Wild Stripes Thermal T-shirt 

Wild Stripes are cheerful striped thermals that perform well without making you look like you need to be a marathon runner to buy them in the first place. As a non-marathon runner this pleases me greatly.
 wild stripes main
They’re synthetic thermals, made in a fantastically environmentally friendly way – out of recycled plastic bottles. I’ve had a set of long-sleeved Wild Stripes thermals for a couple of years now, and I’m really happy with their longevity – they’re showing no signs of wearing out any time soon, and they still keep me toasty and warm.
The t-shirt is a new addition to the Wild Stripes range, and while I initially questioned the point of a short sleeved thermal top, I’m told they’ve been added to the range due to popular demand. Having worn the t-shirt for a couple of days in the freezing temperatures of good old British winter, I can now see the point. I spent a whole day standing around in 3 degrees in just the t-shirt and a jacket, and I stayed warm. I then went to the pub, and the top transitioned neatly into a random striped t-shirt that I didn’t feel out of place wearing, and the short sleeves meant that I didn’t overheat. Win.
 wild stripes shoulder
The top is a good length, no risk of a chilly lower back when bending and stretching, as is so often the case. The only thing I find slightly odd about the cut is the distance from neck to the start of the sleeve (the part that lies across the top of your shoulder). I have quite narrow shoulders, but this length was still a little too short – made up for by the sleeves, but causing a slightly lumpy line.
 wild stripes short3
I compared this to my long sleeved Stripes in case I was going bananas, and it’s completely different (see pic below.) That minor niggle aside, this is a great piece of clothing that performs really well.
4-hammers Price:£32
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