True Utility – Telepen

You can never have enough pens hanging around in your kit because, when you need one, you’ll never be able to find it. It’s one of life’s universal truths and relying on the wife to fish one out of the depths of her handbag isn’t always possible. So, to have a proper-sized pen which is always available hanging on your keyring is a touch of genius.

True Utility make loads of keyring gadgets, but by far their most useful to me so far is the Telepen. Do you remember when car stereos had manual aerials that you used to pull up? We’ll, it’s made of that – a sort of thin steel tubing which collapses in on itself to be stored at only 5cm long, and yet extend out to a pen which you don’t need to scrunch your hand up to use.

The pen is supplied with 3 ink cartridges which simply screw in as replacements, and the whole thing clicks reassuringly clunkily into a keyring holster, where it will bounce around merrily until you need it.

There’s not much more to say really. It’s a pen. It’s handy. And it’s a teeny weeny slice of awesome.

SUMMARY: A steel telescopic pen which is stored securely on a keyring until you need it. I clip one to my pack and after a couple of months of trudging through forests it still hangs there OK. Cheap, cheerful and very useful.