Wild Stripes – Beanie

Minnie the Minx?

A while ago we reviewed a set of Base Layers from the small UK brand Wild Stripes, and we liked them for their fun as much as their technical prowess.

They recently sent us a brand-new addition to their range in the form of this rather fetching beanie hat, which complements the stripes of the base layers for that head-to-toe funky-zebra feeling.

It's quite long!

Made from the same polypropylene knit as the base layers, the beanie hat is comprised of two layers which admirably keep out the cold and wind but don’t end up being too sweaty and hot.

It’s made quite long, so you can easily fit it over long or ‘big’ hair, and it’s stretchy enough to be snug on all sizes of bonce.

We like the fact that it is only £12, and that there isn’t an awful lot to it – being a simple ‘tube’ means that the styling is up to the wearer. Have it long, short, folded or rolled…

We also very much like the reaction that the Wild Stripes gear gets. Not much gear gets an audible ‘woo!’ from the girls around the camp; and even fewer things get shared around for everyone to try on.



Summary: It’s a very simple beanie hat in a cool stripey material. It’ll keep your head warm and your style intact outdoors. What’s not to like?

Price: £12.99
From: Wild Stripes