Wild Stripes – base layers

Guest review by Jodie. Who is a girl. As you may notice…

I fell in love with these as soon as I opened the packaging… I mean thermal gear that’s stripey and girlie…what’s not to love, right?

Lord Almighty, that's seriously stripey!

However, my enthusiasm was brought up a little short upon removing them from the packaging as they felt a bit… odd. It’s difficult to put a finger on it, but kind of plasticcy like a microfleece towel rather than the wooly feeling I was expecting. Reading of the blurb revealed this to be because they are made of polypropylene. I’m not terribly enamoured of the sensation in the hand, but to be fair, they feel fine against the skin when they’re on you. I wonder if this sensation would go away after a wash?

I’ve been wearing these for a few weeks under my motorbike gear (synthetics) in some pretty frosty conditions and have been nice and toasty, so they must do what they say on the tin rather well.

Although I can’t really discern a difference in temperature from my old M&S thermals, the real difference with Wild Stripes is that I’ve NEVER felt the urge to flash my long johns in my grey M&S ones… whereas most of the office has had a flash of my stripes!

Pick your stripes

Size wise, I’m a UK 10 on-top in normal ladies sizing and the Small Wild Stripes top fits perfectly. I’d be quite happy to wear it on display as it’s pretty flattering. Bottoms wise I’m a 12 and the Smalls I’m testing are bit on the snug size round the thighs and a bit short so I would be tempted by a medium. (Andy – my fault, I ordered the small)

So, let’s see… The Wild Stripes thermals have kept me warm, don’t smell after 2-weeks of commuting on a motorbike, feel really tough (if a little plasticcy to the fingertip) and I’ve just read that, because they’re made from polypropylene, they’re completely recyclable. That’s pretty impressive!

Price wise, a set of long-johns and top will set you back £50.
That’s pretty much spot on for the competition, and I happen to think that these look nicer than most other base layers, since they don’t look like ‘just’ base layers.

SUMMARY: Wild Stripes thermals are the first I’ve seen that I actually want to wear and don’t feel like I’m wearing base layers for function, rather than form. They’re warm, cosy and haven’t got smelly yet. The price seems competitive, and I like the fact that they’re from a small supplier, with the personal touch. I had a texture issue with them at first – they didn’t feel like traditional thermals – but this seemed fine once they were on. Can’t fault them!

Price: £50 for a pair of top and bottoms
From: Wild Stripes

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  • Tom Kent

    Music notation has a lot of stripes 😉

  • Patricia Edwards

    Dennis the Menice’s jumper

  • Millie

    a zebra

  • Dawn

    I buckled and bought some. They’re ace. 🙂 (I bought ‘Medium’ size as I’m a 12/14 type and found the leg length fine). I haven’t noticed that the material feels any different to a ‘normal’ stretchy top either. 🙂

    Seem to be really nice people too – I emailed about the stated 29″ leg length to query it, and got a really quick, helpful reply (FYI, I’m a 32″ leg and the length of the medium is fine), plus a follow-up email to check they’d arrived and I was happy. Highly recommended so far!

  • Yorkshire Terrier

    Fantastic post, animals are the best.

  • Becky

    Santa brought me some beautiful stripes, cosy warm and very funky, I’m with Gwa admin for a bit of thermal flashing!