Trekmates – Soft Feel Travel Towel

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Trekmates – Soft Feel Travel Towel

Towels. They’re boring. They soak up water and remove all manner of dead skin and ick from you. They’re not interesting in any way. In fact, you only notice them when they start to smell like a dead dog, which in my estimation is day 8 with a travel towel.

Boring towel. Ace bag.

So Trekmates have done well to get us to review this towel, and it sticks out for two reasons:
Firstly, it has an antibacterial treatment, so dead-dogginess will be held off until at least day, ooh, 10.
Secondly, they’ve packaged it in a seriously cute little compression bag, which is far more interesting than the towel itself.

I have the Medium sized towel (40x60cm, and just big enough for a full-body dry) on test and used it for a week’s worth of showers. I stuck it back in its bag an hour after each shower to emulate the hostel-hopping days of my travels, and noted how it performed as I went.

It’s a terry-towel (soft loops of material, like your towels at home) rather than those felt-like travel towels you can buy. Because it’s a microfibre it’s extremely absorbent for its size, but you do get that slightly disconcerting clingy feeling which you don’t get from a normal towel.

10 days of use and abuse, and the towel smelt a bit damp and unattractive. It didn’t reek of body odour or mould, which is a bonus, but I think I was pushing it to its limits – it could have done with a proper airing.

The bag itself is a bungee-drawstring ripstop nylon affair. It holds the towel easily with a little room for air to circulate. It features two compression straps for shrinking it in your pack, and a great little webbing handle to hang it on a hook in those ‘don’t want to touch the floor’ communal showers you find in a lot of campsites. Lastly, the bag has a velcro strap for attaching to the outside of your pack.

SUMMARY: It’s a travel towel. It comes in a variety of sizes and has a superawesomecool little bag which makes it more of a piece of ‘gear’ than it could otherwise be. 

 Price: £14.99
 From: Trailblazer outdoors

More info: Trekmates
NOTE: Trekmates own site shows a different photo, not featuring the cool bag.