Alite Designs Boa Lite Dog Leash


Max the Labrador has a look which he reserves solely for those moments when he’s unleashing the full furious consequences of the Labrador Eating Machine on the pavement outside someone’s house. Invariably it’s when they’re in their front garden and also invariably they’re left dry-heaving from the experience.
It’s a look that says “Now who’s boss, human”.
And the worst thing in the world is when you realise that the only things in your pocket are a credit card and a photo of your wife.

Luckily, photos of the wife are easy to come by…

To the rescue comes Alite Designs, and their superb Boa Lite Dog Leash with built-in poo-bag pockets. And what’s more, they’ve spent time and money on making the leash fit in with the rest of my outdoorsy wardrobe.

I’ve also used the Alite Boa Bag (which is the same pockets design in a small bag which fits to any leash) and it was a bit more fiddly in use, but integration into the leash itself really makes this a neat package.

SUMMARY: It would have received 5 hammers, but the wife says that the clip (to collar) is too hard for her to use and really difficult when the dog is squirming, so I marked it down a bit. That said, she’s damn pleased that I no longer ask her for another photo for my pocket every other day.

Price $30

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  • Andy

    After living with this lead for a much longer time now, I’ve come to the conclusion that the clip, which holds the lead to your dog’s collar, is useless. It’s really quite hard to work one-handed when it’s cold, and if you have an excited dog is a real pain.