Therm-a-Rest – Treo Chair

Regular readers of GWA will be familiar with this low-slung, light-weight hammock style of camping chair. Therm-a-Rest’s aim in bringing this compact chair to the market is to provide big chair comfort with small chair packaging and portability.

Thermarest treo chair

Parking my sense of Deja-Vu, I was immediately comfortable as soon as I parked my derriere. The height that the tripod base gives you makes sitting – and getting back-up – very easy. If you like figures, my notes tell me that your butt is suspended a pleasing 33 cms above the terrafirma.

The nifty bit of Therm-a-Rest’s design is that the chairs tripod legs also doubles up as the case once it is packed down, and because it needs to be strong enough to take your weight , it is super sturdy meaning that it should be fairly bombproof when being carted around. Going back to my notes… the chair can support up to 113kg, which in English money is knocking on for 18 stone.

Packed down the chair is small enough – approx size of a 2 litre bottle of fizzy pop – that I would consider taking this on one of my motorbike trips. Weight wise it punches in at 1kg.

Thermarest Treo chair packed

The fabric of the chair is a rip stock material and the frame of the chair is assembled with aluminium tent poles, so really easy and speedy to put together and the advantage of that tripod base means you won’t tip over.

One thing I did feel was missing from this rather nifty design was a carry strap – if there was a way of  carrying this on its own – i.e. not having to put it in a rucksack – I could see it being really popular with the festival and picnic in the park crowd.

The Treo will be available in the shops early next year and will be available in 4 different colours.