and sadly the tools that could prove very useful on a more regular basis are fiddly, akward and are just not up to the job.

2-hammers Price: $10
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