Turboflame Military

Grrr. This has ‘man’ written all over it.
If you thought that lighters were just lighters then take a look at this. This refillable Turboflame is up there with knives when it comes to testosterone-fuelled mischief and destroying stuff.
The Military is part of a range of lighters which do away with the standard yellow flame of ordinary bonfire-lighting accessories. Instead, using regular butane gas, it blasts a jet of pure blue heat on to your desired surface (although GearWeAre does not recommend or condone arson with or without intent to endanger life, Your Honour).
The power of the jet means it resists the wind – although it’s not windproof – and can be used at angles or even upside down and is strong enough to solder, weld plastic or even (according to the website) glass. A fully-fuelled Miltary will burn for about 12 minutes and also has a locking button to keep it switched on… although we can’t see too many circumstances when that would be needed.
With a slightly rubberised body in grey, killing people green or black it’s nice to hold and mess about with, and the rubber cap is held on with a thin silver chain.
But it’s the flimsy cap that lets it down. It’s essentially a thin rubber box with one side missing and it… just… plops on. Most of the time it stays where it should in pockets without anything else in but stick a key or a few coins in there and the cap pops off without even thinking of putting up a fight. It feels like a cheap afterthought, if I’m honest, and spoils the overall look.
It’s also a little bit weighty and a little bit bulky, so it’s much more noticeable in the pocket than a 49p plastic lighter would be.
Nevertheless it’ll be a handy tool to keep in with your torch and first aid kit if you are a hardcore outdoorsy type but in reality most people will use it to light campfires and cigarettes. With that in mind it’s just a fancy lighter, although everyone will want to play with it (except Mrs Muz who was more interested in eating cheese at the time of testing).

SUMMARY: As a bit of a boys’ toy the Turboflame Military is ‘different’ but, unless you model yourself on Ray Mears, still just an expensive lighter.

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  • Mark

    I’ve got one of these in mostly green…….I say mostly, because after a few days bits of the green started to flake off!!!
    The flame is very hot and works well even at an angle. Good luck trying to refill it as I think there is a bit of knack to it……you seem to have to bleed the air out somehow…..I’ve had varying success.
    So, it works well to start with but would I buy it again??? No, I don’t think so…….great in concept but lacking in reality…..