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It’s still pretty chilly first thing in the morning and up on the hills, so as we enter Spring time there’s a need for some cheap and cheerful, lightweight layers that you can throw in a pocket or bag and forget about until you feel a chill. And that’s where these simple little gloves come in.

Forget bells, whistles and pretty ribbons. There’s nothing fancy or technical about these gloves whatsoever, except for the fact that they come from Merino sheep which means that their wool will keep you warm even when they get damp in that spring time drizzle.

And by some natural wizzardry, the same wool will help get rid of any sweat when your body gets warm and clammy.

Trekmates’ Merino Wool Gloves have long, elasticated cuffs, so are easy to get on and stay secure under jacket sleeves. They also feature a seamless construction, so there’s no rubbing. They do, however, have seams at the end of each finger, so you do get that bulging effect. I can see this being a downside if you plan to wear these as liners to some thicker gloves, but it’s not a serious flaw by any means.

They’re black, so if you’re a ninja or burglar they’d be ideal. And although technically it’s impossible, I was able to operate an iPhone whilst wearing them. I think it’s because I stretched the gloves on tight and the fibres splayed, allowing the screen and my fingertip to get in close proximity.

I got wet whilst wearing a pair of these gloves and was pleased to see that my fingers weren’t dyed purple – always a bonus. And I note from the Trekmates site that they’ll remain odour free, which is great for any stinky-fingered people out there.

Price wise they are, at first glance, pretty cheap – £11.99 a pair. (£10 on google shopping). Then I noticed that they’re the kind of product which is almost always in a sale at outdoor retailers, so shop around and you’ll find a pair for far less than that.

SUMMARY: If you’re a ninja, burglar or suffer from stinky-finger, then these cheap and cheerful gloves will save you from a chilly morning or drizzle. If you look around, you’ll get them for a tenner, which is less than 3 pints and a packet of posh crisps at my local pub. Good stuff – simple and effective.

Price: £11.99 rrp
From: Google Shopping

More info: Trekmates

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