True Utility FireStash

Somewhere there’s a tiny little workshop for tiny little people, using tiny little tools to make tiny little things for big people like us.
That company is True Utility and tiny little torches, tiny little multitools and tiny little corkscrews are its thing. And tiny little lighters like this one.

True Utility FireStash
True Utility FireStash – made by little people

As you might expect, the FireStash is like a normal wick/fuel lighter, only smaller. So small that it fits on to your keyring and just hangs around until you need it to light your tiny little cigarette and take in a tiny little dose of agonising death.
At 12g (roughly three keys) it’s a bit weighty considering where it’s designed to go, but like everything on your keyring you get used to it eventually. It’s also waterproof thanks to a neoprene O-ring on the screw cap, so if you get washed up on a desert island at least you’ll be able to make those flaming torches you see in the movies. It also comes in at under 5cm, which is exactly the same length as Mrs Muz’s little finger from the tip to the second knuckle. It’s about the same thickness too.
At about seven quid the FireStash is cheap enough so as not to break the bank, but enough to spend on a Christmas stocking filler and not feel guilty about being a cheapskate.
That’s all there is to say about it really, other than the fact it’s so small that you’ll need to light whatever it is you’re lighting pretty quickly otherwise you’ll need a tiny little skin graft because when lit there’s nowhere else to hold the lighter other than fingerprint-meltingly close to the (reasonably sized) flame.

SUMMARY: Fire. Fire is good. Embrace the flame. The FireStash does nothing special though and it appears to be trying to solve a problem that doesn’t really exist, so think of it as a novelty item more than anything.