Trekmates – Stainless Steel Spork

Like a robotic bear's paw

I must admit that I usually pack a proper stainless steel knife, fork and spoon whenever I go camping. It’s just one of those things that I enjoy when eating – a weighty piece of cutlery to fill my hand and make the experience and enjoyable one.

Sure, plastic cutlery has its place, and Titanium cutlery saves a few grams, but to my mind they leave a meal lacking a certain something. Like the difference between recycled loo-roll and the one with the puppies – they both do the job, but one’s a nicer experience.

And so to Trekmates Stainless Steel Spork…

I spent an entire long weekend eating every meal with this little device (and a knife on occasion) and was pleasantly surprised. It’s solid; robust; proper. It feels like, if you needed to, you could tenderise a steak or bash in a nail. And I like the fact that the eating end is the eating end – none of this 2-ended “get your dinner down your wrist” nonsense which some Sporks are designed to do.

The Trekmates spork has a flip-out wire handle, so it stores at half its size. The design is extremely simple with a sliding clip pushing the wires apart so you don’t get a spoonful of custard collapsing in your lap. I also found the wire to be perfect for carabiner attaching my spork to other things – very handy.

The bear-paw design of the spoon means you can prod things easily, but short prongs mean that noodle dishes are going to be a problem. I suppose that the type of person who takes ‘just’ a spork camping could easily manage to use it as a shovel though.

Priced at £4.99 it’s much cheaper than a Titanium spork, but more expensive than a small plastic one. I dare say that it’d last a lifetime though, which you probably couldn’t say about the plastic alternative.

SUMMARY: Falling somewhere between proper cutlery and a plastic utensil, the Trekmates stainless steel spork makes the camping meal experience a little more solid and weighty. I like that. The shape of the spoon head is going to make some meals a struggle, but avoid noodles and you should be OK.

4-hammers Price: £4.99
From: Trekmates

  • John

    I found the way the handle folds out is wrong. if you pick up anything that has enough weight then the spoon end will drop down. it should fold out the other way so that the spoon end cannot collapse.

    • stu theobald

      Hi John,

      If you push the small metal clip on the handle towards the spoon end it locks the hinge in place and stops it from flipping over