True Mountain – Ultra Stretch Wrist Warmers

So GearWeAre sent me some oddities to test. They’re called “Ultra Stretch Wrist Warmers” and after trying them out a couple of times, I’m still none-the-wiser as to why I’d need these in my life.

They’re basically enormously long fingerless gloves without the finger-stitching. They cover most of your hand, have a thumb hole, and go up to just below the bend in your elbow.

True Mountain wristwarmers

I have more muscles than most women in my arms (it’s all the circus training), so I was pleasantly surprised when they fit pretty well. So I took them running.


They’re fine. I guess. I tend to run in short sleeves or vest-top tops. When it’s really cold I might spend the first mile in my running jacket, then it gets tied around my waist.

I have a pair of silk gloves I run in if it’s really cold.

So — I just don’t get why I’d need these. They’re not really absorbent enough for mopping my brow, they do keep my lower arm warmer but my upper arm and fingers are still damn cold, and they sometimes wrinkle down to my wrist.

True Mountain

Don’t get me wrong: there’s nothing wrong with them. And at £15, they’re affordable enough. I just don’t see a need for them. And looking at True Mountain’s webpage, I don’t think they do, either*, because they couldn’t tell me why I would want these. What problem do they solve for me?


Odd. Although if they did them in bright red, you could do a damn good Wonder Woman impression…

Price: £15
More: True Mountain


*ED: True Mountain tell the story of their Wrist Warmers on their Facebook page:

The story of Wrist Warmers…

One day there was a knock on our factory door. A guy said I am doing a winter race and said “I have a problem. When I run my jacket sleeves ride up and expose my wrists to the cold, which makes me really cold. What can you do to help me?”

We said to come back at at the end of the day and we’d come up with a solution. And so the first of our wrist warmers was born. They worked well, so we refined the design to what we have today.
One of our best sellers.

Specifically designed to keep your wrists warm, where blood flows near the skin and cold bites the most.

Keep on running, biking and hiking this winter with our Ultra Stretch Wrist Warmers!