Vango Sonno Double DLX sleeping bag

A comfy bed is one of my favourite places to be. It’s up there with being in a tent, and I’m a firm believer that the two should not be mutually exclusive. A foam roll mat and a mummy sleeping bag do not feature in the Muz family’s favoured camping equipment.
Though I think both exist somewhere in the loft…

The Vango Sonno Double DLX is big but comfy
So when we head off into the wilds we take a double airbed, double sleeping bag and pillows. Proper pillows.
Stop sniggering at the back.

The Sonno Double DLX sleeping bag (autumn/winter 2010 version) has some great qualities – it unzips into two separate ‘duvets’, which makes washing, packing and transporting much easier (especially if you’re strapping it to a motorbike), while a clever design feature covers the zips on the inside with an insulated baffle to prevent those horrible middle-of-the-night “AARRGGGHH – IT’S COLD!”… moments.

The Sonno is nine-and-a-bit tog rated and is officially a three-to-four season effort with a suggested temperature range of between 2C and 20C. We think it’s a bit too warm for summer in France (though the zips mean it’s easy to vary the temperature) and definitely too chilly for Scotland in March! It’s lined with 100% brushed cotton, which is lovely and soft and snug, while the outer is polyester microfibre so it’s easy to wash.

It’s big and square bottomed and a lot more like being in a proper bed than an evil restrictive mummy sleeping bag. It also means you can snuggle up to your other half and share valuable body heat.

The sacrifice you make for all this comfort is the size it packs down to – the size of your granny’s old CRT telly. It’s huge. For any sort of travelling that’s non-car-related you’ll be wanting a couple of compression sacks.

Summary: Luxury sleeping conditions in warmer weather mean we love the Sonno DLX, though we’re not convinced it quite makes it into the four season category, and the pack size means it’s not very practical for travelling light.

Price: £37.50
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(latest incarnation):

• NOTE: The latest 2011 Sonno Double seems to have a drawstring hood now. Posh or what? Muz has to wear a woolly hat all night.