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It’s easy to be snobby about outdoor gear and think that spending less means getting lesser quality, and whilst that is sometimes true, these things are context-sensitive. Let me explain with a little story about my Friday night.

I woke up early and spent the day in a pair of these Trekmates socks under a now very worn-in and loosely fitting pair of North Face sneakers. I wandered around the British Leisure Show for a few hours with a dog that regarded Windsor Racecourse, or rather the proliferation of discarded food items, as seventh heaven. And then headed into London for a few leisurely beers and a plate-sized steak with an old school friend. So much steak in fact that I missed the last train home by 1-minute and was forced to take the alternative to a town which is a just-about-excusable taxi ride home. At no point during the day did my feet feel uncomfortable, too hot, sweaty or constricted. In fact, I didn’t think about them at all. Which is just as well, because my day wasn’t over yet.

A total lack of taxis (and, if I’m honest, a beer-fuelled brain) meant that I decided to tackle the 4-mile walk home. Easy peasy. Except that I misjudged, and it was 7 miles. Mostly along a deserted dual carriageway. At 1am on a Saturday morning. And I was wearing the same loose-fitting sneakers and day-old socks.

And do you know, I never once got uncomfy feet. Didn’t get a blister, a hotspot or a sensation of rubbing on my toes. The socks worked brilliantly with their good elasticated fit, their heel and toe padding and their heat-releasing areas on top of the foot and shin.

They contain 20% cotton, which means that if they get wet they won’t dry out as quickly as a fully synthetic sock, but since they’re made with Coolmax they will wick better than a ‘normal’ cotton sock.

At £14.99 for 2-pairs, and considering the comfort I experienced wearing them in less than ideal conditions, I can’t award these anything less than 5-hammers.

SUMMARY: Cheap and cheerful trekking socks, which I forgot that I was wearing, which is about the biggest complement you can give to a sock. Top marks.

Price: £14.99
From: Trekmates

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