Yurbuds – secure sports earphones

Do you wear earphones at the gym, on the trail or somewhere else that they get yanked out? I do, and it’s intensely annoying, so I’ve fallen just a little bit in love with these Yurbud Ironman Series earphones which use a cleverly shaped silicone cover to lock in to your ear and stay there no matter how much jumping around you do.

Yurbuds - funky shaped silicone ear thingies

The Ironman Series Yurbuds are a decent quality earphone, producing a clear, slightly bass-heavy tone that makes pop and rock music sound great. It’s not so hot on classical stuff where the highest pitches are slightly muted, but they’re definitely good for the price.

They’re fitted with silicone covers, which are left- and right-sided and shaped so that they funnel the sound into your ear canal, but don’t block it completely so you’re not isolated from the outside world.

As you put the Yurbuds into your ears, a twist makes them lock into place, and I’m not sure how they do it, but they’re very, very secure indeed. You can give the wires enough of a tug to move your ears around and they will hold in firmly.

Here’s a video from Yourbuds showing how they go in:

The cable is a standard PVC-covered affair with a gold-plated stereo jack. It gets tangled like any other cable, so have a look at the Niteize Curvyman too.

Being silicone, the Yurbuds won’t allow nasty bugs to breed on them, which is reassuring. And they’re also sweat and water resistant, so whilst you can’t swim in them, you can wear them on a rainy jog in the park.

SUMMARY: The Yurbuds Ironman Series earbuds are really comfortable and incredibly secure in the ear. They lock in even when the cable is tugged hard. The sound is great, but doesn’t cut you off from the outside world completely. They are a little expensive though.

 Price: £47
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