Thermarest – Compressible Pillow

Let’s be honest, camping pillows are generally terrible. The options are almost all inflatable, which means you’re either sliding off them as they ping around the tent, or trying to get the right level of softness so that your head can stay fixedly in one position all night. It’s that or a pillow made of your own clothes, so instead you spend the first part of your morning working out exactly where your jeans have hidden themselves overnight.

Therm-a-rest are well known for their self inflating sleeping mats, but even the masters of inflatable aren’t daft enough to make their pillows in the same way. Wandering disconsolately around the myriad of camping shops in Betws-y-Coed after a particularly dodgy night’s sleep, we stumbled across the Therm-a-rest Compressible Pillow and bought a pair in desperation.

This turned out to be an inspired impulse purchase – these pillows are comfortable, a decent size and thickness, stop your other half whingeing and don’t make you feel like you’re trying to balance your head on a space-hopper. What’s not to like?

Available in three different sizes (small, medium and large – we’ve got the medium ones that are 36cm x 46cm) the pillows are made of polyester, filled with a self-lofting foam type of stuffing. This self-lofting material means that when you first unpack them they look a bit flat, but they soon fill themselves out to a decent plumpness.

Weight-wise the medium version weighs in at 255g – less than a packet of gingernuts, and while not teeny when compressed, one pillow will happily pack down to the size of half a cat.

Summary: For comfortable and compact camping these are must-haves. While they aren’t quite the same as your favourite pillow at home, they’re leaps and bounds ahead of the inflatable alternatives.

 Price: £21-24 ish
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