ViewRanger – Steps ahead with new global outdoor guides

ViewRanger, the global, digital outdoor guide, mapping and navigation app – has unveiled the first in a series of significant developments set to make it easier for everyone to discover, navigate and share outdoor adventures.

ViewRanger Mountain Biking

The new version of the popular app, ViewRanger 6, was previewed today at the Sheffield Adventure Film Festival (ShAFF), UK, and in France, at the Destination Nature Salon, Paris.

ViewRanger 6 features a new layout, which makes it easier to use the app to its full potential.  There is a new area dedicated to discovering the best trails worldwide, which means it is quicker to browse and select routes from the pretty massive library of guides.

ViewRanger announced at ShAFF that route guides from more than 25 of Bergverlag Rother’s renowned hiking guidebooks will be available in the coming few weeks. These will complement guides from publishers including Trail Magazine, Elevation Outdoors, and the AA, along with guides from tourism organisations including Discover Suffolk, the New Forest National Park Authority, as well as over 100 regional tourism groups across France, Germany and central Europe.

ViewRanger 6 also makes it easier to identify and select routes that are right for you from the thousands of trail guides published and shared every day by the ViewRanger community.

Craig Wareham, ViewRanger co-founder, said: “ViewRanger has always been about more than just navigating and ViewRanger 6 represents one of the biggest steps forward for the app since the company was founded.”

“We’ve spent a lot of time looking at how we can radically change the way that active people can find the right outdoor trails for them. The new accessible format, coupled with informative and inspirational images makes it simple to find the right places to walk, bike and ride according to the individual’s needs while detailed mapping and route guides can be browsed and downloaded quickly, giving you everything you need to start navigating the trail in seconds.”

As the app gathers more information about the routes completed, suggestions for new routes will become more closely tailored to people’s individual preferences.”

Craig added: “All of an individual’s ViewRanger adventures including tracks recorded and routes downloaded or plotted are stored and brought to life in ViewRanger 6 with maps and photos helping every customer get the most out of every adventure, great or small.”


ViewRanger6Available on Android and Apple smartphones, tablets and smartwatches, ViewRanger 6 will be available in April.

Existing customers will be pleased to note that any information stored on the app such as purchased maps, downloaded routes and tracks will not be affected by the changes.

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