Leatherman Skeletool

I filmed a 4 minute long, detailed review about the Leatherman Skeletool and then realised that I’d only ever used it for 3 things:

Firstly it is a superb whittling implement for those campfire nights. The blade is very sharp and at 6.5cm long it is great for carving and chopping. It also locks in place for safety.

Secondly, and most frequently, for opening beer. If I’m honest, 99 times out of 100 it’s for this reason that the Skeletool emerges from its pouch, and for that reason I try to give some meaning to its existence by allowing it to open beer in any way it likes. It has 4 tools to choose from:
A ‘real’ bottle opener (which doubles as a carabiner);
A blade;
A set of screwdrivers (straight and crosshead);
And a pliers set.
As shown in the video, they all work, eventually.

And thirdly, I once used it to cut through a barbed-wire fence over which a friend had crashed his motorbike and lay sprawled and covered with blood. I had to do so for the ambulance. It was this which convinced me that the Skeletool, although beautiful enough to have been cast as the Alien in one of HR Geiger’s space-scapes, is really, really uncomfortable to use as pliers. I now carry a separate wire-cutter instead.

SUMMARY: The Skeletool is a gorgeously crafted, brilliantly made tool and is great for showing your friends when they require a brewski opening. But it lacks usability in most ‘tool’ scenarios.

Price: £50
From: Amazon

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    Despite some reservations in the review I still think it’s a cool bit of kit