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Front cover of The Thames Path

When I was younger and stupider, I used to spend my weekends riding my bike from Kew to Richmond or London along the Thames Path. Rain, shine, winter or summer I used to annoy the walkers and splash through puddles, covering myself in Weils Disease and God-Knows-What.

I thought, therefore, that I knew the Thames Path quite well, so it was with great interest that I delved into this book to see if I could find fault.

Fortunately for Cicerone I couldn’t, and in fact learnt more than a few things about the buildings, gardens and landmarks which I’d spend years hooning past in search of puddles and mud.

Written as a route from the Thames Barrier to the Source of the great river near Swindon, the book is both route guide and interest guide. It features snippets of OS maps with clearly marked paths, and excellent written instructions which make deviations and sights easy to follow.

With the directions parts written in black, and the ‘tourist info’ written in brown, it’s easy to tell the difference and makes reading the book on the move nice and easy.

An excerpt

Sized as a pocket guide, and priced at £12.95, we’re not talking about some weighty tome which should sit at home on a shelf. It really is a book which you can take out and about with you. The only caveat to that is that it’s not waterproof, so keep it out of the rain.


Summary: If you have any interest in either walking the route, part of the route or just knowing what the sights through London and beyond are, this book is a little gem of a read. I learnt a lot of interesting facts about areas I knew and it’s very easy to follow.

Price: £12.95
From: Cicerone

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  • amandajc

    We had a holiday near Windsor a couple of years ago and were surprised at how scenic the area is. I wish we’d had this book with us then but we will definitely be taking it with us next time.