Trek Bar – Protein Flapjacks

Just a short and sweet review today about a brand of flapjack that the wife introduced me to recently.

Trek Bars are made by Natural Balance Foods in Wales and they weigh in at 56g, which is less than a Mars Bar. They are, however, completely free of anything nasty and artificial and provide a natural energy boost.

Both flavours are equally yummy

I have supplemented my lunch on a number of days for one of these Trek Bars and they’ve been filling and delicious. I’ve tried both the Cherry Crunch and the Oat Crunch varieties and both have kept me going until late afternoon with no problem. They provide a much more even energy than something like a Mars Bar with no perceptible sugar crash.

The bars are Vegan, wheat and dairy free and contain no trans-fats.

Each bar contains 240 calories, which according to Nutracheck is what a 10-stone person would burn during an hour’s cycling. They also contain 10g of protein, which helps you feel fuller for longer.

They’re individually packaged in plastic, and the expiry date on mine gives me 9 months from purchase to eat them. You can buy boxes of 12 from the manufacturer directly for £11.50, which is very cheap indeed when compared to my local newsagent, petrol station and walker’s cafe.

Because they aren’t chocolatey, they’re not affected by heat, so they’d make excellent snack foods to take to festivals this summer.

SUMMARY: Trek Bars are the nicest tasting flapjack I’ve had in ages, with no artificially sweet flavour. The price is excellent value for the contents and they’re a great filler for an afternoon’s walk, lunchbox or snacking at a festival. Highly recommended.

Price: £11.49 for 12 bars
From: Natural Balance Foods

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