Ultimate Survival – Wetfire (Tinder)

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Ultimate Survival – Wetfire (Tinder)

More woof than a cocker spaniel!

Wetfire is a hairy-chested, beer-drinking, knife-juggling kind of fire tinder (fire lighter) which comes is a box of 8 small sachets, each the size of a boiled sweet.

Despite its diminutive size, you probably won’t need to use a whole block unless you’re a pyromaniac, inept at building fires or have nothing else to burn.

All you really need to light a fire with this stuff is a few small shavings of it and either a match or a spark, it’ll do the rest for you.

It burns at 1300c, but rather surprisingly if you manage to put it out, it’s almost instantly cool enough to pick up. And IF you’ve managed to put it out, you’re doing well because it will quite happily burn on water as well as on land.

Wetfire is non-toxic, so should you mistakenly think it’s a boiled sweet, you’ll be OK – just don’t try to light your farts.

Somewhat surprisingly for a fuel, Wetfire is dry to the touch. It’s kind of rubbery, and only a really good squeeze will prize any sort of liquid fuel from it. I’d imagine therefore that it’d be a nice safe way to carry fuel in a small pack, or when travelling.

I’ve had a box of Wetfire for several years now and still not finished it, so as an investment it’s pretty darn good.

A box of 8 blocks will set you back under £8 online, which is a great deal. You could conceivably use it to boil water, start a fire, light a BBQ, pre-heat a stove or entertain small children.

SUMMARY: Wetfire is a damn good firelighter, and coupled with some sort of sparking device would be an excellent lightweight fuel source or emergency fire-lighting solution. Very keenly priced it’s a great investment.

Price: £7.95
From: Google Shopping

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