Tyny Tools – Swivel Clips

The Tyny Tools Swivel Clips are little clip fasteners for your keys but are also good for attaching small gear to your pack.


They’re made in an all-plastic moulding with a metal spring clip which you would be forgiven for thinking is not particularly strong. We’ve done some real-world testing and some destruction testing on a set and, whilst it is possible to snap them if you bend them hard in the middle, this isn’t a force which our real world testing was ever able to replicate because the very nature of these little clips is to spin and rotate in the middle and therefore divert any force away from themselves. What is super handy is that even if you do manage to snap one of them you still have two independent small carabiners which can be hooked together so you don’t lose functionality when you are away from home.

The little metal spring clips are actually surprisingly strong for their size and there is no way that they are going to open accidentally on the trail. I’d be happy securing my car key to my pack during any hike.


We found the swivel clips to be really useful in our tent where they would clip to an internal gear line and make it a little bit easier to hang personal items from the roof overnight. And actually they are just as useful to leave on your key ring and give you a handy little hanger for when you get home and hang your keys up.

Price: $4 and up
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