Therm-a-rest NeoAir Camper Speed Valve

Inflatable mattresses are great, but blowing them up is a pain. Unless you have a pump, or good lungs and a liking for light-headedness then inflating a 10cm thick mattress is one of life’s less enjoyable moments.

Enter the new Speed Valve system, which is essentially a wide (6 inches plus) drybag style opening at one end of the mattress, with a loose collar of floppy, sticky plastic inside its apeture.

An effect described by 18th century physicist Bernoulli shows that if you blow a low-pressure stream of air in one direction, air from all around it will start to rush in the same direction… so your breath is magnified 10 times as you puff gently in to the wide mouth of the Speed Valve.


It really is very, very impressive to see in action, and I dare say that the larger apeture, quicker inflation and deflation, and a way to get in and disinfect the inside of your mattress from all that lovely lung dampness you’ve been pumping in there are the future of the inflatable mattress. Therm-a-rest have this system protected, but a similar principle was demonstrated on a kickstarter campaign a while back – so I suspect that it will gather momentum from other brands too.

Coming in 2016.

  • Grizzlybear

    Way to rip off a Kickstarter invention (Windcatcher). Sad to see big companies like Cascade steal ideas from true innovators.

  • Cooter

    Agreed! I hope people will support products by real inventors rather than those who blatantly copy ideas.