TTeo Bl – Waterproof Phone Case

Don’t you hate it when you forget to grab something in the rush out of the door to a holiday?  The promise of a week on the beach near Malaga recently saw me jetting off to the sun with the wife on a cheapo escape from the UK’s temperamental conditions.
Normally I’d be starting the packing about a week in advance, to be sure I had everything I might need.  But the one thing I hadn’t counted on was hiring a car with an electronic key-fob and wanting to hit the beach alone. For starters,  I’m not happy with burying things in the sand under the towel, and the water-resistance of a Lancia key-fob was not something I wanted to test! So I went looking for something suitable to keep the necessities safe while I was exploring the surf.  (My usual Aquapac having been left in the box in the garage).  After dismissing the merits of the marigold gloves I found in the best located supermarket ever (10 paces from the beach!) I spotted this little item in one of the ‘beach-wear’ shops.  8 Euros later and I had a polyvinyl case with an arm strap and lanyard in my sandy mitts. IMG_20140520_122507 The closure style: zip-lock and fold; I’d seen before, and it’s a system that tends to work ok.  The lanyard also came in very handy for looping to the elastic on my trunks so even if the pack fell out of my pocket, I wouldn’t lose it.  On first use it performed faultlessly and tucked into my pocket easily with the hire-car key safely protected.
That’s the good.
The bad is that not more than a few days later, after I’d used the pack a few times, to carry my phone (Sony Xperia Z, which fitted perfectly), some cash, and the key-fob: I discovered a few drops of water inside the pack, and taking a closer look, I realised that the plastic at both ends of the zip-lock had torn and the zip-lock was no longer doing anything particularly useful.  The roll-up seal isn’t really enough to keep the water out, so that was that – 4 days of light usage and it’s knackered.IMG_20140520_122520
Ok, it was ‘only’ 8 Euros, so could be considered a disposable item, and it served its purpose for a day or few, but  I still feel that with a tiny amount of better material, or a slight redesign to reduce or better control the stresses around the opening when you’re putting stuff in or out and the product would be far better value for money.
I’d rate it at around 1.5 hammers – it’s cheap enough that you don’t care too much when itfails, but you need to keep an eye on it so you don’t get caught out WHEN it breaks! 1-hammer Price: £8 More: not found… Review by James, an independent outdoors enthusiast from the UK