Therm-a-Rest NeoAir Mattress Wins UK OIA Award 2016

Seattle and Irish-based Therm-a-Rest has won another award for it’s NeoAir Camper SV Mattress. The award in the “Sleeping” category of the 2016 UK Outdoor Industry Awards.was announced at the OIA Conference Gala Dinner last week following a public vote of 31 finalist products which were displayed at the Telegraph Outdoor Adventure and Travel Show in February.

The NeoAir Camper SV Speed Valve is the best combination of comfort and ease of use ever created in an air mattress. The patent-pending Speed Valve inflates three times faster than traditional valves in similarly sized mattresses, using less than 10 breaths, while deflation is almost instantaneous.


The Speed Valve employs the Bernoulli Principal for its rapid inflation; the air blown into the mattress entraps surrounding air, dragging it into the mattress along with your original breath, thereby amplifying your effort and inflating the mattress more quickly. technology for the ultimate combination of low-bulk stability, warmth and affordability.

This is the second award the NeoAir Camper SV  has won in 2016. The mattress was also chosen as a 2016 Gold Winner at ISPO, Munich in January.

The NeoAir Camper SV will be available from April 2016 in selected retailers for an RRP of £125-140.00. For more information on the NeoAir Camper SV and Speed Valve Technology visit Therm-a-Rest.