Vibram – Furoshiki wrapping shoes

These amazing new lightweight Japanese-designed shoes from Vibram are my standout favourite thing from the 2015 Outdoor Show in Germany.

They are named after the fabric wrapping which is used during a Japanese gift-giving ceremony, whereby the covering becomes the shape of the gift until it is unwrapped and re-used in a different form for a different gift. The hint being that the non-standard sizing of the Furoshiki shoes (5 sizes from X-small to X-large) will stretch and adapt to fit all foot sizes and shapes.


The sole is an injection moulded Vibram rubber which is soft and pliable, giving the Furoshiki a slipper-like appeal. Vibram are also looking to develop a heavier-soled version for sports which would give more protection from the trail.



The rubber is directly moulded to a lycra-like upper that stretches and wraps around your foot – secured by two small Velcro patches at the heel.

This is genuinely exciting, and Vibram look to be developing their own specific distribution for the Furoshiki, like they did with the Five-Fingers range so successfully.

Our first impression is that they’d be great for everything from beachwear through to yoga and even as a lifestyle slipper for urban or home use. We hope to do a full review soon.


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Price: 99 Euro (Currently available online from Europe)

  • I would really like to buy a pair of these. I am in the uk and can not find any to purchase. Please can you tell me how I can purchase these please?

    • Amazon has some on import, or eBay. But they are not available in the UK yet