True Utility – Microtool

I have a real fondness for things that don’t add bulk but are kind of handy. My favourite tool of all time is my Swiss Tech Utili-key because it’s just so small that it’s always there when you need it but never a burden. So the True Utility Microtool pricked up my ears and has sat on my keyring for a couple of weeks now.

Give it a big hand!

Made from stainless steel (no rust when you cover it in mud and forget about it) it is under 5cm long and weighs no more than a couple of keys. It has a strong carabiner clip at one end so it’s quickly and easily removable from your keyring and thanks to a clever little cover you’re never exposed to pointy or snaggy bits in your pocket.

Folded up

Folding back the cover reveals a selection of 4 teeny tools:

The world’s smallest pair of scissors, which are actually pretty good at cutting paper, but useless for anything else. However, I don’t think I’ve ever used the pair of scissors on my swiss army knife, so that’s no real loss for me.

The nail-file and pick, so you can impress the other people on the train with your cuticle-cleaning prowess and proclaim loudly that you’ve just unearthed a piece of genuine countryside from your thumbnail.

The bottle-opener, which works very well, and so it should since that’s the number one use for any multitool. It also has a straight screwdriver on the end, should you need to screw something in an emergency.

And lastly the knife. With a blade of just over an inch, the aforementioned cover clips back to give you an actually quite useful, and comfortable to use knife. Impressive, had it not been so blunt that I can draw it back and forth over my hand without worrying about cuts.

What’s most impressive about the True Utility Microtool, however, is its cost. £4.99. If they’d been selling it at £12 I’d have slated it mercilessly, but at under a fiver it has won me over as a potentially useful ‘just-in-case’ tool for keyring, jacket pocket or bag zipper. It’s a decent impulse purchase.

SUMMARY: A neat little buy-and-forget tool which takes up very little room but feels tough and long-lasting. Supplied with a blunt blade and useless scissors, it leaves a lot to be desired, but for under £5 it’s the kind of tool you could impulse buy, sharpen up and clip on to your gear for those just-in-case moments. I like the cover, which acts to make the handle really usable (and safer).

 Price: £4.99
 More: True Utility 

  • Joe

    Hang on. Out of four tools, only one is useful.
    Which means it’s a bottle opener. And that’s all.
    Three hammers?

    • Yep. I had a look around for a keyring knife that was under a fiver and didn’t find one. OK, so it’s supplied blunt, but 2 minutes on a knife sharpener fixed that. The bottle opener and screwdriver work well. As does the nail file/cleaner. And the scissors cut paper OK, but I can’t think of many outdoorsy situations where I’d cut anything other than paper with scissors. I’d invariably use a knife.

      Three hammers means that it just about browned my sausage, which is fair. Remember, our ratings are about how good a piece of gear made us feel, not how good they are versus the competition.