True Utility – Cash Stash

As this review is published I shall be sat on a beach on a small island off the coast of Africa, and attached to my shorts will the the True Utility Cash Stash.

Big enough for a single banknote


A tiny screw-top aluminium canister which comes on a keyring loop is just big enough to stash a £20/$20 note and keep it watertight, protected and hidden until you need it.

When travelling through South America I kept a $20 note stashed in my shoe just in case we were robbed and left with no cash and cards. Eventually the ink rubbed off the note and I was left with a smudgy green note that no back would accept, not even in the US. So, that expensive lesson made me realise the value of a discreet hiding place for an emergency fund.

And small enough to fit on a keyring

Sealed with a rubber o-ring, it’s underwater-proof, and it’s small enough to sit on a bunch of keys, or tagged to a bag without arousing suspicion.

 Price: £4.99
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