Trekmates – Deluxe Pillow

Having had enough of my self-deflating, plastic flock coated camping pillow from a dubious source I took one of Trekmates Deluxe Pillows for my recent camping sojourn in the South West.  And what a good choice it was too!

Although it takes up a reasonable amount of space when ‘collapsed’ (approximately the same size as a leanish moggie), it does come complete with it’s own bag which it fits into easily after being rolled up.


When emptied and allowed to ‘loft’ the pillow is roughly the size of half a ‘home’ pillow, so large enough, but not too big.  It’s not quite as supportive as a good artificial pillow you’d find at home, but pretty comparable to an older style down pillow in all honesty.

If you sleep on your side, (I do) you’ll need something else as well as it’s not exactly thick, I was using my old deflatapillow and found my head falling down each morning – but I never  ‘fell off’ the Trekmates pillow – it kept me ‘in line’ each night, I didn’t roll off it like I used to with the deflatapillow.

The man-made outer material is comfortable enough to begin with but does feel a little ‘sweaty’ after a warm night supporting your drooling face. It never felt cold though – which is something the deflatable pillows seem to do very well.

Some tech facts and stats just in case you’re into that sort of thing..

  • Pillow size 40 x 20cm approx
  • Weight is approx 210g
  • Polyester outer and filling.

Overall I’d say I was pretty impressed – it does what it claims, it’s just a pillow, but it’s comfy!