True Utility – Keytool

Imagine being able to carry three screwdrivers, a bottle opener, some tweezers, a file and a thread-cutter in your pocket without them taking up any room whatsoever. Well, that’s what the True Utility Keytool does, because it slots over the top of your existing door key.

The stealthy ninja of the multitool world

I acquired the Keytool a few months ago and it’s been on my front-door key ever since. It is so small an unobtrusive that it’s been through airport security four times without anyone batting an eyelid, and I’ve now had occassion to use each of the tool functions.

There are three sizes of straight screwdriver built in to the Keytool. Because they’re not long and pointy they aren’t the easiest thing to use, or the most handy, but I have successfully used them to screw in a loose gate screw and adjust a pair of glasses.

The Keytool is made from a very tough grade of stainless steel, which means both that it won’t rust and that the file section is very rugged. I’ve taken down my fingernail and a rough edge off a protruding nail. It’s pretty good for those moments when you don’t have a proper file to hand. Like most of the time.

The bottle opener works, which is important as we all know. But it’s not the easiest thing to use and can be quite uncomfortable.

The tweezers are interesting – you remove the whole tool from the key (via a tiny carabiner clip) and pinch the whole thing together. I managed to remove a large splinter from my hand with no problem at all, so was very pleased with that.

And lastly, the thread-cutter. Well, it’s kind of a niche tool. I can vouch that it works well after I tested it on a 4mm paracord, but I’ve never had any need for it.

One thing I would say is to leave it off your main door-key. Stick it on one which you use less often, because it makes an action that takes a fraction of a second take a bit longer and that got to annoy me after a while.

The Keytool is quite a neat stocking-filler gift, but it has some very tough competition from the slightly more handy Swiss Tech Utili-Key. I have carried both and tend to use the blade on the Swiss Tech most often. I seldom need a screwdriver or tweezers.

SUMMARY: The Keytool is built very tough and is a clever use of (non)space. It has proven handy on a couple of occasions, but if it had a more usable cutting element it would be infinitely more handy. Ideal stocking filler for the gadget lover in your life though, due to its price.